Bian Stone Gua Sha y raspador de acupuntura, juego de herramientas faciales Gua-Sha para reducir la hinchazón, raspador de acupuntura para aliviar el dolor de meridianos, masajeador de belleza SinkCare como regalo para mujeres, marrón


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De la marca

marca olaemuomarca olaemuo

Set de regalo Olaemuo Set de regalo Olaemuo

Gorro de pelo 100% seda de morera.Gorro de pelo 100% seda de morera.

Gorro de pelo 100% seda de morera.

Gorro de noche largo de seda auténtica

Gorro de noche 100% seda morera

Gorro de seda para mujer/hombre.

gran regalogran regalo


Almohadas de baño para bañera

Herramienta de belleza

Removedor de pelo de cristal lavable

Bombas de baño para mujeres y hombres relajantesBombas de baño para mujeres y hombres relajantes

Bombas de Baño para Mujer Relajantes

Aromaterapia con bombas de ducha

Esponja de baño de red africana

Dimensiones del paquete ‏ : ‎ 6,38 x 6,34 x 1,81 pulgadas; 5,93 onzas
UPC ‏ : ‎ 755494918217
Fabricante ‏ : ‎ Olaemuo
País de origen ‏ : ‎ China

【Explora Gua Sha】Un tratamiento de belleza tradicional chino. Estimule los puntos de acupuntura facial raspando, presionando y rodando. Experimente una reducción de la hinchazón, una mandíbula levantada, una mejor vitalidad de la piel y una mejor circulación sanguínea. Abrace la belleza natural y la salud de la piel con Gua Sha.
【Equilibrio de energía, de adentro hacia afuera】La herramienta de masaje raspador Bian Stone Gua Sha está hecha de materiales naturales y mejora el cuidado de la piel con su efecto térmico que estimula la circulación sanguínea. La energía magnética de Bian Stone calma la mente. El efecto refrescante natural después de la congelación puede mejorar la hinchazón. Una alternativa ideal al Gua Sha de plástico y los rodillos de hielo para el cuidado de la piel.
【Uso de Gua Sha】Cada lado del Gua Sha y el raspador de acupuntura tiene un propósito único para la cara, los ojos, el cuello y el cuerpo. Nuestro juego Gua Sha es mucho más grueso por lo que no daña la piel y funcionará mejor. Un pequeño Gua Sha produce múltiples efectos: reafirmar el rostro, reducir la hinchazón de los ojos, relajar los músculos del cuello, aliviar la hinchazón de las extremidades y el punto de acupresión.
【Herramienta de belleza de viaje】Nuestro juego de rodillos y Jade Gua Sha de tamaño de viaje cabe fácilmente en su bolsillo o bolso, lo que permite rutinas de belleza en casa o en cualquier lugar. Realiza la belleza en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar. Mejora tu rutina de cuidado de la piel sin esfuerzo.
Bonito regalo para ella: sorpréndela con nuestra caja de regalo Gua Sha Set bellamente diseñada. Un maravilloso regalo navideño para tu novia, mamá o hija. Comparta la alegría del cuidado natural de la piel y cree momentos preciados juntos.

  • 24 de junio de 2024


  1. Lori L
    24 de junio de 2024

    Nice quality
    Really liked the size and weight of these pieces. I’m a massage therapist so my focus for these tools is a little different. The larger size works well for face and forearm massage. The smaller spoon shaped piece has a nice blend of smooth with just enough edge to give some sharpness to hand work. Lovely pieces

  2. 👠 FashionLover
    24 de junio de 2024

    👠 It can be used comfortably on multiple parts of the body
    Upon receiving this massage brush, there was a very strong smell. I left it out for a few days to air out and that seem to help.The brush is about 4.5” long and 3” wide. It fits perfectly in my hand and is light in weight and durable. It is small enough to fit in my handbag, carryon bag or luggage for travel purposes. PIt offers a fabric handle where I can comfortably fit my hand through to have a good grip on the brush.It is fasten to the massager with 4 metal rivets.The back of the massager is made of wood and feels very sturdy. It is engraved with the sellers company logo and name.The interior of the massager has about 34 wooden small rounded massage heads , which are interwoven into a rubber shell.The brush appears to be very wellMade. There is no mention of a warranty on the seller’s description.The brush does a very good job at providing muscle release on my aching muscles. I use it in a circular motion over the intended muscle. I have used it on my hips, thighs , shoulder and neck. Though I do believe this is an effective tool for massage therapy I do not agree with some of the claims about reducing wrinkles or sculpting of the body, if only it was that simple. 😊I do find that using the massager does promotes relaxation, release of muscle spasms and tight muscles. Can help in pain relief of my muscles and perhaps assist circulation .I am enjoying using this massager and adding it into my arsenal of relaxation and muscle helping tools.

  3. maspogi
    24 de junio de 2024

    Very interesting
    My therapist recommended. It seems to work!

  4. Mon
    24 de junio de 2024

    Your Tissue will thank you
    Incredibly awesome for the tissue that doesn’t get worked or is exposed to touch a lot. It’s painful to go over these areas and it’ll leave you sore, but it’s a good soreness. My threshold for pain is rather high, so I can dig in and get circulation going quite nicely, but if one’s threshold is rather low, I’d be gentle but still would try and apply as much pressure as possible . The one thing I wish was better is the size and would suggest to make it slightly bigger.

  5. colebiancardi
    24 de junio de 2024

    very nice
    very nice gua sha tools and they work well. High-quality.

  6. DinkyInky
    24 de junio de 2024

    Good tools, bad instructions
    These are nice, natural stone beauty tools. I don’t use them with skincare, but just before applying them.The directions they give for use show certain areas using downward/inward strokes, and for lifting you always want upward/outward. I wouldn’t say you need to redden your skin at all. If it does, you’re scraping/rolling way too hard, or have reasons why you shouldn’t be using these at all.I also wouldn’t use just any old soap on these, I use the tiniest bit of my gentle face cleanser and lather it on a cloth, then wipe and rinse, and I only use them on clean dry skin, then for the roller set on a cloth sideways to drain/dry. Unless you have a dedicated spot for these, I also would keep the foam insert they came with, as these stones won’t take a fall well.So all-in-all, good tools, poor directions.I have been given this product and tested it for review. All opinions are mine.

  7. Mescobar
    24 de junio de 2024

    The stone material generally stays cold to the touch, which I really like when using the roller on my face. It’s smooth, and the colors are attractive. This is great for hangovers or headaches, or when you just need a little something cold on your face to relax. The gua sha flat stone is really well contoured, and I really that! Visually, I love the mix between see-through and the beautiful sheen that gives off different colors.The only thing I thought was a bit weird is that the box features three items, but you only get two. This is totally fine, and I didn’t need another stone/tool, but it is just to say that the box itself is a little misleading. I can’t blame the product, because it’s exactly what I expected, and made well. Even the box came in great presentation. The truth is I use the roller more, because sometimes I don’t have the time to do a full session. Simply rolling it on my face feels AMAZING! The flat stone came with some inside «scratches» (which are probably bubbles), but it doesn’t bother me. Recommend!

  8. IndicaGoddess7
    24 de junio de 2024

    Feels wonderful!
    I love these and I will definitely be adding them to my skincare routine! They feel even more amazing when I chill them in my mini fridge that I have in my bathroom. They feel wonderful and help to drain my sinuses and reduce any puffiness I may have on my face! They’re also very pretty which is a nice added touch. I will definitely continue to use these they’re quite amazing!

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