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Solapa inflable: el masajeador de espalda Cupilo para silla está diseñado exclusivamente con solapas inflables y desmontables. Estas solapas ajustables permiten un control personalizado sobre la intensidad de su masaje; puede inflarlas o desinflarlas según sus niveles de comodidad. Además, brindan un excelente soporte para la espalda, manteniendo la curva natural de la columna y promoviendo una buena postura.
Función Shiatsu y modos ajustables: el cojín del sillón de masaje de espalda completa Cupilo cuenta con una sofisticada función Shiatsu que simula técnicas de masajista profesional, aplicando una presión profunda en la espalda para aliviar la tensión y aliviar los dolores y lograr una relajación general de la espalda. Con 3 zonas de masaje Shiatsu para su elección: espalda completa, espalda superior, espalda baja. Funciones de masaje extra puntuales para una relajación precisa.
Calor calmante: el masajeador de espalda shiatsu Con función de calor calmante, puede agregar una dimensión adicional de comodidad a su experiencia de masaje. El suave calor ayuda a aliviar la tensión, promover la relajación y mejorar el flujo sanguíneo. El calor proporcionado puede ayudarle a relajar la espalda rígida y cansada después de un largo día.
Masajeador de asiento con vibración: el masajeador de silla Cupilo para silla de oficina también cuenta con una función de vibración ajustable de 3 niveles. En particular, extiende esta función a las zonas de los glúteos y los muslos, que a menudo se descuidan en otros productos de masaje. La vibración puede estimular la circulación sanguínea y aliviar la rigidez muscular, ofreciendo una experiencia integral de relajación de todo el cuerpo. (Nota: solo masaje por vibración en la zona de estar, sin calor).
Versatilidad y regalos ideales: una de las mayores ventajas del masajeador de espalda completo con calor Cupilo es su versatilidad. Puede adaptarse para adaptarse a una variedad de sillas, sofás y sillones reclinables, lo que significa que puede disfrutar de un masaje relajante en su sillón favorito. Es un regalo perfecto para personas mayores, hombres, mujeres, amigos y cualquier ser querido en su cumpleaños. Ofrecemos una política de devolución sin preguntas de 30 días y un servicio de garantía de un año. No dude en realizar su compra con tranquilidad.

Customers say

Customers like the vibration, comfort, shiatsu, and quality of the massager. They mention that it provides a good massage, it’s relaxing, and that it’ll save you money and time. They are also satisfied with appearance, and heat.

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  • 25 de junio de 2024


  1. Bender
    25 de junio de 2024

    Very Relaxing
    Very nice massager. Love the vibration and it gets nice and toasty warm with the heat function. When I first used the massager it was very firm. I guess its good for deep tissue but then I added the extra cushioning which you inflate with air and that made the massage very comfortable for me. It works really good for my lower back and I think I enjoyed that the most. I did find that it didnt go all the way up to my shoulders though and wished the upper massage was a little better but that could just be me because I dont have the best posture. With the remote you can concentrate in upper middle or lower or you can do full. Theres also a demo mode which incorporates heat and vibration as well I find it so relaxing it puts me to sleep every time. After a stressful day its nice to look forward to and really glad i got it.

  2. K. Flynn
    25 de junio de 2024

    Beneficial Product
    My husband’s lumbar was rebuilt 4 years ago and he still has pain from activity. He has written the rest of this review.The CUPILO CPL-2256 is a high quality product. The heater and vibratory function work well – nice to have – but hardly the focus of this review. However, the shiatsu function IS the primary reason for sharing my experience .The lower back (lumbar) rollers are truly amazing. They are spread apart enough that each ‘ball’ travels along the outside of the lower spine. This provides a great deal of relief from nerve pain (usually the result of bending, turning the upper body, lifting, and (on the rare occasion) sleeping for more than three hours. Within minutes, pain levels begin to subside. By the time the fifteen minute timer shuts the unit down, I am comfortable enough to consider moving (which usually means going back to the hurt locker for another session – I’m in the process of re-building our home). In short, it helps keep me going until the next time it’s close to intolerable.Unfortunately, I have found nothing that will allow me to continue working thru the pain (it simply gets worse and balance, cognition, and coordination all suffer as a result). BUT, this CUPILO gives me temporary relief from my self-imposed misery. Only drawback, I can only use it for 15 minutes a day (tried several session in a day – wrong – overuse causes its own problems.I consider this portable unit as the best in my personal arsenal of physical therapy tools and highly recommend it.While I did pass over the upper back, heating, vibratory, and timer functions, please note that they work very well and add synergy to the experience.

  3. Daniel Lewis
    25 de junio de 2024

    An all-around excellent massage chair pad! High quality and well-made!
    I’ve had a portable massage pad in the past so I’ve tried my fair share of devices. I prefer this one made by CuPiLo over the others that I’ve had.Some of the little things that separate it are:- It does not shift much in the chair it is placed it- The remote pocket provides a nice storage space for it (other devices make you hold the remote or put it on a desk or leave it dangling)- The massage itself is more soothing than the others I have had. I don’t usually use the heat setting on these devices but it is a nice sensation for those who want it. The back massage has a nice range for those with a long torso to reach the upper and lower back.If you get regular massages at a spa, this item will save you a ton of money and time!

  4. CestMoiLinh
    25 de junio de 2024

    Great Addition to Office Chair Turning It Into an Office Massage While Working
    I’ve had this product for over 6 weeks and can honestly say I spend more time in my office chair now. Working from home, my back would tense up from sitting prolonged hours while inputting, creating datasheets/docs, and answering emails. CuPilo Shiatsu Massager perfectly fits the bill, since it not only gives a shiatsu massage hitting most of the back, it also has heat and seat vibration to help soothe away any tense muscles. Max run time is 15 minutes which can easily be restarted again once it stops. I add another brand’s cushion for extra padding. Note that I can still feel the seat vibration even through the 2.5″ thick padded cushion. I also flip the neck padding back, since I want my back to get a deeper massage with more contact. Since I’m not knotted up in pain, I tend to spend more time sitting at my desk enjoying this relaxing experience as I’m doing my job. Shiatsu rollers do give emit a low noise while in use and the Vibration does cause humming noise. So if you need to work in a perfectly quiet environment, CuPilo Back Massager may not be for you. However, if you have no noise restrictions, use CuPilo Back Massager to make the day go by easier and feel like you’re getting a mini-massage at work.

  5. Crystal
    25 de junio de 2024

    Works well
    I like how comfortable this is when using and how easy it is to store when not in use. It did get hot I initially when I first started using it. It provides a good massage.

  6. A. Delabarbara
    25 de junio de 2024

    Get ready to be pampered!
    WOW, this massage seat is pretty amazing! There are all the standard things you might expect – like the handy remote (with a cute pocket on the edge of the seat for storage), heat feature, and kneading «balls» that you can isolate to either upper or lower back separately, or entire back. (Note that the seat part of the massager vibrates only – no kneading.) However, my absolute favorite feature is the «spot» massage, which is where you can tell the massager (using the remote) where to stop and hold the kneading. You can then adjust higher or lower manually to hit the *just right* spot! Love it!Another cool feature is the layer of air that you can drape between yourself and the kneading balls, just in case the massage is too intense. (Comes with a tiny air pump!) I myself like the stronger pressure, so don’t really anticipate using that – for now, I just flip it up and back behind me (though it’s also detachable). Only thing to note is that the seat is corded (with cords for both the remote and outlet plug coming out of the back base of the seat) so just make sure you have an outlet nearby. Overall, I find it a good product!

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