COMFIER Shiatsu Masajeador de espalda con calor: cojín de asiento de masaje de tejido profundo, almohadilla de silla de masaje para espalda completa, masajeador corporal eléctrico para uso en silla de hogar u oficina, regalos para hombres, papá



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Masaje de amasamiento profundo ajustable: el masajeador de espalda cuenta con rodillos Shiatsu con 4 nodos giratorios que pueden moverse hacia arriba y hacia abajo, imitar las manos de masaje, realizar un masaje de tejido profundo en nudos y músculos tensos que brinda relajación en todo el cuerpo y ayuda a eliminar la fatiga y el estrés. (2 niveles de intensidad ajustables para opciones). regalos del día del padre de parte de la hija
Personalizar masaje de zona: el masajeador de espalda shiatsu te permite personalizar la zona y disfrutar de un masaje relajante como desees. Puede optar por centrar el masaje de amasamiento en determinadas zonas de la espalda, incluidas la espalda completa, la parte superior de la espalda y la parte inferior de la espalda. También puede utilizar la función de masaje SPOT para concentrar su masaje en un área específica de su espalda para una relajación precisa. Regalos de su esposa para el día del padre
Calor calmante: el sillón de masaje de espalda Shiatsu con calor ayudará a relajar aún más el dolor y la tensión. La calefacción opcional proviene de una almohadilla térmica que proporciona un calor relajante mientras las bolas de shiatsu recorren toda la espalda, alivia los músculos cansados ​​y alivia los nudos.
Masajeador de silla portátil: el sistema de correas integrado asegura la almohadilla del sillón de masaje a casi cualquiera de las sillas. Puede colocar este dispositivo de masaje en un sillón reclinable, sofá, sillón o silla de oficina para disfrutar de un masaje terapéutico en la comodidad de su hogar u oficina. Este cojín de masaje de espalda será un regalo perfecto para sus seres queridos para el Día del Padre.
Masaje vibratorio en el asiento: Masaje vibratorio en el asiento con 3 niveles de intensidad ajustables, que proporciona un masaje suave y cómodo para la cadera y los muslos. Regalo de Navidad perfecto para mamá, regalo del día del padre para padre, hombres, amigos. Por cualquier motivo, si este cojín para sillón de masaje no cumple con sus expectativas, devuélvalo para obtener un reembolso completo dentro de los 30 días. Regalo del día del padre para hombres.

Customers say

Customers like the quality, value, relaxation and heat of the massager. They mention that it provides quality deep tissue massaging, it’s the best back massager for the money and that it helps relieve tension and stress. Some are also satisfied with performance, weight, and ease of use. However, some disagree on vibration.

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  • 25 de junio de 2024


  1. Margaret Anderson
    25 de junio de 2024

    The deep tissue massage is great!
    So far, I love this massager. The deep kneading is what muscles need when they are aching and sore. The vibration doesn’t do much for me. The heat is fine. But the deep tissue massage is worth the cost! It also arrived in a timely manner in good condition. I will purchase from this company again!

  2. W. Thain
    25 de junio de 2024

    Massage and heat better than expected.
    I ordered this for some relief of lower back pain while waiting to get in to see an Orthopod. (Disc issues) It might not be a miracle cure but is helping keep the pain tolerable while I wait. I like the massage motion and the heat vs no heat option.It would be nice if there were more than one heat setting.In my opinion – the vibrations in the seat are not useful nor necessary so I am not using them at all.I am using a thin chair cushion on top of the seat to allow the massager to get lower on my back.I would purchase this again.

  3. NeedlessName
    25 de junio de 2024

    Great machine to help with back pain
    I am currently using this massage pad for the first time. I will update after I’ve had some time to use it.At first impression, I like it a lot. I have a one-month-old baby who nurses extremely frequently, so I am often in the same position throughout the majority of the day. Even though I try to maintain good posture, my back has been aching so much over the last month. But finding time to get even a massage at home is quite impossible with how often my baby nurses. I was desperate for some relief, so I bought this massager after reading the reviews. I feel like the pressure intensity is just right. My skin and muscles have fibromyalgia like pain, so I was worried it would be too intense (painful) for my body to handle. Even the water hitting my body from the showerhead is sometimes too intense. However, the rolling mechanisms in this massager are just right. I don’t feel like it’s too intense at all, but there is enough happening that I’m getting much-needed relief. It is more intense when I move the top cover of the chair out of the way. The intensity button on the control doesn’t change the pressure of the massage – just the speed.I am 5’9’ and this goes along the majority of my back. It does not reach quite to my trapezius muscles. It stops just below them. The width of the reach of the rollers is satisfying. It gets close to the spine and a few inches out to either side.When the roller needs to switch direction (whether in full back, spot, or upper/lower back settings), the rollers pause for a second, which at first is a little jarring and distracting. I’ve gotten used to it, but I wish the transition was a little smoother. And that is the only reason for not giving it a 5 star review.The heat is not super intense. I currently have a nursing tank and light button up shirt on, and the top chair pad is covering the seat, and I have barely noticed the heat. Even without the seat covering in place, the heat is barely noticeable.I’m not a fan of the seat vibration. It is literally just three levels of vibrating, which is not unexpected based on the description. But too much vibration makes my skin itch, so I probably won’t be using that function ever.Overall, I’m really glad I bought this. Hopefully it will hold up for a long time. It’s a nice little machine that really helps take the edge off of backaches.Pros:* it’s pretty quiet. I can hear a little bit of the movement, but it’s not overly annoying.* The controls are simple and intuitive.* It’s light.* The intensity is just right.Cons:* The self timer is fairly short – 15 minutes, and you can’t adjust the length.* The heat function is weak.* The pause at the direction change is distracting.

