BYRIVER Masajeador de pies de acupresión, estimulación de puntos de acupuntura, zapatillas de masaje, zapatos, sandalias de reflexología, regalo para hombres y mujeres, reduce la tensión de los pies, promueve la circulación, regalo del día de la madre del padre (02S)



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✔SANDALIAS DOLOROSAS: Cuando empiece a usar estas zapatillas de masaje terapéutico por primera vez, puede experimentar mucho dolor. Porque los botones de masaje estiran los músculos plantares tensos. Agregue calcetines y use de 3 a 5 minutos por vez para comenzar; le tomará de 1 a 2 semanas acostumbrarse gradualmente.
✔ ALIVIO DE LA TENSIÓN: Mantener el uso de la herramienta de masaje de pies puede ayudar a mejorar la circulación y aliviar el dolor lumbar; migraña; Dolor en el pie debido a fascitis plantar, artritis, neuropatía.
✔ Masajeador de pies portátil: una manera fácil de relajar y activar los pies en cualquier momento, especialmente después de trabajar largas horas, usar tacones altos o hacer caminatas.
✔ BENEFICIOS PARA LA SALUD: Cada zapatilla tiene 39 botones de masaje incorporados para el masaje de estimulación de acupuntura del pie, lo que ayuda a mejorar la circulación sanguínea y la movilidad física, mejorando así la salud general.
✔ TAMAÑO: La correa ajustable de las zapatillas de acupresión hace que se adapten a la mayoría de las formas de los pies. Si estás entre tallas, elige la más grande.

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Customers like the appearance and value of the massager. For example, they say it looks awesome, is genius, and is well worth the purchase. That said, some complain about the comfort. Opinions are mixed on fit, pain relief, ease of use, and quality.

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  • 22 de junio de 2024


  1. ravaka239
    22 de junio de 2024

    So far so good
    It’s been one week of daily use and these do seem to be working. I have flat feet. So I wanted to try these. My feet and legs are less sore and my posture seems to be better. They are uncomfortably the first couple days, which i would expect, but feet feel good after use. Will keep using them.

  2. Poiboy2000
    22 de junio de 2024

    2 week adjustment period for men’s M size brn sandals
    Ow ow ow! It’s taken me 2 weeks to be able to walk in these slides but at first it was so painful that I could only take a few steps before I had to take them off! But I persevered and now I can walk around the house for short periods of time. I use them barefooted and I haven’t tried walking with them with socks but I wanted to get the full effect of the acupressure points in my feet. Amazing how much better my back and feet feel after I wear them. Always had jobs where I was on my feet most of the time so now at 68 yrs of age, my back, legs and feet are all experiencing problems. These slippers have brought welcomed relief and hopefully with more use of the acupressure sandals, my body will continue to improve. At my age, the goal is to stop the decline of my health physically and mentally! LOL

  3. Rachel
    22 de junio de 2024

    They work!
    My feet have been aching for past few years. I work a lot on my feet and have to alternate FLAT shoes every day. If I’d wear same shoe 2 days in a row, I’d feel the aches and pains. In the mornings, my feet hurt to start the day…I did not think this trajectory was sustainable. I’m 57 years old and was starting to worry about long term pain in my feet if this was my current plight the past few years.Over the course of time, buying “support” shoes and inserts, massaging them and applying muscle cream only provided minimal relief. No longer have I been able to wear my beautiful pumps and heels because my feet hurt too bad.The bottoms of my feet felt tighter than what a normal foot felt like, so I began researching acupressure shoe options and came across these Byriver sandals.I’ve had them about 2-3 weeks, and in the beginning I could barely move a step or two. The instructions recommend standing in them few minutes a day, but I wanted results, so I walked around house (suffering) in them and wore them when I was on my feet cooking etc. They hurt like crazy those first days, and my feet were even sore after wearing, (kind of like the soreness your muscles get after a deep tissue massage), and I even got little bruises. After the first week, my left foot settled in, and the sandal was actually comfortable on that foot. The right foot however still hurt in the very center of the bottom of my foot (where my foot was the tightest). One day, I was out shopping without the sandals, of course, and that spot on the bottom of my right foot ached and itched, so as soon as I got home I put the sandals back on, and it was a “good hurt”.It’s now been about 3 weeks, and I hadn’t worn the sandals in about 4 days. I put them on tonight, fully expecting to be back to square one, but they are super comfortable on BOTH feet.I feel like I just improved a very important aspect of my health that could have become very debilitating as time went on.I am now recommending these sandals to everyone I know that have feet problems.Biggest thing to note is you have to stick with it. If they’re painful, it’s because your feet are jacked, and these sandals will help get them back to a healthy state.Also probably worth noting, I have never written a review…that’s how impressed I am with these sandals.

