Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Sillón de masaje reclinable para sala de estar – Masaje personal de cuerpo completo de grado profesional – Relajación con calor para estrés específico + alivio del dolor muscular con pantorrilla de pie – Espresso



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NOTA: Para garantizar un montaje adecuado, siga todos los pasos proporcionados en el manual del usuario (proporcionado en pdf a continuación)
MASAJE CORPORAL REJUVENECEDOR: esta innovadora silla ofrece una terapia de cuerpo completo para aliviar el dolor en los músculos. Tiene una función BodyMap PRO que te permite elegir el área que necesita alivio para que puedas sentirte mejor.
5 PROGRAMAS SELECCIONABLES: diseñada con 5 programas de masaje automático: masaje completo, superior, inferior, relajación y sueño, esta máquina de última generación le permite personalizar su experiencia para un masaje rejuvenecedor realizado en la comodidad de su hogar.
TECNOLOGÍA DE CIRCULACIÓN: impulsado con tecnología Figura Ocho, masajea las pantorrillas con un movimiento ascendente similar a una onda para optimizar la circulación sanguínea desde los pies hasta el centro para mejorar la salud general y la vitalidad.
MASAJEADORES ORBITALES INCONSÚTILES: desarrollada con nuestra nueva solución FlexGlide, esta moderna tecnología está equipada con un sistema orbital 3D que brinda un masaje terapéutico sin los incómodos pellizcos y fricciones de los sillones de masaje normales.
DISEÑO DE ÚLTIMA GENERACIÓN: Diseñada con una otomana que actúa como masajeador de pies y pantorrillas y una base giratoria que gira hasta 55 grados, esta silla ofrece lo último en comodidad. Su material suave amortigua tu cuerpo y proporciona un amplio apoyo.
Dimensiones del asiento: 21″W x 18″D x 19″H
Componentes incluidos: Manual de uso y cuidado.

Customers say

Customers like the performance and appearance of the chair. For example, they mention that it works well, looks great and matches well with the rest of the furniture. That said, some complain about the stability, saying that it doesn’t recline as far or that it only moves about 45 degrees. Opinions are mixed on sturdiness, fit, and quality.

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  • 25 de junio de 2024


  1. Kindle Customer
    25 de junio de 2024

    Excellent massage chair
    Gave a five star and it is worth the rating. Only one negative, which isn’t anything bad. The instructions, which by the way was a full size booklet, could have used a little more detail, if not in writing than in photo. The first part of the instructions was to pull the back up. I tried and it didn’t work than I looked at the picture of the chair diagram. It is delivered fully back, yet the instructions show the back folded forward and that is why it says to pull it up. A few other details could have been explained better. Now on to all the good parts. There was no assembly, lift the top of the box off of the bottom of the box, remove the plastic bag and a few Styrofoam wedges and it was all set up. I guess I reviewed to many other massage chairs, I could have sworn this chair had wheels to move it round. It doesn’t but it was easy to move with a hand truck I had I got the white chair, it is very attractive. The head rest was easy to install. I have owned massage chairs so I had a very short learning curve. I put the chair through all of it’s selections,and found it to be fantastic. There is a inner support that can be removed for a deeper massage, I’d suggest unless you are extremely thick in the back area to leave the padding in, this chair can be very intense. I would like to have found a better way to focus on the upper part of the shoulder yet what it does is satisfactory. The head rest is large and comfortable. Massaging the back of the skull is fantastic, it goes to the top of the skull and if you are familiar with acupressure you will find each of the pressure points. The back and lower back massage is the best I have ever had. It actually lifted me off of the back support, I did have to put it on med. It was like this chair knew every sensitive spot on my back which has been hurting me. By time I was done and got up my back was pain free. I do find when doing the neck area that the head rest needs to be moved up and at that point it can be rather uncomfortable setting the head back. I think the leg massage is satisfactory, it felt good although it would have been a little more tight. Using it as a foot massage was not as good as I would have liked but it is ok. I have a foot massage machine and will probably use that when I need a more intense massage. This chair can definitely be used to sit and do some reading or watching TV. I can go on, but lunch is ready and I am hungry so let me finish by saying this is a great chair for the price and for all that it does.Three weeks later, my final thoughts after trying all of the options. To start I will focus on the not so good. As I stated initially, if one is 5,5 or shorter, you will find it very uncomfortable moving the head rest away while the massage mechanism is below the shoulders. The head sinks into the felt head area and puts a strain on the neck, you will have to hold your head off of that area. That’s it for the negative.At this height you get a very good skull massage, it hits on all of the pressure points in the skull. The massage from the lower neck to upper shoulders is not the best, once it gets below the shoulders, wow, it is amazing. If you are new to massage chairs make sure you start off at the lowest intensity. When getting a deep massage you will be lifted off of the back rest, ohhh pain never felt so good. The heat is excellent and a very good compliment to lower back massage. The learning curve for learning how to use the control is large. The instructions that come with the chair is not enough to learn how to use the controller. I would suggest to try each of the programs, while it is doing it’s thing watch the lights on the controller and you will get a better understanding how to use the massage in manual mode. There are a few improvements I would suggest to the manufacturer. Once the massage is complete, the back and foot rest should come back to default position, or give an option for this to happen. Also, have an option to extend the massage time. Well that is it for me. I’m happy, love my chair, use it at least twice a day, in the morning when I get up and just before bedtime.Several Months later: The chair is part of my life now. Each morning and just before bed time I sink into my chair and relax my back. I have found nothing to complain about other than what I stated initially. That head support does need to be improved. One more think I did not mention is the controller. Why a chair is sold with a control that has many functions and yet the directions that came with the chair hardly touches on what the controller can do. It has taken me awhile to figure out all of the variations one can do in the manual mode. The labels on the control for range and glide are difficult to understand, for me anyway. Those are important controls when in the manual mode. It gets you to the part of the back you want to focus on for a spot massage. I wouldn’t want to try to explain how to use these two controls, what I would suggest is use one of the per-programmed controls and watch the lights on the controller as it goes through the massage. I still give this a five star rating.

