AERLANG Shiatsu Masajeador de Espalda y Cuello, Masajeador de Espalda Masajeador de Tejido Profundo Masajeador de Cuello y Hombros con Calor, Almohada de Masaje Eléctrica 4D Día del Padre Regalos de Papá de Hija (NO Inalámbrico)



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😘【FÁCIL Y SEGURO DE OPERAR Y TRES MODOS DE VELOCIDAD PERSONALIZADOS】: Masajeador de espalda con solo presionar el botón de encendido para disfrutar de una comodidad y alivio reales. Masajeador de cuello con una correa única y flexible, que puedes ajustar fácilmente. Tres modos de velocidad personalizados te brindan lo que necesitas para masajear tu cuello. La protección contra sobrecalentamiento del masajeador Shiatsu para cuello y espalda y la función de apagado automático de 10 minutos garantizan un uso seguro (es necesario conectarlo a la fuente de alimentación para usarlo) (se puede apagar manualmente)
😘【MASAJE DE AMASADO MÁS PROFUNDO】: El masajeador de cuello utiliza ocho cabezales de masaje de amasamiento de rotación bidireccional. Masajeador de espalda también capaz de masajear en dos direcciones si es necesario, con un simple interruptor de un botón para elegir cuál. Como es de esperar de cualquier masajeador de espalda, el masajeador de espalda y cuello también puede masajear la espalda, la cintura, las extremidades y los hombros, además de ser muy eficaz para brindar comodidad al cuello.
😘【FUNCIÓN DE CALEFACCIÓN】: Es importante que cualquier masajeador de cuello que considere comprar no solo sea fácil de operar sino también cómodo. Nuestra almohada masajeadora de cuello Shiatsu tiene esta característica. El masajeador de cuello es liviano y cómodo de usar durante mucho tiempo. Gracias a su función de calefacción incorporada, almohada masajeadora de cuello para uso en el hogar, la oficina, el automóvil y en viajes, tiene un adaptador de CA y un adaptador para automóvil que le resultarán más convenientes.
😘【MATERIAL DURADERO Y CÓMODO】: Masajeador de cuello y hombros de cuero de alta calidad y tela de malla transpirable, el masajeador de espalda es fácil de usar y limpiar, y le permite disfrutar de un masaje relajante. Masajeador de espalda de regalo, el masajeador de cuello está bien diseñado. El masajeador de espalda es una buena ayuda para el hogar y los viajes.
😘【GRAN ELECCIÓN DE IDEA DE REGALO Y SERVICIO DE GARANTÍA】 ¡Regalos de masajeador perfectos para mujeres/hombres/mamá/papá! ¡Simplemente entregue este masajeador a sus amigos y familiares! (Si tiene alguna pregunta, no dude en contactarnos y le responderemos dentro de las 24 horas ¡Disfruta de tu compra!)

Customers say

Customers like the quality, value, and performance of the massager. For example, they mention it’s easy to use, great for relaxing sore neck and shoulder muscles, and works as intended. Some appreciate the adjustability, and comfort. That said, opinions are mixed on pain relief, heating, and size.

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  • 22 de junio de 2024


  1. AmazonWolf
    22 de junio de 2024

    Unfreaking believable…
    This review is for the AERLANG shiatsu neck massager. This massager is no joke. I read a lot of reviews for a lot of different company’s neck massagers here on Amazon before I finally purchased this one. I chose this one primarily because of the arm straps and I can’t tell you how hugely important they are. One can tug the massager around by the straps so it massages many parts of the neck and back, oh my gosh, legs, too. It’s yummy.Now, my unit does get hot- but not too hot- and it can provide a very rigorous massage and, yes, I do recommend you take it easy the first few times because it can leave you sore if you’re not careful. I won’t lie.There are two rotating heads each with three rounded nubs on them and they counter rotate and spin and then they also change the direction that they do that in every minute or so. The rotating heads have a path of travel that, at one point, puts them about 3 inches away from each other I’d say which can put quite the powerful squeeze on ones neck or foot or any part that gets wedged in between them at that point, but it’s easy to avoid this. I just wanted to let you know that it can happen. I sit up in bed with mine wedged behind my lumbar and then I lay flat with it just behind the back of my neck, using some additional pillows to perch myself comfortably and I just feel the tension melt out of my muscles.I waited a while after purchasing and operating it (for months now) with no problems.In response to people who claim that their’s stopped working or were too hot or they made grinding noises; yes, I was worried that any of those things would start to happen to mine, but so far, the one I received seems of good quality and its operating perfectly.As one of the lowest priced shiatsu neck massagers available on Amazon when I purchased, I feel like it could possibly be one of the best ones because of those arm straps and the overall quality. Happy hunting!

