EARTHLITE Mesa de masaje eléctrica EVEREST – Mesa elevadora eléctrica ultra cómoda, control de pie manos libres, listado UL, diferentes tamaños y colores (28″, 30″ o 32″ x 73″)



Price: $2,399.00
(as of Jun 24, 2024 21:25:42 UTC – Details)

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Funcionalidad de tratamiento de spa de resort en un diseño minimalista: la mesa de masaje con elevación estacionaria Everest Salon EARTHLITE tiene características de comodidad y conveniencia para satisfacer cualquier necesidad. Con un sistema de elevación eléctrica, esta camilla de masaje es el sueño de todo terapeuta. Sistema de elevación eléctrico silencioso y confiable, certificado por UL, con pedal manos libres para ajustar fácilmente la altura. La lujosa parte superior de esquinas redondeadas cuenta con un sistema de amortiguación de triple densidad de 3 pulgadas y tapicería Natursoft en el color que elija. Capacidad de elevación: 600 libras. Peso de la mesa: 350 libras. Garantía del fabricante incluida.
RESISTENCIA DE GRADO COMERCIAL: Un resistente marco de acero cortado con láser con recubrimiento en polvo se combina con un motor resistente con certificación UL que levanta hasta 600 libras, lo que proporciona una resistencia y durabilidad excepcionales para todas las instalaciones de grado comercial.
AJUSTES DE ELEVACIÓN ELÉCTRICA SILENCIOSA: El conveniente control de pie permite a los terapeutas y técnicos realizar ajustes de altura fáciles y silenciosos para lograr el mejor posicionamiento, perfecto para quiroprácticos, spas, fisioterapia y masajes.
ACCESO SUPERIOR PARA EL CLIENTE: El diseño de pedestal único ofrece un acceso superior al cliente, mientras que los ajustes de altura electrónicos extendidos ofrecen flexibilidad para una amplia gama de tratamientos y tamaños de terapeuta.
COMODIDAD EXCEPCIONAL PARA EL CLIENTE Y ERGONOMÍA DEL TERAPEUTA: Experimente la comodidad del sistema de amortiguación Pro-Plush de triple densidad tapizado a mano del Everest y la tapicería Natursoft mantecosa. Las esquinas redondeadas también lo facilitan a los terapeutas.
GARANTÍA LIMITADA DE POR VIDA en el marco de acero con dos años en el motor, controles y amortiguación. FABRICADO EN EE.UU. a partir de componentes procedentes de todo el mundo. ¡Obtenga servicio al cliente de EARTHLITE en los EE. UU.!

  • 24 de junio de 2024


  1. Linux2013
    24 de junio de 2024

    The Earthlite tables are high quality
    As the owner of a PT business with two clinics and three of these Earthlite electric high low tables, they have been very reliable and a valuable capital asset to our business. Our oldest electric table is seven years old and is still going strong. I just bought this 32 inch wide table in December of 2019 and it is a beast. Our exam room is nearly 8 feet wide and it makes a bold statement in the middle of it. It will has a strong lifting capacity (rated at 600 pounds) and at 32 inches wide, it accommodates larger people. In fact, one of our patients commented to me that when he normally gets massages, his arms hang off the table but with this 32 inch wide table, he didn’t have that problem and was very comfortable the entire time. That was my intention since I’m a big guy myself. The 28 and 30 inch tables are OK for small treatment rooms and average size people, but 32 inches is the best if you have a room at least 7 1/2 feet wide and want to accommodate 99% of the population. I normally order directly though Earthlite, but it was just easier to order from Amazon and have Earthlite send it to me. The freight companies Amazon chooses are generally very good. I will always buy my tables from Earthlite as long as they keep their quality high as they have.

  2. blighty2
    24 de junio de 2024

    no room of choice delivery, table makes clicking noise
    Paid extra for amazon’s «to room of your choice» delivery, which states your product will be delivered with up to 1 or 2 flights of stairs, but the delivery men refused to bring it inside my office because of 2 steps outside my buildling, saying they didn’t want the liability. They said they don’t deal with stairs at all. Amazon refunded that portion of the charge, but holy crap this beast is heavy so don’t assume this delivery option is a guarantee and make sure you have extra people around to help you move it if necessary. But we wrapped the table leather again (it comes wrapped but we used another canvas drop cloth taped around the table), and we painstakingly slowly moved the table into my office room with extreme care. I’m pretty sure we ended up doing a better job than the delivery men would have.About the table itself – I was upgrading my earthlite Spirit folding table, which was about 8 years old. This everest flat table seems a little bit more stiff, but using a 1.5″ memory foam pad cut to size makes it perfect. Other problem that started on the first day I used it with patients (testing it on delivery day did not have this issue), is that it makes a clicking noise when lowering into position. Raising does not make this sound. Have contacted earthlite and they’re arranging to send out a new central collumn and have a local technician replace it. Really bummed its not perfect, because this was a big purchase for me and I spent a lot of time deciding on which one would work best. Otherwise it’s a gorgeous table (I got the latte color), the leather material is unmarked and perfect. The functionality of having a lift table is a life saver for my back. I really hope it can be fixed soon.

  3. Ross I.
    24 de junio de 2024

    Meets ada standards
    I bought this for my wife, she is a professional massage therapist. She absolutely loves it. Easy to adjust for the clients as well as for her, can set the height for the person on the table and make it easy for her to reach the client.

  4. Amazon Customer
    24 de junio de 2024

    Great product. I have had another for 16 years
    Great product. I have had another for 16 years. Worth the investment. Company even made sure it was delivered inside for me up 3 flights of stairs as they had promised and for no extra charge. Highly recommend. you won’t be disappointed.

  5. christiluv
    24 de junio de 2024

    Great Investment!
    This bed is awesome! I’m glad I made this investment. It was well worth it. This bed has taken my treatment room and spa treatments to a new level. Thank you Earthlite!

  6. Anita Nedlog
    24 de junio de 2024

    Must say was a little disappointed in the shipper
    Must say was a little disappointed in the shipper. The legs/feet were bent ha fro be repaired before I could use table because it wouldn’t sit flat in the floor.Other than that the table is great.

    24 de junio de 2024


  8. jschwartz
    24 de junio de 2024

    Five Stars
    Smooth movement up and down.

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