  2. brentvw
    25 de junio de 2024

    Great Value, Great Design, Great Massage
    Design – #1 reason we bought this chair — it doesn’t look like a VR simulator at the corner arcade like the other massage chairs, also the color options were nice. Ability to flip the headrest back is great so you lay into it for neck/scalp massage or use the headrest for back massage. Ability to turn the leg massage around to make it a recliner is really cool too!Value – Really good, to get a 3D massage chair for under $2,000 is great, didn’t feel the $6,000+ chairs massaged that much better (went to Costco and tried all their other chairs)Massage – Really good, 3D massage, can set from light to strong, a lot of options, the range button is the only one that is confusing, the rest are straightforward. The pre-programmed massages aren’t that great as they stay in each spot for only 5 seconds before moving around, so there is more moving than actual massaging. Calf massage is nice, and nice that you can put your feet in it and use as a foot massage.Automation – The chair is fairly manual and a bit slow to recline/extend. Would be nice if it automatically retracted the back and legs when finished, but has to manually be done. Also the programs don’t really focus on massaging but rather moving around, so we use the manual buttons a lot — would be nice to set our own program or download new programs. The good news about all the manual buttons is you can tell this chair to do EXACTLY what you want it to do, focus on the exact area/spot you need, and adjust the pressure and type of massage, can’t ask for more than that!Improve – did not like the no return policy or being unable to try it first, the idea of being stuck with a $1,500 chair if we didn’t like made the buying process a challenge, perhaps a restocking fee would be better as an option, we went to Costco to try their other chairs which were pretty good so that gave us the confidence to buy this one

  3. Alex
    25 de junio de 2024

    Good First Buy At The Lower End Under $2,000
    I love this chair! At first use though, I was not sure that it would be for me. It gives you a deep massage around the head, neck, upper and lower back, and especially the spine area. At the beginning this was painful, so as you get used to it lift yourself up at moments of intensity or just endure. The results are magnificent! After some 20 to 30 minutes of use, I felt so good that I got up and went for a long bike ride which of I had not been doing much of lately. I have osteoarthritis, had two total hip replacements last year and I am somewhat over weight. This got my energy going and it can help you relax at night too. I also use a CPAP machine. As I am pushing close to 70 now, this is giving me some renewed stamina. It is on the lower end of these chairs as they can cost upwards to $15,000. I color is nice and the leather is decent, but don’t abuse it as it is not tough.Also, being a big investment, buy an extended warranty. I feel bad because I had a cliche in my chair after just 2 weeks of use. They are sending me a new part and a technician from the area will come out to install it upon my request, or I can install it myself, but since it is so new and expensive I think I will rely on the professional. These things happen, but the company is doing right by me on this and the worse thing about it is that I have to wait 10 to 14 days for FedEx to deliver the part. I will miss my time in the chair. It stopped moving at all when I returned it to its upright position. The next day I tried it and it only would hum, but not move. The company and I conferred on the phone and the resets failed to work. The engineering department diagnosis was to send out a new electronic module.I am looking forward to long therapy use of this chair and may buy another, more elaborate one, in the years to come. This is a first good trial run.As long as there are not continuous problems with break downs, I will cherish the benefits of this product. Thus far, just a bit of bad luck and I am being very calm about it. These things happen.

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