Masajeador de percusión Thumper Mini Pro: masaje de tejido profundo para músculos, espalda, hombros, piernas y brazos. Potente pistola eléctrica de terapia de masaje de mano de percusión con mango largo y 3 velocidades



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MASAJEADOR PROFESIONAL: Diseñado para quiropráctica profesional y uso doméstico como un masajeador integral, robusto y duradero. Mejora la circulación y ayuda a reducir la fatiga muscular. Más de 40 años de experiencia con más de 1 millón de Thumpers vendidos en todo el mundo.
MASAJE DE CUERPO COMPLETO: Ideal para calentar los músculos, aumentar el flujo sanguíneo, liberar la tensión muscular y ayudar a la movilidad de las articulaciones. El mango largo ayuda a alcanzar la espalda, las piernas, los brazos, los pies y los hombros.
MUY SILENCIOSO Y CÓMODO DE USAR: prácticamente no hay retroceso en las manos y los brazos, por lo que puede masajear durante más tiempo sin dolor ni molestias. Muy tranquilo para una experiencia de masaje tranquila y placentera.
LIGERO, POTENTE Y DURADERO: 3 configuraciones de velocidad a 20, 30 y 40 pulsos por segundo. Fabricado en Canadá con componentes de calidad y pesa sólo 3 libras (1,4 kg). El cable de 4 m (12 pies) le permite estar en una posición cómoda y maniobrar con facilidad. El estuche de transporte se vende por separado para viajes, portabilidad o almacenamiento.
GARANTÍA DE 2 AÑOS: ¡Cada masajeador Thumper viene con una garantía de 2 años y está fabricado a mano en Canadá!

Customers say

Customers like how easy it is to use the massager. They say it is better suited for self-application than the maxi pro and is better built. Customers like the performance, and pain relief. However, some customers have reported issues with the shut off. They mention that it overheats and shuts off before too long. They also dislike the warmth. Customers disagree on value, and weight.

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  • 26 de junio de 2024


  1. Glashtin
    26 de junio de 2024

    It works
    Got it for the wife and she never used it. My back was having issues again and I decided to give it a try. It is amazing. The pain just melts away and is very easy to use.Was not sure if this was an overpriced toy or not before my first use, but it really does work and you should give it a try if you have any muscle pains.

    26 de junio de 2024

    An Old School Product for a Modern Age!
    I own the Thumper Mini Pro. It is without any doubt in my mind the best electronic massager that is able to be used in the home (as well as at a masseuse’s office.) If you follow the instructions it WILL WORK. It is generally unnecessary to push down on it, that also causes it to overheat faster. Use it without any heavy or fuzzy clothing on , such as fleece. It will go longer before protection circuit kicks in. If you leave it on an area using its own weight for 10 minutes or so it will massage deep. It will also heat the area up significantly by transferring its motion energy to the muscles and a conversion to heat energy takes place, it a brilliant design. NO electronic devices are without the the issue of sudden failure, especially one that vibrates and uses solid state electronics. It is their nature to quit suddenly and completely. there is really no way to predict which ones will fail. As long as they have good solder joints and a thick circuit board and thick copper connecting lines, if it were military it would have multi layer connections.I have used it ALOT since my purchase and have had no problems even though it has been dropped and handled roughly at times. No electronic device that vibrates to work will last forever. Think about it, vibrate your flat screen or laptop like that for 20 minutes and see what happens. I am so satisfied i tell everyone I know who lifts weights, post lifting soreness is one of it’s most effective things.Or people with joint or muscle issues, like fibromyalgia. The speed setting do different things actually. Faster is not always better for everything and sometimes faster doesn’t result in a deeper massage. The fast speed also tends to have an effect similar to a tens unit and the vibrations confuse the nerve signals alleviating pain directly. The fast speed can also also make you itch, it will go away, us a cortisone based creme after massage if it is a problem. I suffer from multiple pain issues from herniated discs to total knee and hip degeneration where as soon as I lose a little more weight will be replaced. The unit has definitely increased my quality of life significantly. No, I am not in any way associated with the company, I stumbled across the product here on AMAZON! I ask all the complainers to think about the nature of the product and read it’s instructions carefully I believe that this will increase your satisfaction and understand what the company was up against to make the product work reliably. Just look at the power cord, when is the last time you bought a product with a 12 FT. high gauge power cord? Copper is VERY expensive to the manufacturer and an easy way to increase profits, after all there are extension cords. But an extension cord would have much smaller gauge wires and be less reliable a possibly dangerous. It is this and other things that point out what a quality product this really is. I am pretty sure they will use your feedback to upgrade the next model of the product, I have a feeling that the company would rather build a better product an raise the price to cover costs that to build a lesser product and keep the price the same. It reminds me of the question…what ever happened to small electric devices that could be fixed, such as toasters and such. My Family owned a GE toaster that when you put the bread in is slowly lowered and then when done it slowly came back up, it was full chrome plated steel, with heavy steel and heavy chrome and was fixed at least a couple of time during the first 20 years of my life, I only wish they had offered it to me to fix that last time it needed fixing instead if getting a cheap disposable toaster. Now they have had probably 10 toasters in the past 20-30 years. Such a shame. I disposable society is not necessarily better than a well built society that can be fixed and upgraded. We have just gotten used to it. I believe that this is a product of the old school. It is definitely a product I am glad to have purchased and am enjoying owning, even if it needs fixing in the future (and hope fully not need to be replaced.) Well, I think I have rambled on long enough. Hope my little thesis helps your decision about which product, if any, to purchase. Peace, Brian Burke Jr.

