ETOU Pistola masajeadora de mano con mango de extensión mejorado, masajeador de espalda, músculos/cuello/hombros/cintura/piernas portátil para aliviar el dolor, 4 cabezales de masaje y 5 niveles de velocidad



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Este masajeador de mano unisex es perfecto para masajes de tejido profundo y relajación muscular. Cuenta con 5 niveles diferentes de intensidad de masaje para adaptarse a sus preferencias. La función de pulsación ayuda a estimular la circulación sanguínea y reducir el dolor muscular. El exclusivo diseño de gancho curvo es muy conveniente para darse un masaje en hombros, cuello y espalda.
Masaje de tejido profundo: el potente motor de este masajeador proporciona un masaje de tejido profundo, dirigido al dolor y la tensión muscular. Puede penetrar profundamente en los músculos, proporcionando alivio y favoreciendo la relajación.
Diseño recargable: este masajeador es recargable, lo que lo hace conveniente y ecológico. Puede cargarlo mediante un cable USB y tiene una batería de larga duración que permite un uso prolongado.
Diseño ergonómico: el diseño ergonómico de este masajeador garantiza un agarre cómodo. Es liviano y compacto, lo que facilita su sujeción y uso. El masajeador también tiene un diseño elegante y con estilo que aumenta su atractivo general.
Portátil y apto para viajes: este masajeador es portátil y apto para viajes, lo que lo hace ideal para usar en casa, en la oficina o mientras viaja. Su tamaño compacto te permite llevarlo en el bolsillo o bolso, para que puedas disfrutar de un masaje en cualquier momento y lugar.

  • 26 de junio de 2024


  1. MCB
    26 de junio de 2024

    Fantastic Product – I Prefer this to my Theragun
    I have a traditional Therabody Theragun that has saved my life (or at least my day, sleep, and/or sanity) on multiple occasions. So, when I saw this percussion massager that wouldn’t require me to beg my husband to sit there for 20 minutes per shoulder with tingly numb hands I had to have it. I am so glad that I did, this device is AMAZING.It arrives in a decent box. Not special, but high quality and attractive enough to make it impactful if given as a gift. The tray inside is deep and very securely holds the handheld massager and all 4 massage heads. The handle of the massager is very lightweight and only has two buttons — power (top) and speed (bottom, 5 total speeds). You hold the power button for a few seconds to turn it on. It’ll always power up at the lowest speed setting. You click through the increasing speeds and then it drops back down to the minimum. You cannot go backward, so if you increase too high you must click all the through to get back to the right setting.The percussion is excellent and seems just as intense as the Theragun despite the lower price tag. The top speed is very intense and it’s important that you keep full control of the device or you could easily hurt yourself, especially near the neck, spine, or damaged bones.All of the heads are excellent, but the ball and the U/fork head are my favorites. The ball is your all-round massager. It can be used anywhere and feels general but excellent. The U-head is perfect for the neck, which is where I carry the majority of my stress, with the overflow seeping down into my shoulders. This head can rotate easily, so you don’t have to keep your arm at some crazy angle to get just the right spot.The battery seems to be holding up very well. The charge cycle is short and it lasts for days and days in my house, even though both my husband and I have been using it regularly.The thing that I think makes this better than the Teragun for me is the fact that it does not leave my hands with that terrible itchy numbness because I am not holding the devices so close to the point of percussion. I seriously have to scratch my palms for 20 minutes every time I use the Theragun. With this I don’t experience ANY hand discomfort at all, even with extended use.The second best feature of this product is the slight flexibility to the neck of the massager. This allows you to pull the massager from the front and really get it into the muscle with excellent control. I can do more work on my shoulders in 10 minutes than I used to be able to have my husband do in 3 to 4 times that amount of time.If I had one complaint about this massager it is button placement. I find myself often accidentally increasing the speed while I’m adjusting the massager. This wouldn’t be inconvenient if you didn’t have to click back through all of the settings to get back to the right one. I’ve learned to adjust my grip point, but I still feel like the placement issue should have come up during product testing.Overall I highly recommend this product. It is a great addition to any home in need of a percussion massager. I love that it is cheaper, easier to use, and more comfortable than the Theragun.

  2. BTV
    26 de junio de 2024

    Nice and deep
    This is a great massager. I can really feel it deep in my muscles. The different tips are great for different areas of pain and the handle angle is perfect for getting those hard to reach areas on your back, neck, and shoulders when you are trying to do it by yourself. The pressure of the massager is pretty good on its own and comes with different setting levels. I wish it stayed on longer than 15 minutes, but it’s pretty rare for me to use it that long anyway since I’m usually trying to target a specific area. It’s really easy to use, and fairly quiet too.

  3. K.
    26 de junio de 2024

    Powerful And Strong. LOVING The Curved Handle!
    I already own one of the deep tissue massage guns that are sold but the problem with its design is that you cannot massage your back unless you have a partner that does it for you. This massage hammer fixes that problem and I absolutely LOVE IT!With the curved handle, it makes it easy to massage your back and provides a steady vibration to ease those muscles. And the vibrations are strong! Tip: Make sure to start on the lowest setting as it can be very intense.The massage hammer has a simple 2-button operation – ON/OFF and the 5 intensity levels to choose from. The hammer also comes with 4 different massage heads – a Round head for any part of your body; a U-shaped head for the neck, spine, heel or leg; a Bullet shape for thighs/calves, palms and soles and a Flat head for your chest and back.It’s features also include an automatic shut-off after 15 minutes of use (but can immediately be turned on again), a long battery life after charging using a USB cable (for approx 2 hours) and it is lightweight and easy to hold.This is a great item for people who are single and don’t have anyone that can give them a back massage. And the curved handle works great – even on plus sized people.With the popularity of these type of massagers, I’m surprised this is the first time I have seen one with a curved handle that in my opinion, makes it head and shoulders (no pun intended) above the rest. In fact, I plan to gift a family member who has recurring back issues one of these as I have found this device to be so effective.

  4. Amazon Customer
    26 de junio de 2024

    What a let down.
    Product picture says this percussion device has a 15mm amplitude, whereas, it only has 10mm amplitude. I never saw the second picture until I received the box from Amazon, where it say 10mm amplitude on it. But the writing is too small to read off the pic of the package on the product page.Additionally, tue design looks solid, but is built to “flex” in the curve, which results in lack of direct pressure, as the point of contact fir the messager, is at an angle.Really disappointed….

  5. Caffeinated ENTP
    26 de junio de 2024

    Oh, my … yes!!
    Opening this massage gun was a delightful experience. It is presented well. Each item is nestled neatly inside the box. This massager would make an excellent gift. The massager is lightweight and easy to use. A long press of the power button turns it on or off. A quick press of the mode button increases the speed. I struggle with sciatic nerve issues and carry tension in my shoulders. Most massagers cannot reach the areas I need. This one does!The handle cannot be straightened. However, the curved neck portion is silicone and does offer a little flexibility as it moves across my skin. The long handle and curved design allow me to effortlessly massage my shoulders, back, and legs. The 4 different attachments work best on various areas of the body. The ball attachment feels like hard foam. The other 3 are made of thick, durable plastic. Personally, I prefer the ball but it is nice to have options! Overall, this is a fantastic massager!

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