Comfytemp Estimulador muscular inalámbrico TENS con aplicación, máquina TENS inteligente de doble host elegible para FSA HSA para aliviar el dolor, dispositivo EMS con 32 modos, masajeador muscular de pulso para ciática de hombros y espalda K6108



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(as of Jun 23, 2024 13:44:40 UTC – Details)

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Estamos comprometidos a llevar productos de fisioterapia más inteligentes y cómodos a miles de hogares.

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Unidad TENS para aliviar el dolor

TENS y pads de doble canal con cable

TENS EMS y accesorios

Dispositivo de terapia de luz roja

Almohadilla térmica

Manta calefactable y protector de colchón

Paquetes de hielo

Dimensiones del paquete: 6,5 x 4,69 x 3,23 pulgadas; 13,12 onzas
Número de modelo del producto ‏ : ‎ K6108
Baterías ‏ : ‎ Se requieren 1 batería de polímero de litio. (incluido)
Fecha de primera disponibilidad ‏ : ‎ 1 de octubre de 2023
Fabricante ‏ : ‎ Shenzhen Yicaiwangluo Technology Co.,Ltd

Conectividad inalámbrica y control inteligente: el estimulador muscular inalámbrico TENS Unit se puede emparejar y controlar fácilmente con una aplicación móvil, eliminando cables problemáticos y controles remotos que se pierden fácilmente. La interfaz de la aplicación es concisa y clara, y el funcionamiento es sencillo. Escanee el código QR en el manual para descargar la aplicación o el archivo APK o busque «Comfytemp» en la tienda de aplicaciones para descargarlo.
Diseño de host dual: la unidad TENS EMS inalámbrica Comfytemp permite usar dos hosts al mismo tiempo y, lo que es más importante, ofrecemos dos tipos de electrodos (4 piezas en total) para satisfacer las necesidades de grupos de músculos grandes y pequeños, abordando con precisión su dolor. Área. La fuerza del host A/B se puede ajustar por separado.
Máquina de masaje TENS EMS 3 en 1: como terapia de descarga eléctrica profesional, las unidades TENS inalámbricas Comfytemp combinan terapias TENS, EMS y MASAJE, lo que lo convierte en un dispositivo TENS inteligente 3 en 1. Abordando con precisión sus diversas necesidades, aliviando eficazmente el dolor, aumentando la circulación sanguínea, acelerando la recuperación muscular y masajeando calmante para aliviar el dolor muscular.
Conexión estable: la máquina TENS para aliviar el dolor utiliza una hebilla magnética súper fuerte para conectar el host y el electrodo, lo que hace que la conexión sea estable y no se caiga fácilmente. Incluso en los deportes no debe preocuparse, puede usarlo para correr. Hacer ejercicio, jugar bádminton y otros deportes es una sensación real de masaje tens inteligente inalámbrico.
Relajación bajo control: Es fácil cambiar entre terapias y modos, y ofrecemos un tiempo de 10 a 60 minutos para que usted elija. Además, la función de parada con un clic puede finalizar su uso en cualquier momento, brindándole la mayor sensación de seguridad, incluso si es la primera vez que lo usa, la gente no tiene de qué preocuparse.

Customers say

Customers like the settings, ease of use, and app of the health personal care product. They mention that it offers various stimulation options, is easy to set up and use, has multiple easy options to choose from, and is wireless. Customers are also satisfied with pain relief, and quality. However, some customers differ on performance, and adhesion.

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  • 23 de junio de 2024


  1. FAM
    23 de junio de 2024

    A TENs 10!
    I’ve tried multiple TENs units over the years and this unit works as good as any wired devices. Ive tried the Enso that belonged to a friend and this one stands up to it. However Enso requires a specific insurance plan. If the pain relief is great! I’ll buy again if the unit holds up..

  2. Joy Goodwin
    23 de junio de 2024

    Game changer!
    I have used tens units for years for chronic knee pain. I cant tell you how many times I have yanked thr cord out of the main unit while trying to do things with it on. I hate having to only use it when I am lying down or sitting still.These wireless ones are a definite game changer. I can wear them under sweats and have the freedom to get up and do things if needed.The price is perfect. The adhesion is excellent. In fact the first few times I uses it, it took a bit of force to get them off which makes a busy person like me happy!The app is realitvely easy to use. I had a struggle getting both sides to work at the same time but it’s still way better than some of the units I have used.

  3. DonnaMarie
    23 de junio de 2024

    It works great, but pads fail quickly
    Tested this unit for long trips. Works great. HOWEVER, the adhesive pads for pain area lose adhesion quickly. I’ve only used the unit 6 times and I have to order replacement pads. And I follow directions, clean skin before using, etc.

  4. Diamondfish
    23 de junio de 2024

    Great Quality
    I have been having bad sciatic pain again and decided to skip the wires and try something wireless (plus my cat would jump on the wires dangling)…. I have been very impressed by this device. The app is very good and simple and connecting the devices was easy. I was concerned about it being powerful enough but believe me you can really dial it up. I am concerned on the longevity of the pads based on reviews but so far so good.

  5. Rudy
    23 de junio de 2024

    Helps immensely!
    I’ve had this unit for a week now and it’s helped me live all week without pain in my spine. I’ve suffered for over 18 yrs after an accident and have had many procedures, injections, radio frequency, tons of pain meds and PT. This unit has had the best results. My only problem so far is that A and B units are not working at the same strength when turned on. The B TENS unit needs to be on 20 but A can do the same job at 4. I might buy another unit to see if this is a problem with each unit. I’ve already told everyone I know and my social media accounts to buy this unit!! The pads are great and stay sticky as long as you clean your skin with alcohol and allow it to dry before placing electrode pad on. Try to take care of your pads so they will last a long time. You can always clean them with a couple drops of water and allow them to get sticky again. The app works great. I wish I could put it on for longer so I could go to sleep and not have to keep waking up to turn it back on but 60 minutes is still good.Update: I tried to return this item 2 times to Amazon for replacement but they couldn’t figure out how to do so, for some reason the product wouldn’t ship. I got ahold of the manufacturer and they made it right and are sending me a new unit. Thank you Comfytemp!! You guys ROCK!!

  6. Amazon Customer
    23 de junio de 2024

    It works great for the price
    I needed another tens machine and found this one. I love the fact that you can use it in two places at once and that it’s wireless. The wireless was is what sold me because I use to get wrapped up in the cord of my other one. This comes with a cute carry case as well as multiple pads for different uses. The only downfall which I knew before buying was that in order to use it you have to have the app. Besides that everything is great 😊

  7. Pepper
    23 de junio de 2024

    I bought 2, one for downstairs and one for up. I bough extra pathches
    It hardly ever works. When it works–the adhesion sticks and I can get it started it feels good. I bought more pads and even if I charge the items, many times I cannot get them to work and it usually falls off even with new pads. I know perfectly how to work it, but it aggrevates me more trying to get it to work my back hurts more. I wish I could find a better one becasue my back really hurts and I do not want an operation. I have severe spinal stenosis. I am jusrt going to throw it away now. Too frustrating to get it to work. Does anyone know of a better one?

  8. flameonramon
    23 de junio de 2024

    Feels good
    Easy to set up and use, and offers various settings. Does give some relief.

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