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【Kit de masaje con piedras calientes de 9 piezas】: Nuestro juego de masaje con piedras calientes incluye 9 piezas de piedras de basalto reales en 4 tamaños y una caja calefactora. Las piedras de masaje de basalto son el tipo de piedras de masaje más recomendado para usar en la terapia con piedras calientes, ya que pueden retener bien el calor y son fáciles de limpiar y mantener.
【Diseño de almohadilla de goma para los pies】: Nuestra caja calefactora está diseñada con 4 almohadillas de goma para los pies en la parte inferior de la caja. Al calentar estas rocas calientes, la almohadilla de goma las aísla de la superficie donde colocas el estuche.
【Calentador de piedras calientes portátil】: esta caja calefactora no requiere agua, es liviana y portátil, adecuada para spas, salones y uso doméstico. El juego de masaje pesa sólo 3,8 libras, lo que lo hace ideal para viajar y transportarlo.
【Masaje con aceites esenciales】: utilice estas piedras de masaje con aceites esenciales para obtener un mejor efecto. El tiempo de calentamiento es de aproximadamente 20 a 30 minutos, la temperatura se controla a aproximadamente 158 °F. Tenga cuidado de no poner estas piedras calientes sobre la piel inmediatamente, ya que es necesario que se enfríe durante unos 2 minutos; Puedes envolverlo en una toalla para evitar quemaduras.
【Promesa y servicio de marca】: Un año de garantía de calidad y soporte técnico profesional de por vida. Debido al impacto inevitable durante el transporte, cuando las piedras de masaje que recibe están dañadas, no dude en contactarnos para obtener un reembolso completo o un reenvío.

Customers say

Customers like the appearance, portability, value, ease of use, and performance of the massager. For example, they mention it’s good looking, small enough to travel with, and easy to store and use. That said, some disagree on heat and quality.

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  • 22 de junio de 2024


  1. Susan Blake
    22 de junio de 2024

    Pure relaxation
    My husband ordered this set as a gift for me. As a nurse, I often have sore, achey feet. I was skeptical about the product but have found the stones to provide warmth and relief to my feet. The stones can be used on any part of the body. The set contains stones of varying sizes, each one flat, smooth and easy to hold within the palm of your hand. The stones are nicely packaged in a thin carrying case and come with a charger. Once charged, they hold their warmth for 15-30 minutes. I recommend them to anyone desiring warmth and relaxation.

  2. Amazon Customer
    22 de junio de 2024

    Love these!
    These are amazing! They heat up fast in about 10-20 mins but the rocks don’t hold the heat super long. Only for about 8-10 min are the stones hot. But the case is handy and works to get the stones hot. I usually do half the stones first and then grab the rest once they first set of stones cools down.

  3. Taffer Tribe of 5
    22 de junio de 2024

    Perfect for a beginner, stones get HOT!!!!
    I am not a professional by any means I bought this for valentine’s day. It works very well. Stones warm quickly. The only caution I have is, the stones get VERY warm. I would not apply direct to the skin as soon as you take them out of the box. Give them a minute or two, I alternated hands until I could hold them in one hand without burning then applied to the back.

  4. A. Whitman
    22 de junio de 2024

    Easy and Convenient!
    This is perfect for my massage therapy practice, and for home-use. The ease and convenience of the warming case is truly a selling point. It’s small enough to travel with, pack in luggage, etc. The rocks are the perfect size, and there are plenty of them for use with massage. There are not enough to place all over the body, so if that is what you need, pay attention to the number of rocks in this set. Great quality, met my needs, I highly recommend it.

  5. Reka Davis
    22 de junio de 2024

    Good Relaxation Tool
    These things get super hot in the case and feel good on your body. Be careful not to burn your hands or skin. Definitely let them cool off

  6. AA
    22 de junio de 2024

    It works well
    It heats up fast and it works well. Good value, and glad I bought it as a treat not only for myself, but also for my work as a massage therapist.

  7. Kee Hubb
    22 de junio de 2024

    Heat rocks
    They heat up and gets really hot but they also gets cold to fast. Too hot for the skin and if you wait for them to cool off fir about a minute they will become cold fast once they are placed on the skin. Buy and use with your own judgment because everyone’s skin is different. Some people can probably stand taking the hot temp and doesn’thave to wait for the stones to cool off. If you can take the hot heat without having to let them cool off then this will work out just fine for you & it will be well worth the money for it and you would also get the pleasure from the timing of the heat rocks. Others that can’t take the heat such as my husband might need a heating pad instead lol

  8. Dan-El
    22 de junio de 2024


  9. Nikki
    22 de junio de 2024

    These work great & heat up really well in the small compact case that they come in.The only issue is that it has an EU plug that is on it but thankfully I have a EU to UK PLUG adapter that I am able to use with it.If you would like to buy these hot stones set & are from the UK or the USA etc & don’t have an adapter, then you will NEED TO BUY ONE SEPARATELY.

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