Juego de herramientas de masaje Gua Sha de piedra de jade, tabla Guasha más grande con mango, herramientas de masaje para raspar músculos, herramientas de acupuntura para spa anticelulítico facial para masaje de espalda, cuello, cara, piernas, drenaje linfático



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Beneficios de la tabla raspadora de jade

Desintoxicante y belleza: elimina toxinas, mejora el color de la piel y la suaviza. Dragar meridianos: alivia el dolor y la tensión muscular, alivia la fatiga. Mejora el estado de subsalud: mejora los síntomas comunes como dolor de cabeza, espondilosis cervical y hombro congelado.

11 El paquete incluye:

1 * Rascador de masaje Gua sha grande 1 * Herramienta de masaje pequeña en forma de corazón 1 * Bolsa de almacenamiento de franela portátil 1 * Folleto de instrucciones 1 * Paquete de caja de regalo


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Dimensiones del producto: 6,3 x 2,2 x 0,2 pulgadas; 7,94 onzas
Número de modelo del producto ‏ : ‎ Rascador de piedra de jade+corazón (verde)
Fecha de primera disponibilidad ‏ : ‎ 27 de noviembre de 2023
Fabricante ‏ : ‎ Crossmoon

Alta calidad: la gran herramienta guasha está hecha a mano con piedra Jade Gua Sha 100% auténtica de la ciudad de Anshan, provincia de Liaoning. La piedra de jade es conocida por promover el equilibrio y la buena energía, lo que tendrá un efecto positivo en tu piel.
Herramienta de masaje más grande para masaje muscular profundo: el diseño de arco anti-arco permite que el masaje penetre profundamente en el tejido muscular, relaje y rompa los grupos musculares y la celulitis. El masaje profundo consigue que los nudos miofasciales se vayan disolviendo. El diseño hueco hace que los dedos puedan alcanzar y sostener fácilmente.
Herramienta Gua Sha para el cuidado facial: el masajeador facial con forma de corazón te ayuda a aliviar la tensión, reducir la hinchazón facial, esculpir tu rostro y aumentar la circulación. Úselo diariamente durante varias semanas y aplique presión hacia arriba para eliminar la papada y combatir los efectos del envejecimiento.
Cuidado de todo el cuerpo: el juego de herramientas Gua Sha puede funcionar muy bien en el cuello, la cara, el dorso de la mano, la muñeca, los hombros y los pies. Ofrecerte la terapia de masaje más completa, selecciona diferentes herramientas de raspado según las diferentes partes del cuerpo. Las herramientas de masaje para raspado muscular se pueden aplicar en muchas ocasiones, como en el hogar, oficinas, salones de belleza y otros lugares.
Lo que recibirá: Recibirá 2 piezas de herramientas de masaje gua sha en diferentes colores, una bolsa de franela portátil y un manual detallado, que puede satisfacer sus necesidades de masaje facial y corporal, puede usarlos usted mismo o compartirlos con otros. Ambos están empaquetados en una hermosa caja de regalo y también se pueden usar como obsequios de cuidado personal para mujeres.

  • 23 de junio de 2024


  1. Rebecca
    23 de junio de 2024

    Best one yet!
    This fascia scraper is easy to use- size is a perfect fit in the hand. It is a good weight- and not cumbersome. Quality is great and good value for money spent.

  2. Kevin M.
    23 de junio de 2024

    A lovely looking product, but it larger than I expected. Well packaged and comes with a small stone as well. The large is too large for my travel needs but it is a good product.