  3. Bubbadink
    26 de junio de 2024

    If you love someone, buy them this.
    Bought one of these back around 1997 after trying a demo unit out at a Relax The Back store locally. My wife and I used it on each other in the store, but balked at the pricetag and walked out. We got about 100 feet from the store when we were like “We can’t live without that thing”, and went back and bought one.Flash forward 25 years later and we still have it, however the power switch eventually started acting up after 15 years or so, and I accidentally damaged the power cable a few years back (tearing the insulation), making it unsafe to use.The weak point of this unit was the power switch. Because ours wasn’t usable, I replaced it with a more-expensive, more modern, wireless Hypervolt unit. That massager lasted less than 2 years (with relatively light use) when the “smart” battery just flat out decided it wouldn’t take a charge any longer.Having spent nearly $300 on the Hypervolt, and now faced with an $80 battery replacement after only two years, I told Hyperice (the parent company) to suck it, and bought a new Thumper.It is as glorious as I remember. Still built like a tank. The power switch feels the same, so perhaps that is still it’s main failure mode, but dear Lord is this thing GLORIOUS. I’d say it doesn’t have quite the same hard punch as the Hypervolt, it does have dual heads, so covers more territory than the Hypervolt, so you get a comparable massage, but faster.Hopefully this one gives us another solid 20 years of use. Get one. You won’t be sorry…totally worth the price.

  4. Richard Thomas
    26 de junio de 2024

    Excellent product
    Worth the money and the results are a relaxed and peaceful body.

  5. Greg McHenderson
    26 de junio de 2024

    Dying after only a few uses.
    I bought this to help relieve some tight calves from cycling. Based off the other reviews I’ve read, both here and on other sites, this seemed like it would be just what I needed, though there were some persistent complaints about the quality of these units. Still, I decided to take the plunge, and initially I was quite happy with the results. The massager felt good and it helped a lot with my calves.Unfortunately, the unit started crapping out after only a week, and now I have to add my voice to all the complaints. First it just decided to not turn on one day. Played with it the next day and it seemed to come back to life. Then shortly after that it would turn on, but had so little power that it would come to a halt any time you applied a little pressure (much less than it’s own weight), rendering it completely useless. Then later it would again revive itself. This unreliability continued for a while, though over the past couple weeks it behaved well enough I had some hope the unit had somehow sorted itself out. That is of course until I tried to turn it on again today and it was completely dead.Maybe it would revive itself again later, but I’m sick of wondering when my purchase will to turn into a $200 dollar paper weight. The unit of course has a manufactures warranty, but if you read the details on that they make it clear you have to pay for shipping, which is stupidly expensive when it’s both a heavy and an international package. Luckily, Amazon let me file for a return even though I was just outside their 30 day return window, so A+ customer service from them. As far as the manufacturer goes, I wouldn’t bother dealing with them if you are in the states. If they want to reap the benefits of a wider international market, they really need to bear the burden of their own workmanship issues, not foist that off onto the customer.

  6. Yosemite Sam
    26 de junio de 2024

    Ya comprando mi segunda Mini Thumper Pro, la primera quemo despues de 10 años de uso super intensivo. Una amiga siempre llegaba a mi casa sola para su masaje thumper!La tecnologia Thumper (originalmente diseñado para caballos) hace una penetracion muy agradable y profundo que no tiene igual. En sus propio manos, la maquina deshace nudos en segundos, los vibraciones llega hasta los musculos y tejidos mas profundos y escondidos, donde es imposible llegar.Es un placer usarla, es muy facil, el diseño de la maquina encuentra nudos sin ayuda. Solo tocarle su cuello, espalda, o pasa sus pies encima de las 2 bolas, y en 10 minutos duermes en una calma de lo mas profundo.Dejar gastando tanto con visitas a las masajistas o hueseros, usted eres su mejor doctor, porque usted sabes donde duele y donde lo necesitas mas, y puedes hacerlo todo los noches en su cama, sin ningun esfuerzo. Saca dolores que estaba molestandose y debilitandose por años, en 30 segundos o menos!

