FITINDEX Rodillo Vibrador Eléctrico de Espuma para Ejercicio, Yoga, Masaje, Alivio del Dolor de Espalda, Recuperación Muscular, Fisioterapia, Rodillo de Espuma Recargable y 5 Velocidades, Gris


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【Rodillo de espuma versátil】Nuestro rodillo de espuma vibratorio ofrece una combinación dinámica de masaje de presión y vibración, perfecto para rutinas previas y posteriores al fitness, ejercicios y para reducir la rigidez. Es una herramienta versátil diseñada para ejercicios, masajes, yoga, pilates, fisioterapia y ejercicios físicos completos.
【5 intensidades de vibración】Experimenta un alivio muscular personalizado con las 5 potentes configuraciones de intensidad de vibración de nuestro rodillo de espuma eléctrico, con tecnología de conversión de frecuencia. Ya sea que esté trabajando en grupos de músculos específicos o realizando fisioterapia, ajuste las velocidades de 1500 RPM a 3200 RPM para satisfacer sus necesidades.
【Diseño de densidad 3 en 1】La espuma del rodillo de fitness cuenta con 3 patrones de ondas de densidad: ondas de agua de densidad alta, media y baja. Lo que lo convierte en una opción versátil para trabajar varios grupos de músculos, incluidos hombros, brazos, piernas, espalda, glúteos, muslos e isquiotibiales.
【Carga USB cómoda】Con un puerto de carga USB integrado, este rodillo de espuma recargable garantiza un rendimiento duradero y una carga fácil. Se carga completamente en solo 5 horas, lo que proporciona más de 2 horas de uso por carga en la configuración de velocidad más alta, para que puedas concentrarte en tu entrenamiento sin interrupciones.
Portátil y respetuoso con el medio ambiente: fabricado con material EVA ecológico, nuestro masajeador con rodillo vibratorio es compacto, mide 11,4 x 4,7 pulgadas y pesa solo 3 libras, lo que lo hace ideal para terapia de masaje muscular sobre la marcha. Ya sea que vaya al gimnasio, viaje o se relaje después de hacer ejercicio, es el compañero perfecto para su viaje de acondicionamiento físico.

Customers say

Customers like the texture, value, battery life, and vibration of the muscle roller. For example, they mention it has 3 different textured sides, the different surface formations allow for soft-medium-firm massaging, and it’s worth the price. Some are happy with charging, quality, and pain relief. Opinions are mixed on size.

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  • 26 de junio de 2024


  1. academicguy
    26 de junio de 2024

    Great product! Very happy with my purchase
    Both my parents and I really like this vibrating foam roller. It has 5 speeds, two different vibration modes, black portable bag, and includes the USB cable plus DC adaptor. Compared to cheaper models that my trainer uses, it feels sturdy and durable. It recharges fully in 5 hours (contains a lithium-ion battery), and provides 2 hours of use on the highest speed. While I have a vibration plate that I use for muscle recovery covering large areas of my body at once, this foam roller is great because you use it in localized areas (knees, calves, feet, arms, etc.) while you are watching tv (i.e. more comfortable positions than vibration plates). Using the roller was only very relaxing (starting dozing off to sleep after the timer finished – didn’t even realize I was tired), and it has really helped with muscle recovery after workouts. Great price given its level of functionality, and the roller has three different waved pattern ridge shapes (providing different massage sensations and deep stimulation). Great product.

  2. Photonsnow
    26 de junio de 2024

    The best massager for restless leg, feet, yoga, full body relief, one device.
    Finally a solution to all body needs! Large for after workout recovery, restless leg, aching feet yoga. Just position wherever you need it. Simple setting. . Says charged, charges fast, I am telling the truth. This is a very powerful, powerful deep massager, vibrations with a good range of settings. This would be very good large dudes to get to deep muscle. Massage time is 20 minutes, yay!I’ve wasted so much money until I found this.Tossed:I had a foot massager. Big bulky and loud, only for feet.I had a full body massage pad. Uncomfortable, massive and never got the right spot.A compression massager, uncomfortable materials, loud in out air.

  3. Jake
    26 de junio de 2024

    Well built device.
    This massager is very heavy duty. It’s a little too firm for my taste.

  4. Pamela C
    26 de junio de 2024

    Strong vibration and sturdy
    I liked the rechargeable feature, the strong vibration settings and the rubber textured surface.I use it to relieve muscle tightness in shoulders, back, hips and legs.

  5. T.D. Walter
    26 de junio de 2024

    Love it, use it everyday.
    Who can afford professional personal massage these days? In 15 minutes this device does everything to relax your body. I do it before I nap for 15 minutes, the perfect combination.

  6. Bondy3
    26 de junio de 2024

    Low power vibration
    I was very excited to buy this foam roller as my trainer uses a vibrating roller that I really enjoy, but upon receiving this, I was thoroughly disappointed, even on the highest setting the vibrations feel very weak, there is a reason it lasts 2 hours, because the power is super low and weak, You are better off with a normal foam roller

  7. Christopher R Schwenker
    26 de junio de 2024

    Helps Take Your Muscle Recovery Routine to the Next Level
    Upon unboxing the FitIndex 5-speed vibrating foam roll it is obvious that this is a well constructed unit. The roll is solid and appropriately heavy for its size giving the initial impression that it is made of quality materials and will be durable. As a competitive cyclist I devote significant time, energy, and resources to recovery and the usage of recovery aids. As a physical therapist I am knowledgeable in the scientific evidence for and utilize a vibrating massage gun and foam roll personally and in my practice. This item is a seamless combination of the two, potentially reducing the time commitment of using the gun and roll separately, in a very effective way. With 5 variable speeds and 2 treatment modes there are ample settings for a myriad of applications. The surface of the roll also has a varied texture allowing the user to choose the right pressure for the area of the body being addressed. The buttons are easy to use and the lighted display is easily viewable and the interface is simple and intuitive. The nonporous surface makes for ease of disinfecting. After using the roll extensively every day for the last week it is clear that the rechargeable battery life is not a concern. And the USB charging port is a very convenient feature. If I had to be critical I could see how the solid surface and high frequency settings could be harsh for some, but if you are an amateur athlete who wants to develop ‘pro’ habits, this is the recovery tool for you.

  8. plemans
    26 de junio de 2024

    A nice foam roller
    I actually went into this without much expectations. I’d used a regular foam roller and wasn’t overly impressed. But this was pretty impressive. With its 5 speed settings, it has some pretty decent power/performance. I actually only use setting 1 or 2 because after that its almost to powerful for me. I find this works great on my legs, glutes, and back. I still use my theragun for target area’s but for the large muscle groups, this is awesome.I also appreciate the battery gauge on it. It lets me know how much I’m using or if I’ll need to charge it after use. not a big feature but very useful for me. I’ve used it half a dozen times and only needed to charge it the initial time and just now. So pretty good battery performance.It uses a standard micro usb port for charging and doesn’t have the fastest charging capability but again, with the battery meter, its not that big a deal as you can just plug it in after usage.The foam seems durable but we’ll see how long it lasts with longevity. That’s usually when you see breakdown in this type of foam.It does have a travel bag and if I used different gyms or exercise area’s it might be pretty handy.So overall, I came out of this impressed and using it regular. Much better than a standard foam roller and works great for large muscle groups.

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