COMHOMA Sillón reclinable Mecedor de masaje con calefacción giratoria de 360 ​​grados Lazy Boy reclinable Asiento de sofá individual con portavasos para sala de estar (gris)



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Mejora de masaje y calefacción: este sillón reclinable está especialmente diseñado con 8 puntos de masaje vibratorios (espalda/lumbar/muslos/piernas) y función de calentamiento lumbar. Puede recibir un masaje de cuerpo completo, promover la circulación sanguínea y eliminar la fatiga y el estrés. Se pueden seleccionar diferentes modos e intensidades mediante el mando a distancia.
Diseño de estilo informal: diseñado con respaldo mullido, reposabrazos y cojín acolchado, se adapta perfectamente a la curva del cuerpo humano, brindándole una relajación total. Los sofás individuales de ocio pueden combinar perfectamente con los muebles de estilo moderno, haciendo que su hogar sea cálido y elegante. .
Diseño amigable y giratorio de 360°: el sillón reclinable se puede ajustar de 90° a 160°, lo que se puede usar de manera flexible según sus necesidades. Cuenta con una función de giro de 360° para sentarse o reclinarse en la silla de manera informal. Hay un tirador en el lado derecho y el reposapiés saldrá automáticamente después de sacarlo, lo que es muy cómodo de usar y le brinda una comodidad extrema y una experiencia cinematográfica en casa.
Ampliamente utilizado: esta silla reclinable mecedora giratoria es perfecta para salas de estar, dormitorios, salas de cine y salas multimedia. También puede colocarla en su sala de estudio para disfrutar de la lectura de libros. Además, la silla es una buena ayuda para cuidar a su bebé. de la función de ligero balanceo.
Tamaño y servicio al cliente: Medidas: 38 pulgadas de ancho x 38 pulgadas de profundidad x 39 pulgadas de alto, altura del asiento: 24,8 pulgadas, dimensiones del asiento: 22 pulgadas de ancho x 22 pulgadas de profundidad, capacidad de peso: 330 libras. no está fijo y se retrae a medida que se mueve la espalda del usuario. Brindamos soporte técnico durante 12 meses sobre el sillón reclinable. No dude en contactarnos si tiene algún problema.

Customers say

Customers like the comfort, heat, and appearance of the chair. For example, they mention it’s very soft, and the heat and massage work well. That said, some complain about the size. Opinions are mixed on ease of assembly, quality, and relaxation.

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  • 25 de junio de 2024


  1. rocco
    25 de junio de 2024

    So far can’t beat it for the money.
    So what do I think about this chair for the money it’s awesome!!I think I got it for $237 on one of the sale days.I was a bit skeptical because you look at Jordan’s, Bernie and phyl’s and all those places Cheers cost $700 $1,000 maybe $400.So you must be like this chair has heat, massage, reclining, swivel something’s got to give right.Well so far nothing really gives that much.The quality is obviously not of $1,000 chair. But I didn’t want a big bulky heavy chair anyways for my wife.When I got it it was fairly easy to put together The quality of the material is actually really good and it looks like everything comes off if you want to wash it but kind of difficult to get it off. Not like a LOVESAC type furniture which I bought in love!!The massage thing is mostly just a vibrating thing it’s pretty cool, it gives you enough heat a lot of features. The reclining works well..But when you push all the way back it really doesn’t want to stay put maybe it has to break in.The size is perfect to even for me who’s 6’1 / 210 lbIt holds my legs pretty well but they will hang off the front a little bit but it’s supposed to just cushion your calves not your feet too.I really have nothing bad to say about this.I will do another review to talk about longevity.But hey if you get 5 years out of this for $237 and then it’s pretty easy to take apart and throw away.That’s a win-win.;)

