COMFIER Sillón de masaje de cuerpo completo, sillón reclinable de masaje, gravedad cero, amasamiento profundo Shiatsu, 6 programas automáticos, compresión de aire, calor, altavoz Bluetooth, balanceo, silla masajeadora, negro



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Masaje humano simulado, el sillón reclinable de masaje Comfier se combina con 8 rodillos shiatsu y 14 bolas de masaje, es flexible y se adapta perfectamente a la curva del cuerpo, proporciona masaje de tejido profundo 4D para crear una sensación de spa de masaje real similar a la humana para el cuello, los hombros y la espalda. , Cintura. Ayuda a calmar nudos y dolores musculares, elimina el estrés y la fatiga. 3 intensidades de shiatsu que se adaptan a tus necesidades. El masaje de pies con ruedas para mimar tus pies con comodidad. Te sentirás relajado y rejuvenecido.
Masaje de compresión de aire de cuerpo completo, el sillón reclinable de masaje más cómodo está diseñado con masaje de presión de aire para una cobertura total de hombros, brazos, caderas, pantorrillas, piernas y pies. 3 intensidades ajustables, 3 zonas shiatsu selectivas y función de calentamiento opcional le permiten personalizar la configuración para El masaje más cómodo.
Gravedad cero y altavoz Bluetooth: este sillón de masaje Comfier tiene 3 niveles de ángulo de gravedad cero. Ajuste el ángulo del sillón de masaje para que su cuerpo esté en la posición más natural y relajada con las piernas ligeramente más altas que el corazón. Durante el masaje, también podrás escuchar tu música favorita conectando un Bluetooth.
Programa de 6 automóviles, el sillón masajeador reclinable Comfier tiene 6 programas automáticos: Refrescar, relajarse, yoga, cuello y hombros, cintura y espalda, soñar, lo que le permite realizar un masaje de cuerpo completo rápido y conveniente. También puede operar fácilmente el controlador manual para personalizar libremente el modo de masaje deseado.
Diseño humanizado y garantía sin preocupaciones. Esta silla de masaje tiene un reposapiés extensible que se puede retraer libremente hasta 5 pulgadas, adecuado para usuarios de diferentes alturas. El sillón masajeador está completamente ensamblado para los clientes. Viene solo 1 paquete, no requiere ensamblaje. Regalos perfectos para mamá, papá, familia para Acción de Gracias, Navidad, Año Nuevo. Se incluye garantía gratuita de 1 año (ampliable a 3 años).

Customers say

Customers like how easy it is to assemble the chair. They say the controls are straight forward. They also appreciate the good quality for the price. However, some customers have mixed opinions on performance and comfort.

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  • 25 de junio de 2024


  1. Jason Alton
    25 de junio de 2024

    Great as a tall guy 6’ 3”
    initially, I was a bit skeptical, due to the rather affordable price. However, I decided to take a chance based on the good reviews, and I was not let down. I was able to set up the chair alone within 20 minutes with no tools. I excitedly hopped in the chair, and it blew me away. I have lower back pain and this really hit in the right spot. One of my biggest concerns was my height might get in the way of enjoying the experience, however, I was able to fit perfectly into the chair. I strongly recommend this product, because it is affordable compared to the competition and high-quality. In addition, they offer three year extended warranty for free, which I have not seen anywhere else.

  2. Amazon Customer
    25 de junio de 2024

    Perfect if you are 5’10» or shorter
    Delivery and set up was somewhat easy. It has basic functionality. The rollers will not reach to the neck area if you are over 5″10. I am 6 ft and the rollers hit my crack all the way to where my shoulders and neck meet. There are no rollers in the buttock area, just mild inflation that you can hardly feel. The shoulder and hand/arm compression are strong and work well. The Bluetooth speakers are good for meditation music but if you want to listen to songs use your ear buds. The heating function is sub par but you can feel it. The head rest is almost non existent. I put a small pillow behind my head to take the tension off my neck when in the zero gravity position. I will say the price is good for what you get. My wife was pissed when she came home and seen it. She wasn’t so upset after she used it amd said it was one of my better purchases. I did get the 2 year extension on the warranty to make sure I get my moneys worth. I have used it 12 times and feel relaxed when Im done.Assembly tip: Plug in and turn on the chair so the lift goes down before installing leg portion of the chair. I fought with it for 20 minutes trying to put the nuts and bolts on while fighting to keep the leather velcrow portion of the chair out of the way and keep it stable.

  3. Swag B.
    25 de junio de 2024

    Great Entry Level Massage Chair.
    Bought as a gift. Seems well built and controls are straight forward. There is no massage in the seat area but has heating element there which is great. Product has wheels so it has some mobility when cleaning. Delivery was easy. Company is also willing to stand by their products.

  4. Bee
    25 de junio de 2024

    Just What I Wanted
    Very nice and easy to assemble chair. Bluetooth speakers are fair but the comfort of the chair is what’s important. Solid quality construction. The automatic massage feature as soon as you turn on chair is great for quick relief as well as the presets. Each allow you to tune in or out whatever area you need to adjust. I suggest the product.

  5. Avidly-Aware
    25 de junio de 2024

    Designed To Hurt Your Back
    Do your research before buying unlike me.The “shoulder massage” feature of this chair is literally just a couple of airbags that squeeze your shoulders inward.The motion of the back massage is against what is widely considered good practice.The calve and arm squeezers are literally pointless. No arm massage, no calf massage, just a high-pressure squeeze.The foot massager randomly changes intensity, try pulling foot up a bit to reduce pressure, then the machine pushes even harder. Also looks pretty cheap now that it’s in my room.The reclining feature worked fine. I can’t in good conscience let anyone sit in this chair. I wish I’d spent the extra $200-$400 for one that looks nicer and has actual massaging bits for your arms and legs and shoulders.I’d recommend no chair over this chair.

  6. Maria Sanchez
    25 de junio de 2024

    Rest at ease
    I was a little worried to buy this without trying it, but after it arrived, I realized that it was not only easy to install but a great investment. I love it

  7. Nhu Le
    25 de junio de 2024

    Fair for the price
    It was easy to assemble. Wish there were more functions on it, but for the price, I guess it was ok.

  8. jowee
    25 de junio de 2024

    It’s ok
    I seem to be too short to get a true massage out of it. I have to stretch my arms out to do the arm massager. It may be user error but the massagers near mid spine are too close together so it is pretty uncomfortable. I don’t hate it but I don’t love itEdit to add it’s been used maybe 15 times and is already making noise around neck area like it’s about to lock up. Will check back in if it gets worse or goes away

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