2024 Sillón de masaje de cuerpo completo, sillón reclinable de gravedad cero con masaje Shiatsu, 6 modos automáticos, calentador, Bluetooth, rodillos de masaje de pies, negro y gris



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SILLÓN DE MASAJE DE CUERPO COMPLETO: Cubriendo hombros, manos, caderas, piernas y pies, imita técnicas de amasado para brindarte una sensación calmante en todo el cuerpo. 3 niveles de intensidad de masaje ajustable.
RECLINADOR RECLINABLE DE GRAVEDAD CERO: Al utilizar el modo de gravedad cero, el sillón de masaje se convertirá en un sillón reclinable, reduciendo la presión sobre su corazón y sintiendo la ingravidez, lo que le permitirá maximizar su relajación.
6 nuevos modos automatizados te brindan más opciones de masaje, equipados con parlantes Bluetooth, para que puedas escuchar un libro, leer uno y disfrutar de tu tiempo en privado mientras el masaje y el nuevo diseño de bloqueo de color te brindan un nuevo efecto visual.
RODILLOS DE MASAJE: 8 rodillos de masaje shiatsu de punto fijo y calentamiento de cintura, pueden funcionar para promover la circulación sanguínea y alivia los dolores y molestias de espalda.
Embalaje: Empaquetado en 2 cajas, ya hemos ensamblado la mayoría de las piezas, solo necesita ensamblarlo y estará listo para usar, y 2 cajas pueden reducir efectivamente el riesgo de daños durante el transporte.

Customers say

Customers like the sound quality, comfort, heat, and quality of the chair. They mention that it has a bluetooth speaker system, it gives a very firm massage, and that the heat option is a nice touch. They also appreciate the value for money.

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  • 25 de junio de 2024


  1. Victoria Glavan
    25 de junio de 2024

    Works as described!
    I’ve had this chair for a couple of months so far and it works just as described. The item arrived in a set of three large boxes. Assembly was pretty easy so long as you have an appropriately sized hex key to attach the arms to the base, which I did. I think that should have been included in the box, but it wasn’t an issue for me personally. The air hoses were a little bit annoying to attach since they are a bit short and hard to reach and the plastic nozzles that connect them can be somewhat difficult to push into the hose ends, but it only has to be done once, so not a big deal. The comfort of the chair is so so, but this is to be expected because the padding has to be thin in the places where the massage is delivered so that the rollers can have their intended effect. I wouldn’t recommend sitting in the chair when you are not getting a massage unless you are willing to cover the back with a throw blanket as I did because the rollers can be uncomfortable when not in motion. The massage itself is very intense! The rollers really press into the back and feet. The air pouches also give an impressively firm squeeze. I was not disappointed by the strength of the massage features. I especially love the heating feature that warms the back and the zero gravity mode that reclines the chair so that you are laying on your back. The foot rest is spring loaded and extends with a little bit of applied pressure for longer legs, but personally I would have liked for them to extend slightly more, not a big deal though. The remote control, which is attached to a long cord and requires no batteries, sits in a little pouch attached to the right arm of the chair. The Bluetooth speaker is in the base of the chair so the sound will come from behind and below as you are sitting in the chair. It paired easily with my cellphone. Sound quality is acceptable to me. There are also wheels on the bottom to make it easier to relocate the chair. Compared to other similar products this one is much cheaper and works exactly as promised. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase!

  2. Min Lee
    25 de junio de 2024

    Affordable, Comfortable, and Easy to Use Massage Chair!
    So here’s what I think of this massage chair. I was quite skeptical at first given the price of this massage chair as I’ve had experience using other more notable and expensive models in the past, but I have to admit for the price it delivers ease and comfort for a budget massage chair. Delivery comes in three boxes, the main unit (A) , the arm rests (B), and back/headrest (C), they are a bit large and heavy with the main unit close to 80lbs so I recommend using two person lift. Also, don’t be surprised and panic if some of the packages are shipped separately and not in one tracking number. I had the experience of this happening and Fedex royally ruined the delivery of the last package. However, once I explained to the seller of my situation with Fedex, they resolved it immediately by sending me another replacement of the missing package ASAP, which was awesome.While I’m a big guy at 6″1′ in height, I was still able to fit nicely into the chair once assembled which itself was pretty simple despite not having an instruction manual sent along with it. You can literally just look at the online picture and know where each component needs to be fitted (the air nozzles will take a little bit of effort to squeeze in together). While sitting in it, nearly all of the focus areas are well covered i.e. back, shoulder, calves etc.. and together with combination of the heating and Zero-G function, I actually fell asleep for about 5 mins during my programmed 25min session.Overall as the title dictates, this massage chair is affordable, comfortable, ease to assemble, and most importantly gets the job done! I’m already considering clipping a collection bucket next to the massage chair so I can charge the friends and family rate of $10 whenever they are over hahaha.

  3. oakleaf
    25 de junio de 2024

    Good for the price
    TLDR: When I first got this chair I thought that I had made a giant mistake. Now I’m using it every day and while there are better chairs out there, this one is probably the best value for the money.First, the bad:When I first received this chair I was not that impressed. The construction of the chair is fine, but assembling it turned out to be a real pain because the bolt threads for the armrests didn’t really line up well with brackets, and caused me to spend the better part of 45 minutes trying to get the arms on. One of the 4 bolts ended up getting cross-threaded and thus the left arm is a bit loose. So that was frustrating. After seating it out to put it together I sat down in the chair, tired and sore from the ordeal, and… the message was painful – mostly in the lower back rollers, and I was incredibly frustrated that my legs couldn’t extend all the way and remained in a tucked position. The controller is designed really stupidly and the programmed messages are not adjustable, outside of the airbag pressure (which wasn’t my source of pain).Then, things got better.After the first day I came back to give the chair another try. I read through the manual to see what I was missing with the terribly laid out controller. Turns out there just wasn’t a whole lot to be done to customize settings. However, I went through all the presets and did finally land on one that was tolerable for my lower back (setting 6 “sleep” mode). My other point of frustration was having my legs feel like they were getting pushed up to my chest (and I’m only 6 foot) went he chair reclined all the way, and I found that if you only recline 3/4 of the way you can get a fuller extension of the legs which is more comfortable. I wish I could extend my legs straight like a recliner, but hey, at least I’m not in a crouching position now. Finally, the message just started feeling better the more I used the chair as my body got used to it. The pain points went away and now I spend about 30-45 minutes a day in the chair comfortably and it does a great job of lowering my anxiety and helping with the perpetual leg cramps that were preventing me from sleeping.Would I buy this chair again?Considering the financials, yes. There are certainly better chairs on the market, but to get a step-change in the quality you’re going to be spending $3-7,000. There is just no way I could have rationalized spending that kind of money on something that feels so frivolous (though it’s really not if you value low stress or sleep). If this chair breaks I will probably upgrade to a more expensive chair having now experienced the benefits, but like a beginner grade musical instrument it’s good to have a quality option to make sure it is something you’ll stick with before making that commitment later in life and for that, I am very happy to endorse this chair.

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