Herramientas de masaje de fascia PHZZ® para tejido profundo y cuerpo Gua Sha. Se puede utilizar como herramienta de masaje de puntos gatillo, masajeador de drenaje linfático, eliminador de celulitis, eliminador de nudos musculares y herramienta IASTM.



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Nuestro desintegrador de fascia multifuncional para la celulitis, igualmente adecuado como masajeador corporal, masajeador linfático y liberación miofascial. Fabricado con acero inoxidable de grado médico, garantiza durabilidad y eficacia en el rodillo muscular y el alivio del dolor. Además, su diseño incluye puntos de activación en diferentes ángulos adaptados a diferentes usos. Los diferentes diseños de curvatura en ambos extremos del mango satisfacen las necesidades de las herramientas faciales gua sha y las herramientas de masaje de cabeza, asegurando un rendimiento óptimo en cualquier entorno.
Experimente el rejuvenecimiento con un masaje de cuerpo completo dirigido a varios grupos de músculos, incluidos los músculos faciales, de la cabeza, de la espalda, de los brazos, del cuello, de las pantorrillas y del pecho. Nuestra Fascia Tool brinda un toque refrescante, con un diseño curvo y un peso sustancial para brindar una experiencia de masaje incomparable.
Disfrute del lujo con nuestra herramienta de masaje de acero inoxidable, meticulosamente diseñada para brindar durabilidad duradera y un estilo atemporal. Esta herramienta versátil, ya sea que se use como rodillo para fascia o como herramienta gua sha, cuenta con un acabado de espejo impecable para una experiencia de masaje suave y perfecta. Su diseño ergonómico garantiza una mayor comodidad durante cada uso.
Empaquetado con una elegante bolsa protectora de fieltro negro, este juego incluye nuestra herramienta de masaje de acero inoxidable, lo que lo hace ideal para guardarlo cómodamente y relajarse mientras viaja. Ya sea que esté de viaje o simplemente necesite relajarse después de un largo día, puede disfrutar de los beneficios de la herramienta de liberación miofascial, el masaje contra la celulitis y el alivio específico del dolor dondequiera que esté.
Descubra infinitas posibilidades con la herramienta de masaje de acero inoxidable PHZZ Gua Sha. Esta herramienta para la fascia destaca como rodillo para la celulitis, masajeador de drenaje linfático y herramienta facial gua sha. Ya sea que esté buscando aliviar la tensión, reducir la celulitis o mejorar su rutina de cuidado de la piel, mejore su régimen de cuidado personal con este compañero versátil y eficaz para hacer rodar los músculos.

  • 26 de junio de 2024


  1. D D
    26 de junio de 2024

    Pleasantly Surprised!
    For the price, compared to other products in its category, I was not expecting such a well-made massage tool. It fits perfectly in my hand, and it glides very effectively all over the body. So far, I really like it especially for Myofascia release on the legs, thighs, and arms.

  2. Your neighbor
    26 de junio de 2024

    Nice – heavy – quality massage tool
    Like others noted, this tool is heavy and a quality piece. Frankly, it just plain looks kind of cool! The handle is comfortable, but it’s not very big, and the coolness could be unpleasant for some. As usual, my remedy is using some coband wrapped around it. A bit of a grippy cushion, with no adhesive residue : )

  3. Rob Sold
    26 de junio de 2024

    Great for relaxing facial massage
    I really enjoyed using this and I found the shape of it very easy to hold and to get the desired pressure on different parts of my face. That being said, I do not think it is worth $50 unless you are using it as part of a professional massage business.

  4. Happy Shopper
    26 de junio de 2024

    Very high quality
    When I first saw the Pzhz Fascia Massage Tool, it reminded me of what a physical therapist had used on me several years. However, this one looked a lot nicer because it was made of stainless steel. This is a very durable massage tool and will likely last a very long time since it doesn’t look like it will wear out.It arrives in a velvet lined box and feels heavy. I was surprised how heavy it is. I couldn’t remember how the physical therapist had used it, but I realized when I took it out of the box that the teeth on this one seemed a lot shorter. The tool arrived without any instructions, which would have been helpful. It is smooth, shiny, and has very shallow finger indentations on its inside. Although it can feel cold, it is comfortable to both hold and use. Since it is heavy, it seems easier to use it to press down. This looks so nice that it would make a thoughtful gift to someone too.

  5. John P
    26 de junio de 2024

    Cold and smooth to the touch; effective for massage
    I think this little massage tool, small as it is, does indeed provide all kinds of potential benefits. It weighs a little less than a pound, but actually feels heavier to me when I pick it up because it over 13 ounces in a pretty small package. It’s very smooth to the touch and not only easy to grip and hold in one hand, but pleasant to hold as well as, in addition to the smooth surface, it seems to always be cold to the touch, which feels good on my skin. Because of this, and its overall shape, I find it very easy to utilize leverage while using it, to apply gentle yet penetrating pressure to whatever part of the body I am treating. In addition to the seven ‘smooth blunt teeth-like shapes’ on either side, there are two even blunter shapes on the top and bottom. These seem to enable the massage to permeate into my muscle groups in a more effective way than other massage devices that I have used. The quality stainless steel material is evident and obvious. It is a vey nice piece.

  6. Bad Chile
    26 de junio de 2024

    This really saves on wear on tear on trying to give a massage – I really like deep tissue massages, and this does the trick.If in need of a deep tissue massage give this a try – it definitely helped for me! Five stars.

  7. Jonathan Osterman
    26 de junio de 2024

    Strange niche product
    I don’t really see a use for this tool. I have several other metal massage and Gua sha tools and they all make sense to me except this one.The multiple dots face is way too painful to do anything with, even in the video of the item here on amazon you can see the person using it immediately getting super red after a single stroke and its impossible to use this for more than 1-2 strokes before it hurts.It isn’t useless, but also isn’t very useful. For most things you can use this tool a regular metal S shaped gua sha tool will do a better job.Best use I found for it so far is keeping it in place and rocking it back and forth over the sore spot.

  8. Joe
    26 de junio de 2024

    Well made massage tool
    Earlier I used fascia massage tool, but this has several advantage over my old one. The main thing is the craftmanship. This stainless steel, fascia massage tool is ergonomically designed, heavy and 5×2 in size. I used this mainly for shoulder and neck pain and this give good relief. This did not come with a detailed booklet or instructions on how to use this for muscle care and muscle massage or improving blood circulation. Overall, a quality product.

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