Masajeador de cuello y espalda BodyHealt Shiatsu: el mejor masajeador de hombros para aliviar el dolor Masajeador de espalda de tejido profundo con calor. Masajeador eléctrico de cuerpo completo para dolor de cuello y hombros, almohada de masaje de amasamiento 3D



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SÉ TU PROPIO MASAJISTA PERSONAL: Si pasas horas acurrucado frente a tu computadora o tienes que mirar hacia abajo constantemente, entonces es probable que tu cuello y/o tu espalda baja sufran rigidez. ¡Diga adiós al dolor y los dolores de cabeza por tensión ofreciéndose el relajante masajeador de cuello con calefacción, el masajeador de tejido profundo para cuello y hombros, el masajeador de espalda baja para el dolor de espalda que necesita sin tener que poner un pie afuera de su puerta!
CONECTE EL ADAPTADOR DE SU COCHE: Nuestro masajeador eléctrico de cuello y espalda con calor, masajeador shiatsu viene con un práctico adaptador para automóvil que puede usar para enchufarlo a su automóvil, para que pueda disfrutar de un maravilloso masaje de espalda con nuestro masajeador shiatsu de espalda, hombros y cuello con ¡Calienta mientras estás en movimiento! ¡El tamaño compacto y la bolsa de transporte de nuestro masajeador de espalda y cuello hacen que sea fácil llevarlo con usted en el automóvil y usarlo cuando lo necesite!
CONTROLA LA VELOCIDAD Y LA POTENCIA: La máquina de masaje shiatsu BodyHealt cuenta con 4 botones, por lo que puedes seleccionar el modo de estimulación, la velocidad y la dirección deseados y apuntar a todos esos nudos musculares rebeldes. Además, el masajeador de hombros y espalda con calefacción cuenta con una opción de calor que le permite regular el nivel de calor según sus necesidades, ¡lo que hace que cada experiencia de masaje sea aún más beneficiosa!
EL ÚLTIMO ESENCIAL PARA VIAJAR: Si viaja con frecuencia, entonces ya sabe cómo un buen masajeador de cuello para aliviar el dolor de tejido profundo puede ayudarlo a relajarse y revertir la rigidez y el dolor de cuello causados ​​por los viajes en avión o por estar sentado en su asiento por mucho tiempo. horas y horas. El masajeador para aliviar la tensión del cuello es completamente liviano y es un masajeador de cuello portátil. Los masajeadores para soporte de espalda y cuello vienen en una práctica bolsa de cuero para guardarlos fácilmente y son perfectos para llevar.
UTILIZAR EN CUALQUIER PARTE DEL CUERPO: Nuestro masajeador eléctrico, masajeador de cuello y espalda para el dolor de espalda se puede utilizar para aliviar el dolor de cuello, cabeza, espalda baja, hombros, piernas o pies. Simplemente conecte el automasajeador para mujeres y hombres y recuéstese para disfrutar de un masaje de cuello rejuvenecedor y profundo. ¡Calmar tus extremidades doloridas y tu mente estresada nunca se había sentido mejor! ¡Nuestra almohada de masaje shiatsu para aliviar el dolor de cuello es el regalo perfecto de cumpleaños, aniversario y también para el día de la madre y del padre!

  • 23 de junio de 2024


  1. Tom
    23 de junio de 2024

    neck and back massager
    I have alot of back and neck pain and I needed something I can use by myself to take the pain away so I gave this a a try and I am so glad I did I has helped me alot I can turn the heat on I can control were I want to put it I have been very happy with it I am thinking about ordering a few more for gifts

  2. Jenn Butterfield
    23 de junio de 2024

    Perfect for my neck and shoulder pain and tension
    This massager is VERY Comfortable around your neck. The Massager puts out really nice heat that is especially helpful because I carry a lot of tension and stress in my neck and shoulders . This massager is so easy to use and convenient… You can even get a massage while doing other tasks. After I have use this massager… My neck and shoulders feel so much more relaxed… I like to use it right before bedtime so that I can fall asleep easier without tension and pain. This would also make a nice gift for someone.

  3. Earth Warrior
    23 de junio de 2024

    Bulkier thanks expected but relieves tension
    Although this product is a little bulkier than expected, I like that you could use it on multiple areas to massage. I used it on my neck, between my shoulders and lower back and it definitely helped losen up tension. It is easy to operate but is not very travel friendly because it requires you to be close to an outlet. Cord should probably be a little longer just in case you want to sit somewhere that’s not that close to an outlet.

  4. Michelle Monticello
    23 de junio de 2024

    Husband loves it
    My husband loves it says it works great.

  5. Colorgirl
    23 de junio de 2024

    Perfect For Neck, Lower Back, And Sides Of Thighs For Fibromyalgia Pain
    I have a back massager pillow, but it does not seem to fit properly on two areas I need it most. I need it on my neck, and the outer thighs and area where sciatic nerve gets irritated at times.HOW THIS COMESThis comes in a bright green box with a handle that you can use to store it in if you like. There is no fabric case. There are two cords- one is for the car and the other is for an electrical outlet.CORDSThe cords of this are long enough for the car, but the outlet one is a bit on the shorter side (6ft) so you need to be near an outlet. The plug is a transformer so if you are using a power outlet strip, you will need a dedicated outlet. Many computer power strips have those on them. The cord has a jack in the middle so you can switch between car and transformer outlet.MASSAGE STRAPThe massage strap has two handles on it so that if you have it around your neck, you can slip your hands through it to create the right amount of application on the neck.OPERATIONThe buttons are on the one handle. They are easy to reach and read. Each button controls the direction, heat, massage, or power.PERFORMANCEWhen you turn this on, it lights up red so you can tell when it is on the heat mode especially. The massage balls go around nicely and do a good job. The only problem I have with this is in one direction, the ball gears sound like they are grinding. I don’t think this will last too long if that continues. So far I have used it quite a bit and it does it every time in one of the directions.DOES IT HELP?Other than that it works great for my neck, under buttocks where the sciatic pain is at times, and outside thigh where fibromyalgia pain comes sometimes.THE BOTTOM LINEThis is much easier to use than a cushion. It works well, except one direction makes a grinding noise.MY RATINGFOUR STARS. The grinding noise makes me take off a star from this. I am concerned it won’t last long with that grinding noise. I am not applying excessive pressure on purpose.

  6. Kindle Customer
    23 de junio de 2024

    3 1/2 stars Excellent price but massage balls protrude out a lot and not as strong motor as others
    I am obsessed with these massagers. I got this and another which is oval shaped which lays flat and is a bit more expensive. The price on this little machine is great. I also love all the great options such as heat, ability to change speed and change direction of the massager. However, I did not feel it was a versatile or strong as the larger, flat one I got. I do get tense, knotted shoulders and I noticed that this massager stops or really slows down when it hits those areas while my other massager still keeps going. So I think the motor on this one is not quite as strong. I also find the the configuration of the massage balls is a bit uncomfortable as they stick out a lot and at an angle. This seems to work most of the time for the shoulder and neck but after using it on my back. I noticed my back felt sore and bruised a couple days after. It just doesn’t hit in the right area well there. Another thing is sometimes if it hits the wrong area near my neck I start to get nauseous. So be careful and judicious with its use!Overall, I do like this massager it just has limitations.

  7. Linda
    23 de junio de 2024

    Pretty good massager
    I love this massager! I use it around my neck to relax my muscles as well as wrap around my knees with the heat and massaging function. I loved that it stayed in place when using it on my neck and shoulders. One of the features is to be able to use in the car for long car trips. I tried it and was pleasantly surprised at how well it functioned plugged into the car.

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