  2. Mike He
    22 de junio de 2024

    Easy to use neck massager
    This is an easy to use and effective neck massager. Product came in a concise package, and the only thing that needs to be done is to plug it into the included adapter (car adapter also included). Can be strapped onto the neck or upper back area, with adjustments to direction and intensity. Works as intended and at a very good price.

  3. Ryga
    22 de junio de 2024

    A Reasonable Massager at a very Good Price Point
    I’m 71, and active, but of course all kinds of body parts hurt. I bought this for my neck/shoulders, trying it because of the low price point and free return offered.It does an okay job on my neck, though I must be careful to be gentle with it. One could hurt themselves with the hard knob clusters that rotate, driven by a fairly strong motor.I’m a hard grader, so it’s extremely rare for me to leave high reviews (especially 5-star, which indicated perfect). I went back and forth on this product, weighing its pros and cons, listed below.Pros:• Price—I paid less than $40 for it—a far cry from the units that cost 3-5x as much. It gets a full star for that.• Convenient Size—I keep it under my bed since I’m prone to middle-of-the-night leg cramps after hiking.• Versatile—It works on many body areas. It does great on my thighs and calfs—even better than on my neck. It’s not as good on my lower back, but does seem to do some good. But I’m pretty slender, so it might work better on those with more padding.• Heat—is mild but feels good.• Quiet—mine only has an expected minor motor sound (so far; I’ve only had it a week).• Case Zips Off—for cleaning (I’d spot clean only).Cons:• Short Cord—about 6’ total, so you need to use it fairly close to an outlet. I could use another couple of feet when using it in my living room.• Not Leather—the case is a soft plastic, though the specs say leather. Half a star off for that lie (not that it matters for functionality).• Hard Knobs—tricky to find the right pressure, and easy to hurt yourself if not careful. The rotating knob clusters on these things need to have some padding. Massage therapists have flesh on their thumbs—they don’t use hard plastic. This seems like it would be an easy design change. Some pliability would go a long way. I tend to (when using on my neck) put a towel in between.All in all, a pretty good massager at a very good price. Well worth the money.

  4. Ken F
    22 de junio de 2024

    Gets Those Trapezious Muscles Just Right!!!
    Oh my goodness…I plugged it in and went right after those trapezious muscles. WOW WOW WOW!!! My did it ever do the trick quickly. Of course I pulled the machine head into the muscles deeply. With the straps, I accomplished more in 7 minutes than I ever got from a commercial massage therapist. I pulled it deep easily and the machine did not slow down nor sound like it was struggling. I reduced pressure and moved it to various places and various angles on my back to reach all muscle groups high and low on my back. I was finished before the automatic 15 minute shut off feature. I liked it very much and could have used it longer cause it feels good. However, my back felt released and I felt renewed and didn’t want to overly spoil myself so I stopped at around 12 minutes. I will not be going to Massage Therapists and dishing out 60 dollars and a 15 dollar tip anymore. This device ended that part of my life unless I should get a shoulder joint injury one day. I recommend this product. I don’t write many reviews but the reviews of others helped me to try this and I was skeptical about if I could pull it against me (hard) deep enough to press the muscles hard enough without causing the machine to slow and or damage it. I got it from Amazon with a $5 off coupon. I think it was about $35 with tax. Very very well spent money. I already saved $45 in Massage Therapist money, the gas money, wear and tear on my vehicle and most of all my time. I am sure it can be pressed against other areas of the body. I am just not concerned with those right now. I did not even mention the heat; that came up to temperature pretty quickly and also felt wonderful. It’s warmer than warm hands. But we all can use some warm hands and warm relationships in our lives too. Again, I was IMPRESSED GREATLY BY THIS RELATIVELY INEXPENSIVE TOOL FOR MY COMFORT AND OVERALL WELL BEING. May the Father and His Son be with you, keep you well and draw you.

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