Masajeador de espalda Shiatsu con calor, almohada de masaje de amasamiento 3D para alivio del dolor de espalda, cuello, hombros, piernas, regalos para hombres, mujeres, mamá, papá, relajación del estrés en casa, oficina y coche (R7-M85)


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Masajeadores Boriwat

Masajeadores Boriwat

Masajeadores Boriwat

Masajeador de espaldaMasajeador de espalda

Masajeador de cuello y espaldaMasajeador de cuello y espalda

Logotipo de BoriwatLogotipo de Boriwat

Se adhiere al concepto empresarial de «gestión honesta, calidad primero» y está constantemente comprometido con el desarrollo y desarrollo de productos de masaje saludables. El producto realmente puede imitar la presión de los dedos, los golpes, la vibración y otras técnicas de masaje, muchas partes, puntos de acupuntura y meridianos para una gama completa de masajes.


Dimensiones del producto ‏ : ‎ 4 x 2 x 6 pulgadas; 4,36 libras
Número de modelo del producto ‏ : ‎ R7-M85
Fecha de primera disponibilidad ‏: ‎ 19 de octubre de 2021
Fabricante ‏ : ‎ Boriwat

Masajeador de cuello y espalda: Tamaño más grande: 15*13 pulgadas, 6 pulgadas más largo que las almohadas de masaje normales. Se adapta perfectamente a las curvas del cuello y la espalda para brindar la experiencia de masaje más cómoda. 2 posiciones de calefacción con 2 niveles de calefacción. 3 intensidades ajustables.

Customers say

Customers like the temperature of the massager, mentioning it’s soothing and has multiple heat modes. They also appreciate the pressure during the massage and the fact that it warms up fast. However, some customers have mixed opinions on value, performance, maneuverability, quality, ease of use, pain relief, and size.

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  • 23 de junio de 2024


  1. Mr David
    23 de junio de 2024

    Remarkable Massager with Excellent Pressure and Versatility
    I recently purchased a neck and back massager, initially swayed by a substantial 78% discount off its listed price of $179, making it a $40 purchase. Although the current discount shows only a reduction from a listed price of $54 to the same end cost of $40, the massager itself is worthy of high praise.The massager earns a full 5-star rating from me primarily due to its outstanding performance. It offers three speed settings and three different modes, allowing me to customize the massage experience to my liking. The ability to switch directions adds to its effectiveness, ensuring that all the right pressure points are targeted. This feature has been particularly beneficial in providing relief and relaxation.Another impressive aspect is the firm pressure applied by the massager. It is potent enough to offer a deep, satisfying massage, akin to what you might expect from professional hands. This level of pressure and the ability to vary it is a significant factor in why I consider it the best massager I’ve ever had.However, there is one minor drawback. The heat function seems to be either very subtle or non-existent, as I’ve hardly noticed any heating effect during use. While this is a slight disappointment, it doesn’t detract from the overall massage quality.Despite the confusion with the pricing and the less effective heat feature, the effectiveness of the massager in relieving neck and back discomfort is undeniable. It is an excellent product for anyone seeking a high-quality, customizable massage experience at home. Based on its performance and the relief it provides, this massager definitely deserves a 5-star rating.

  2. sphinx
    23 de junio de 2024

    extremely amazing and relieving
    I only write reviews for horrible products to warn people, or very great products to make sure other people get to enjoy them. This is very clearly the latter. I took it out of the box, plugged it in, and began using it with only a quick glance at the instruction booklet. It is very intuitive and ergonomic. I have been using it for the past four hours off and on, and I really needed it this week after working out more than normal. I also work at a desk, so my back and shoulder pain can be debilitating to the point of distraction sometimes. I can already tell this thing is going to be my best friend. Hopefully, it stays working for a long time! Will update review in a couple months if anything goes wrong mechanically. Overall, I love this thing and if you have chronic pain, you should definitely consider adding this to your treatment plan!**Notes*** If you put too much pressure on it, the wheels do slow down as other reviews have mentioned, but I think you’d have to push on it very hard to make them stop completely. Just find extra support like a pillow to tuck behind your back to help you not push too hard if you find it running too slow.* There are 3 heat settings. The hottest setting is definitely hot, but it takes a few cycles to get it really heated up. I think cycles last 10-15 mins, and it took me about 3 cycles at the hottest setting to get it to my ideal temp (almost burning lol). Obviously, you can turn it down if you don’t want it so hot.*The massage wheels are very strong. I love a deep tissue massage, but some people might find this to be too strong without additional support. Just like my note above, you can add a pillow above or below this massager while resting against a chair in order to not press too hard, and therefore control the pressure of the wheels.

  3. W. D. Gary
    23 de junio de 2024

    Boriwat Six-Month Review
    I’d say I prefer a more firm massage, and the Boriwat took care of the fatigue in my neck and shoulders very well. Although the motor will bog down if you put your body weight on the massaging nodules, it is versatile enough to use on other areas of the body too. The important thing with this – and every power massager in my view, is to work with it to yield the best results for your needs.The heating feature was more than adequate for me, and the machine cycles through a wide range of motion. So the massage itself was never too repetitive.I would say the Boriwat is well worth the investment, even though mine stopped working after only six months of regular use. I opened it up to see what might be the matter and discovered what I think is a small and very delicate transistor. Evidently it had come loose from the circuit board it’s mounted to. And there are four of these transistors directly beneath each of the two massaging nodules. So consider this the weak link of an otherwise pretty decent product.

  4. Francesca
    23 de junio de 2024

    Amazing buy and great find.
    Surprisingly for the price it works very well. It gets all the kinks and knots out. After an hour it overheats and you have to let it cool off then it’ll be ready to use again. I over use it but it’s great! I had it for about 5 months now and it’s still work like the first day I got it. I have no breaking down issues with it. Definitely a cheaper alternative than going to a massage place gets the knots out just the same.

  5. christa lumpkin
    23 de junio de 2024

    Don’t buy this for the heat setting
    The massager is okay. It hurt the first few times until I got the placement perfect. I like that it is for lumbar and the neck, but the heat setting is a joke. Even on the highest heat, I can’t feel a thing. If there is one cheaper without heat, get that one.UPDATE: the seller saw my review and offered me a full refund for the item.

  6. Greta
    23 de junio de 2024

    This is the best neck/back and shoulder massager I’ve ever tried and I have tried a lot of them. This one gets the knots out of your back and shoulder muscles and relieves the stress out of your neck perfectly. I love that it has a remote control it’s easy to operate and you stay comfortable without moving around so much. This is the first review I’ve ever done but knew I had to make this a great one because you will love it.

  7. Mary and Chris
    23 de junio de 2024

    Works in the car!
    I was having back/shoulder pain while commuting and sitting at a desk all day. I would bring this with me and use it on my commute. It is lightweight and easy enough to bring to the office and back home each day, although I would recommend this one for the car or office and a larger model for home! This is a great gift for someone with a long commute or desk job!! I was so happy that it works well in the car!!! Definitely worth the money.

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