  3. Our Eclectic Life
    23 de junio de 2024

    Beautiful stone & effective
    I am including a couple of photos of the scrapers since they’re natural stone and they’re all going to be different. The one photo makes the large one look too tan, but at least the patterning of the stone is visible. They are both definitely nice greens.The listing mentions a couple of things that the set doesn’t actually come with. I’m afraid I’ve already discarded some of the packing, but I didn’t see anything that I would consider a certificate of authenticity. It may have come with a quality inspection certificate, but that is not at all the same thing. It also does not come with what I would ever call a gift box. It’s boxed with the company name on the outside. A normal cardboard box, not something to be treasured. The tools do come with a nice pouch with a velvety feel that fits both of them. It also comes with a little cloth that I think is a microfiber cloth like I might use on a pair of glasses.The two tools in this set offer a good range of contours for various parts of the body. I wasn’t expecting to like it so much, but after having used it, I really appreciate the dramatic “V” shape in the small scraper. It hugs bone well so it’s great for under the chin or (carefully) under the eyebrows. I have a couple of other gua sha tools that don’t have as pronounced an angle as that and they just don’t work as well along bone. The large one is a decent all-around tool for large areas.I am no expert on jade so I can’t absolutely swear that these are jade or what quality they are. The listing is correct in that I can find no cracks on either stone. There are a couple of very small dumps or dips in the surface of the large one only, but they don’t affect the integrity of the stone. Both tools are cold to the touch like jade. There is patterning in both stones although I couldn’t get the camera to catch the faint variations in the small stone so I didn’t include a closeup of it. The large one is definitely stone and stays cool to the touch so I do believe it is jade. For the small one, the relative lack of patterning makes it much more difficult to be absolutely sure that it’s jade, but I have absolutely no particular reason to believe it isn’t.Overall, they’re real jade (as far as I can tell), they work well, and I think they’re very attractive. I’m sort of giving them 4.5 stars in my mind because the listing mentions a couple of things (gift box and certificate of authenticity) that I would argue they do NOT come with. That’s really my only problem with this product. Since the listing doesn’t make much mention of the gift box (I had to go through the photos and text twice before I could find it again), and maybe by their standards a quality inspection certificate is that same as a certificate of authenticity, I’m letting it slide and giving 5 stars since I can’t dock it a 1/2 star.

  4. Frank M
    23 de junio de 2024

    Two Jade Stone Gua Sha Massage Tool Set
    These set of two pieces massage tools are perfect match. They can coverup most massage work, small or large. The large one is a moon shaped one that would work better on large muscle on the back and legs. It is jade, so that feels cold on skin. The opening can also serve as a handle. In addition, the pointing sharp end will work to apply extra pressure on specific location. The smaller one may have a different purpose. I am not sure what is the material, but it feels great that is smooth and slippery. You can definitely use it to work on small region, like face and neck, arm or feet. The package has a nice pouch and a color instruction about how to use. So, it is vey easy to use them

  5. Fiona Flamingo
    23 de junio de 2024

    Biggest Gua Sha Ever!
    The crescent one is the biggest gua sha I’ve ever seen in my life and one of the neater pieces in my gua sha collection. I really like them!Crescent: This one feels cool to the touch like many natural stones do. The outer edges are very smooth, the inner edges looks like they had some chips that were smoothed/sanded over. I don’t see any fractures of cleavages in the stone. The size and shape make it really easy for me to gua sha my neck and it doesn’t even hurt or make me gag 🙂 I like this one. It even works on my shoulders!Heart: This one doesn’t feel very cool to the touch. There are very shallow scratches on it (see photo, they are in the middle of the heart’s bumps. You’ll probably have to magnify. They are about 1/4” each). I love the creamy green color. It reminds me of a Shamrock shake. It feels good on my face and the thickness and curve of the edges feel a lot like my other gua sha.P.S. They all fit in the velvet bag provided 🙂 I keep the heart in the bubble mailer looking bag it came with so it won’t hit the crescent in the velvet bag.

  6. Ja
    23 de junio de 2024

    Convenient Product
    A fantastic addition to any self-care routine! With its ergonomic design and variety of tools, it’s perfect for targeting muscle tension and promoting relaxation. Whether you’re looking to soothe sore muscles or improve lymphatic drainage, this set has you covered. The only drawback is that some tools may be a bit too intense for sensitive skin.

  7. ChitownFoodie
    23 de junio de 2024

    high quality gua sha tool
    is very sturdy and high quality gua sha tool, I enjoyed alot with body oil. And with the structure of the tool, it has a nice hand grip for giving pressure to the area that you want. Is very giftable as well.

  8. Pancho
    23 de junio de 2024

    A stunningly beautiful set of Gua Sha tools in jadite.
    These are really beautifully made, and though I’m not sure if they’re actual jade, they’re certainly some sort of stone LIKE jade.I have a set of highly polished stainless Gua Sha tools that I use, and that have benefitted me tremendously. But this set is at another level. I have to think that in China this is the sort of thing that would be used more commonly than the stainless.These are so well made, and so smooth. That’s the most important factor in choosing a set of Gua Sha tools, I believe. These feel great in the hand, and with some oil are just the thing to un-knot muscles. I have had great success using these, and I recommend Gua Sha to anyone who needs it.Spectacular set of Gua Sha tools at a price that is so low it’s almost laughable. A fantastic investment in your holistic well-being.

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