  4. Emma Jane
    22 de junio de 2024

    Not for immediate pain relief that’s for sure!
    A few things to mention. I ordered these in desperation for any kind of help and pain relief from plantar fasciitis. I saw in the description these are for this condition that only the prince of darkness himself could be responsible for creating. Maybe I misread or misunderstood in my haze of torment and indescribable pain but I saw the words: massager, pain relief, plantar fasciitis. I saw how many people had purchased these and that they appeared to be quite happy wiry them and experiencing the promised pain relief. So I ordered them. Well, when they arrived, I was a bit confused at their construction. The plastic was super hard and several knobs were not even on one of the shoes. They were very cheaply made and not at all worth what I paid (9.99 is more appropriate honestly) the worst part was they smelled TERRIBLE. I am not one to be bothered by odors at all. Heck, I mucked horse stalls, cleaned boarding kennels and milked cows as a teen, trust me, smells don’t get to me. But these didn’t just smell, they reeked of chemicals. I put them outside on my porch for 48 hours, it did little to air them off.I wasn’t to clear on hoe they were going to massage my tender foot with those hard plastic unforgiving knows. They were very hard spring loaded to say the least. Maybe if I could have somehow sprayed some wd40 on those invisible springs it would have made them better, I don’t know. I tried them several times each day for a week. Determined that they were going to do what they proclaimed to.I just could not get past the stiffness of the top strap or of the shoes themselves. I felt like I was walking like a duck on hard rocks digging into my feet every time. My feet were so red and painful after after time that I would have to put ice on the one with plantar fasciitis and rub the other until the pain abated.Admitting defeat was the hardest part because I am not a quitter. However, as I wrapped those stinky suckers back up in their plastic bag and put them back in their box, I could not bid them adieu fast enough. I seriously question the authenticity of any above 2 or 3 star review on these shoes.

  5. MyReviews
    22 de junio de 2024

    These really hurt
    These REALLY hurt! I have worn these around the house the last 2 days for about 15 minutes total each day. I do feel like the pressure gives me some relief immediately after walking in them but it is not pleasant at all.

  6. Whoarang
    22 de junio de 2024

    Good product
    Is comfort acupuncture, and easy to adjusting, the material is food quality

  7. karenbeers369@
    22 de junio de 2024

    Very effective in massaging pressure points. 15 min. Max.

  8. Sam
    22 de junio de 2024

    Unbearable for the first two weeks but amazing once you get used to them

  9. Adriana Eddaly Cuesta Robles
    22 de junio de 2024

    Excelente producto ayudan realmente a realizar digitopuntura, son para usar un rato y luego descansar

  10. Johana
    22 de junio de 2024

    Son iguales a las de la imagen solo que muy duras. Lastiman un poco al caminar, pero cumplen su función

  11. Glenn W
    22 de junio de 2024

    $28 for bumpy slippers? I could buy a pop bottle, break it and step on the broken glass for only $2 !!!Lol… seriously. These work. I’ve had Plantars for almost a year. Work has me standing on concrete 8+ hours/day. Tried insoles, foot wraps, foot massagers, etc….I got these and yes…they hurt. They hurt SO good!Start out only a couple minutes…whatever your pain tolerance is…and go a bit longer each time.I’ve already noticed a difference at work.Definitely worth the $.

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