  2. J Mazz
    25 de junio de 2024

    Sturdy and comfortable
    I did not read the product reviews before making my purchase. While waiting for the chair to arrive, I decided to read what others had to say. I began to think I had made a huge mistake. When the chair arrived I began looking at all the assembly steps and various pieces involved. Wow, can I do this. I got worried about it. I called a friend to help me as two adults were recommended for easier assembly. When we actually got started all the negative reviews ceased to be a concern. Assembly was quite simple in fact. If you read the instructions before you start, pay attention to details, and have patients it goes smoothly. After assembly I found this chair to be very sturdy and comfortable. Some reviews complained about the chair back being stiff and hard. In truth the chair forces you sit with good posture and supports your back very well which is ultimately less fatiguing when sitting for long periods of time. I’m a big guy of 6’1″ and 230 pounds. I love the heat and massage functions, and find them very soothing. In my opinion it is a very nice chair for the money. I’m guessing it will be good for several years.

  3. Colleen Weston
    25 de junio de 2024

    Pretty good
    I gave this a 4 because it was a little more complicated to assy but not too bad. Plus the chair part to lift your feet is not a side lever but a funky lever inside that looks like something you would pull a parachute with. I don’t know how well that is going to hold up with my husband as he is a little hard on furniture. The head pad could either be a little fuller or go down further to the neck. The mechanics work great and I love the heat and massager. For me the chair works great, we’ll see how it holds up for my husband. I think this more of a ladies chair.

  4. cryssyer
    25 de junio de 2024

    Not a chair for bad backs
    This chair is crap as far as I am concerned. It is low to the ground, so if you have issues getting up, don’t buy it. The back is not supportive and causes back pain because you cannot maintain a good posture in this thing.It is cushioned well enough, but I had to buy a back support for it, and a cushion to raise the seat up enough that I am not doing squats each time I get up.The chair will NOT stay reclined so matter what I do. I used to have to sleep in this chair due to my back, but I just couldn’t. Luckily we were able to get an adjustable bed to fill that need. The foot rest is short and I am 5’5″ so you would think that I wouldn’t have my feet hanging off, but I do. It also doesn’t lock in place, so it moves up and down fully reclined. Super annoying.Finally, the foot rest is really hard to put down and close. If you don’t have a lot of lower body strength like me due to pinched nerves, you will have to really work at getting this thing to close up. The only good thing I can say about this chair is it has cup holders.I actually got an older lazy boy from FB marketplace that was tons better than this chair. That recently bit the dust so I am looking for a new chair again. This one is still fairly new, but it is terrible. So going to look elsewhere.UPDATE: the pulling mechanism has broken. The cables are snapping off of the handle. So buy at your own risk.

  5. Did not work for me
    25 de junio de 2024

    Good lil recliner
    This recliner is nice for the money. It was not hard to put it together at all. All parts came in , took my husband 1 hr to put it together. It’s comfortable chair for people with average height and weight. Honestly, I would not recommend this recliner for tall and big people. We are average height and weight. If you weigh more than 220lb do not buy this chair. Max I see fit is 6’1 200 lbs tops. Also if you have any kind of hand issues, such us carpal tunnel, arthritis or hand injury, the handle to pull out recliner is very stiff and hard to pull out. Handle is located inside of the chair. Other than that nice chair. Fit my TV room perfectly. Massage is strong, heat is great. You feel the heat instant.

  6. Cliente Amazon
    25 de junio de 2024

    Rapporto qualità prezzo molto buono, a questo prezzo è difficile trovare prodotti così carini e particolariIstruzioni chiare e semplici per il montaggio!Consigliato

  7. Daniel
    25 de junio de 2024

    Perfecto, muy bonito, buena calidad

  8. Florêncio Cruz
    25 de junio de 2024

    J’adore le produit

  9. Paronetto
    25 de junio de 2024

    Facile de montageBonne qualité prix

  10. Manuel
    25 de junio de 2024

    Il mobile è made in China (non era chiaro nella descrizione) ma è di discreta fattura: solido, semplice da montare e robusto. Gli inserti entrano facilmente e le istruzioni sono chiare ed illustrative. Non vi aspettate un mobile di design!

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