  7. lindah
    26 de junio de 2024

    J ai découvert ce produit lors d une séance chez ma chiropracteur. Elle l utilise dans son cabinet. Cela m avais fait un bien fou au bas du dos.Muni des références je suis parte à la recherche de ce produit sur le net.De nombreuses contrefaçon existent, je voulais vraiment avoine produit de la marque thumper.Amazon le livrait en quelques jours, et le prix est beaucoup moins cher que sur les sites spécialisés.Le prix étant conséquent, cela a été un cadeau d anniversaire, franchement je l adore !!C est un appareil vibrant, qui tapote les muscles et les détend top pour les trapèzes contractés après une journée d écran, une merveille pour le dos , on ressent une sensation de chaleur et de confort.Une séance bien être à domicile !!Il active la circulation du sang sur la zone posée et peut donner une impression de démangeaisons à la fin de la séance..Je suis ravie de cet achat, j ai beaucoup moins mal au dos et aux muscles depuis, on peut l utiliser sur les genoux, bras etc…Mes parents, âgés, ont été conquis également.

  8. B.D.
    26 de junio de 2024

    For whatever reason, I have multiple back and leg muscles that develop “knots” (regions of muscle that want to stay permanently contracted). 6 years ago I was in a condition where I had so many of these “knots” that the resulting shortened muscles were causing abnormal joint/bone motions and extensive pain. I am a fairly active person and I was becoming an invalid due to muscle-pain and muscle-spasms.I spent about 9 months (about 12 treatment visits and 6 educational sessions, IIRC) working with doctors at a pain clinic where they did a combination of educational sessions helping us understand how muscles work with our joints and bones, how to exercise, how to reduce pain, etc. Along with this was a treatment course which, for me, was primarily sessions of having a needle jabbed 20-30 times into various muscle areas to trigger the release of the muscle knots. This sounds gross, but was extremely effective.For some unknown reason(s), my muscle knots tend to re-form, quite easily. Fortunately, during the course of the treatments, I began to learn that “this type of muscle pain here, means knots in that muscle area there.”This is where “Mr. Thumper” comes in (you bet I named it!). I was looking for something that I could use to remove the muscle knots : “roll-on balls” … I have so many knots I’d be rolling around on them for hours, small “massage units” … [k]not powerful enough to get to the deep knots, “roller on a stick” … again, it would take too much time.Eventually, I ran across the Thumper products and, after doing some research, concluded that their expense would be justified if they really work (and, after all, it’s Amazon so I could return it).Well, it’s been over 9 years since I purchased my Mini Pro Thumper and I still rely on it, daily. I typically use it for about of 2-3 minutes first thing in the morning and just before bed. If I’ve overdone things and am having knot-related muscle pain (e.g., lift something heavy and/or incorrectly), I’ll attack the problem area for a few minutes as required.The result is that I’ve not had my back muscles go into “lock-up” for many years. For my age, I’m able to continue doing the myriad of DIY projects that I like to do. Given the life-changed state I was in almost a decade ago, I’m very lucky to have learned about my muscle issues and to have Mr. Thumper to help me deal with them.If you suffer from debilitating muscle “knots” … a Thumper is worth it’s weight in gold!

  9. Amazon Customer
    26 de junio de 2024

    I have been using this massager for about a year now and have recommended it to a lot of people so thought I should write a review on it!I do HIIT workouts every day and run around 25km a week so I am fairly athletic, and I use this massager most nights when I chilling watching the TV and my god it’s the best money I have ever spent I haven’t had to go to the chiro or needed any physical therapy whatsoever since I bought it, and I used to have near constant back problems.Really gets into your glutes and quads if you know how to use it.Some of the other reviews say they have to press really hard but that is actually not how you’re supposed to use it – for really deep massage you stick it on the highest setting, get yourself into a position in which the muscle is under no tension (I lie on my side and do the half of my upper and lower body that’s not on the sofa) and run it over your muscles, holding in place when you hit a really sore spot, if you then breathe deeply and hold it in place without pushing down on it, it will get those knots and niggles out like a dream.Most chiropractors will have the £299 version which you can use on yourself (my chiro did and that’s why I bought this one), so it’s a trusted brand and I highly recommend it, absolutely the best money I have spent in the past year.

  10. Fabrizio
    26 de junio de 2024

    È un prodotto fantastico che ho avuto modo di provare ancora qualche anno fa tramite un amico che lavorava all’estero. Il prodotto va a sciogliere tutte le tensioni ed i nodi in profondità dando immediatamente una sensazione di sollievo dal dolore e sbloccando eventuali movimenti prima impossibili a causa del dolore. Lo consiglio vivamente a chi soffre di cervicalgie lombalgie ed eventuali dolori ricorrenti alla schiena.

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