  4. Bertha
    25 de junio de 2024

    Love it
    The features, heat, vibration and that I has low high massaging system

  5. LaneyB
    25 de junio de 2024

    My Husband Loves It!
    Bought this for my husband for Father’s day. He absolutely loves it. He uses it daily to relieve aches & pains & so far it is working great. The only drawback that he mentioned was the auto-shutoff after 15 minutes.

  6. Gail
    25 de junio de 2024

    it’s just okay
    The balls in the seat are too big to sit on on a regular basis, and are uncomfortable. It’s nice to get the unit working and feel the massage, but then I have to keep moving it on and off my chair. Somehow I imagined it would be thinner and easier to sit on.

  7. R. Cole
    25 de junio de 2024

    Ease of use.
    Really loosens up tight muscles in my back

  8. Nolen
    25 de junio de 2024

    sturdy, solid quality
    Heavy duty construction materials will stand up over time. Several good options. We liked the one where you could direct the massage: all over, upper or lower, and even in just one spot. The only criticism was that the massage was a bit intense, hard plastic pressing on your back. The solution was to put a blanket over it to lessen the pressure.

  9. Kindle Customer
    25 de junio de 2024

    Massage points are a bit hard,maybe a little more padding Just needs a little more padding,as the massage points are a bit hard

  10. Joel
    25 de junio de 2024

    Facil de usar, buen diseño y cabe muy bien en cualquier silla de oficina para tener un momento de relajacion.

  11. Harry A
    25 de junio de 2024

    Da ich unter Rückenproblemen zu leiden habe, bin ich auf diese Massage-Sitzauflage aufmerksam geworden. Eigentlich bin ich skeptisch gegenüber technisch-maschineller Massage. Doch zu diesem Preis wollte ich es nicht unversucht lassen. Die Erfahrung war für mich erstaunlich positiv.Das Material ist hochwertig, die Fernbedienung verständlich und einfach zu handhaben, die Auflage ist gut zu transportieren und zu verstauen, da zusammenklappbar.Zur Massage selbst: Die Kugeln massieren intensiv, doch für mein Empfinden nicht zu stark den Blasenmeridian links und rechts von der Wirbelsäule. Mit ein bißchen Fantasie bei geschlossenen Augen kann man sich menschliche Hände vorstellen. Das Geräusch ist eher leise und nicht störend.Es fühlt sich alles jedenfalls keineswegs zu technisch an, wenn es auch sicher eine echte Massage durch einen Menschen nicht ersetzen kann. Die zuschaltbare Wärme ist wohltuend und eher sanft, nicht mit Rotlicht o.ä. vergleichbar. Die Vibrationsfunktion für die Oberschenkel ist ein bißchen laut und auch eher sanft, so daß ich sie nur bedingt verwende. Prima finde ich auch, daß man zwischen unteren und oberen Rücken wählen kann bzw. eine bestimmte Stelle zur individuellen Massage. Ich kann, Stand jetzt nach vier Wochen regelmäßiger Anwendung diese Auflage, wärmstens weiterempfehlen. Lediglich eine Kleinigkeit, doch das liegt an meiner Kaufentscheidung. Die Massage endet bei den Schulterblättern (bei 1,78m Körpergröße). Ich würde das nächste Mal nach den guten Erfahrungen eine Auflage wählen, die auch den Nacken massiert.

  12. Kkysnoopy
    25 de junio de 2024

    The bottom cushion is too thin and with the added heating and vibration motor, my butt hurts after sitting for less than 1 hour.I can not stand the pain on my buttocks, but I like the back massage which is nice.I finally removed the vibration motor from the pillow, it has a plug that I can safely unplug. Without the motor, the pillow is so comfortable now.I place this massager on my Leapchair 2 office chair. It is roomy and I have to adjust the bottom to fit the massager on it and still have plenty of room to sit on the chair.Besides the vibrating pads, there is a lot of room for improvement, the massage cycle is way too short before I knew it was over and had to push it to start again. Unlike the OSIM Ujolly it has a transparent slot for the remote so you can see the buttons, whereas this unit is just a slot with no window to see the buttons. Another improvement that should be made is that the rollers do not stop halfway, but automatically roll up near your neck so they do not rest on your shoulders or middle of your body, so it’s comfortable to sit on the chair when you are not massaging. I live in Sg, but the power cord that comes with it is a USA power cord. I have to use an adapter to plug it into my 3 pin UK plug which is very inconvenient.

  13. Kamran Salam
    25 de junio de 2024

    Working well after two weeks of use

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