AICNLY Juego de masaje con piedras calientes de basalto de 10 piezas con ajuste de temperatura, masaje con piedras calientes con kit calentador, herramienta de masaje profesional para drenaje linfático de spa, alivia la tensión y el dolor muscular



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piedra calientepiedra caliente

piedra calientepiedra caliente

La Terapia con Piedras Calientes es una terapia SPA que combina eficazmente piedras calientes y aceites de masaje. La piedra caliente tiene la energía de la tierra, a través de la conducción profunda del calor ingresa al cuerpo y luego a través de los puntos reflejos de conducción, el tejido muscular y las articulaciones tienen la función de regular.

La terapia con piedras calientes puede aliviar la fatiga, relajar los nervios y reponer energía, ¡para que puedas sentir la belleza de la naturaleza en medio de la meditación!

piedra calientepiedra caliente

piedra calientepiedra caliente

piedra calientepiedra caliente

Dimensiones del producto ‏ : ‎ 8 x 6 x 1 pulgadas; 2,2 libras
Número de modelo del producto ‏ : ‎ ANS-20
Fecha de primera disponibilidad ‏ : ‎ 29 de diciembre de 2023
Fabricante ‏ : ‎ AICNLY

【Función de la caja calefactora】 La caja calefactora está diseñada para proporcionar una forma segura y conveniente de calentar la piedra calefactora. Cuenta con 7 interruptores de control de temperatura, rango de temperatura de 96° F a 156° F. La función de apagado del temporizador le permite configurar la caja de calefacción para que se apague automáticamente después de 30,40,50,60,70,80,90 min.
【Piedras de basalto naturales de alta calidad】 Experimente la máxima relajación con nuestro conjunto de 10 piedras de basalto naturales de alta calidad, cuidadosamente seleccionadas por sus beneficios terapéuticos y excelentes funciones de conservación del calor.
【Alivie el estrés y elimine la fatiga】Alivie el estrés y elimine la fatiga con nuestro juego de piedras calefactoras, combinado con aceites esenciales de plantas, masaje terapéutico y terapia energética. Relaja tu mente, mejora el sueño y aumenta la energía.
【Beneficios cosméticos y moldeador del cuerpo】Logre moldear el cuerpo y beneficios cosméticos con nuestro juego de piedras calientes, mejorando la circulación sanguínea y la linfa bloqueada. Transmitir calor para equilibrar la energía, mejorar la retención de agua y la celulitis. Elimina las ojeras y los ojos negros, y haz tu rostro más sonrosado y hermoso con un masaje facial.
【Elección de regalo perfecta】Regala una experiencia similar a un spa en la comodidad de tu propio hogar con nuestro juego de masaje con piedras calientes. Perfecto para cumpleaños, vacaciones o aniversarios. Respaldamos la calidad de nuestros productos y brindamos un excelente servicio postventa.

  • 23 de junio de 2024


  1. JaMilla
    23 de junio de 2024

    Best purchase yet.
    Ordered these for my pedicure session and they did not disappoint. Can’t wait to use them for my back as well. Easy to use and super convenient. The box is not too big so it’s easy to carry if need be. Stones took 15-20 mins and to hold significant heat.

    23 de junio de 2024

    Great Value To Bring Spa Experience Home
    At this price, this is a GREAT VALUE to be able to bring home a spa experience! It seems pretty good quality, and I especially like the bigger stones. It’s relatively easy to use and I appreciated the thorough instructions which included care to prolong life of product. I enjoy the soothing heat and being able to precisely position. If I could change anything, I wish there was contoured padding around the top of the stones, in the case, as well, so as to afford greater protection, and maybe have the smaller stones a bit bigger.Overall, I’d recommend!

  3. hmb
    23 de junio de 2024

    Massage stones
    Work great & feels wonderful!!

  4. Marlana
    23 de junio de 2024

    Great product
    Looks and works as expected….very excited for continued use!

  5. Amazon Customer
    23 de junio de 2024

    Was a little smaller than I expected and doesn’t hold as many stones as I need. But it works ok

  6. Kindle Customer
    23 de junio de 2024

    Nice but uneven heating
    There is a lot to like about this product. First I really like that the carry case also heats the stones. Also I was relieved to see that the case does not get hot. However, for safety I still would use either a ceramic or stone surface when heating the stones.The instructions are great, well above average when compared to other massage products. As you can see from the photo it actually describes how to use the product on the body. The only critique I have is with regards to the little bags that hold the stones. I was not sure if you needed to remove the stones before heating. The answer is… mostly, I will get to that below.I also liked the stones they were very smooth and a perfect weight. They come in several sizes, this is both good and bad. The good part is that it allows comfortable use for various parts of the body. The bad part, and the reason for losing a star is the stones heat unevenly. As a result of this uneven heat, the large stones don’t get very hot while the small stones get very hot (I can’t hold them in my hand when using the medium setting).Two mediocre solutions:(1) apply the bigger stones first and then the smaller ones when they get cooler(2) put the smaller stones in the little bags when heating so that they don’t heat so much – depending on the heat selected they might not get hot at allDespite this limitations above I still like the product and if you can live with those limitations I would recommend you buy it.

  7. devildawg
    23 de junio de 2024

    Surprisingly effective
    This is a review for AICNLY 10 Pcs Basalt Hot Stones Massage Set with Temperature Adjustment-Hot Stones Massage with Warmer Kit, Professional Massage Tool for Spa-Lymphatic Drainage, Relieve Tension and Muscle Pain.I have lived over 20 years with chronic pain a major lower back pain. I have used most everything you can imagine from medication to creams to TENS units and even though I had moderate relief nothing was as complete as using these.I love that this set comes with a good carrying/storage case. This makes it very easy to keep everything together and less likely to lose things and it includes the heating component as well. And the case dissipates the heat so that it does not get over hot.The level of heat is adjustable, so I suggest you start low and work up, so you do not burn yourself. The stones are very smooth and not very heavy. This also makes them very easy to clean once you have completed your session.These stones have given me a higher level of relief than any other method and I highly recommend these if you are experiencing that and possibly follow that with a little coolness.

  8. Paula B
    23 de junio de 2024

    keep hot water on the side to be able to reuse stones
    I got these just as I woke up with a sore shoulder, thinking to try these out. I like that they come with instructions embedded in the sturdy case that they can be heated in, and I like that the display is instant read digital. I disbelieved the temperature at one point, and so tested it with an instant read meat thermometer and was surprised to find that it was accurate!The default temperature of 136F seemed high to me, and I started out at lower temperatures, only to find that the stones don’t retain heat long at all, and once you take them out of the box to use them, you can’t put them back until after cleaning and drying them, making them all one use only. For that reason, I’d suggest having a crock put on the side with warm to hot water in it, to put the used stones in that will keep them warm so that you can use one more than once.136F turned out to be just right for me—not too hot to hold on to for a little bit until the stone cooled down. It gave me enough starting heat to use the stone for a while before it cooled down past body temperature.Unfortunately in my case, my over zealous self massage with the stones led to me injuring it further, but I look forward to putting these to good use sometime with my husband, using them more for mood than medicine.

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