Masajeador Shiatsu de cuello y espalda con calor calmante, Nekteck eléctrico de tejido profundo 3D almohada de masaje para hombros, piernas, alivio del dolor muscular corporal, uso en el hogar, la oficina y el coche



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8 potentes nodos de masaje de amasamiento profundo Shiatsu. Nuestro masajeador de cuello le ayuda a aliviar el dolor muscular, aliviar la rigidez del cuello, eliminar la fatiga cervical y relajarse después de un largo día de trabajo.
Facil y seguro de usar. Función de calor calmante avanzada por infrarrojos integrada, el masajeador mejorará la circulación sanguínea y se resuelve en 15 minutos con protección de apagado automático por sobrecalentamiento. (Se puede apagar manualmente)
Intensidad ajustable. Este masajeador de hombros tiene 3 niveles de fuerza y ​​velocidad, por lo que puede personalizar la presión para aliviar el dolor muscular y las correas de mango largo también se pueden usar para ajustar la posición y la fuerza del masaje.
Material duradero y cómodo. Hecho de cuero PU de alta calidad y tela de malla transpirable, el masajeador de espalda Nekteck es fácil de usar y limpiar. (La cremallera tiene un diseño invertido)
Gran idea de regalo para quien amas. Perfecto para uso en el hogar, la oficina, el automóvil y para viajes, tiene un adaptador de CA y un adaptador para automóvil (todos están listados por UL, 1 año de garantía y soporte de por vida de Nekteck, solo envíe este masajeador a sus amigos y familiares);

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  • 22 de junio de 2024


  1. Amazon Customer
    22 de junio de 2024

    Works great and feels AMAZING. The strength of the massage is perfect, goes deep into the tissue. It hurt a little at first, but a good hurt. My neck has been in stiff and in pain from staring at the computer 5 days a week, this helped to relax my neck muscles and feel so much better.

  2. NajLasha
    22 de junio de 2024

    No more tense shoulders!
    I bought this because I work on a computer all day, so my shoulders and back tend to feel the strain after a while. When I say this thing gets DEEP into those muscles… they really get deep! It’s easy to plug in and turn on, I don’t have to worry about it running out of charge or the intensity fading, it’s pretty lightweight, but it legit feels like someone’s actual hands rubbing out the knots! I also like the slots for my arms. It heats up AND reverses directions every minute or so! Plus the fact that this is the cost of 1 decent massage and I don’t have to leave my house when I want one now? I’m not sharing AT ALL!

  3. Anita
    22 de junio de 2024

    Very intense. It’s a bit hard.
    I do luv this thing. I use it a lot. But it is a bit uncomfortable and it is intense! I being seen by a doctor for my neck. Have been for almost a year. My doctor did say to be careful using this thing. She has had patients who have had more problems because it pinched something. I also use it on my stomache. It’s wonderful.

  4. Janet
    22 de junio de 2024

    This thing feels GREAT!
    It works exactly as described and really loosens up the neck! Fits my neck perfectly!It also feels pretty good on your back – tho it’s not really designed for the back and is a bit awkward.

  5. Anna H
    22 de junio de 2024

    This works WAYY better for my back than neck, but it’s still an A+
    I’ve been using this everyday for the last few days. My god, it’s so amazing and I CAN’T SEEM TO STOP!I’ve started my own business recently on the side, so I am working all day everyday between my regular job and my business. Due to lack of sleep, poor posture and being stuck in the same posture for an extended amount of time, my neck, and back have become rock solid hard and it hurts. In the recent days, I had to stop all of my efforts with my business because it was getting to a point where I couldn’t focus. I started to look into ergonomics of my home setup as it clearly did not suffice to keep me going. One of the things I realized I needed was a massager.I looked around Amazon and this seemed to have good ratings both on Amazon and Fakespot. Plus, its Black Friday sales week and it’s half the original price. It’s quite the steal so I had to jump on it. In my honest opinion, it’s TOTALLY WORTH IT!In my headline, I said «works wayy better for my back than neck,» which is totally true. I think I have a small neck being a skinny asian woman at 5’4″, so my neck doesn’t get enough of that compression from the shiatsu device as my neck sits too far from where the shiatsu device lands. So I end up shifting it around to find the perfect orientation where it works best for me. However, for my back….WOW it’s AMAZINGGG. I would consider myself as having great pain tolerance, so this hit the nail when it comes to getting a deep tissue massage and getting all the knots to *crack* every time it glides over the deeply knotted areas. If you have tons of knots like me, this device will hit every knot you can imagine and give you a sensation of pain and relief all at once. By the end of each session which is about 15 mins, you will feel lighter, less tense and calm.This device has heating mode, three different speeds, and direction change. But it is all in all a shiatsu device. Game changer for those who regularly workout, work that involves physical labor, work with poor postures, or work long hours. This device also can be used on different parts of your body like legs, arms etc.I have used Theragun before since I had given one as a gift to my ex-boyfriend. Used it quite frequently at the time. But that’s a massage gun so it’s a little different. While Theragun was amazing to use, this device is plenty enough without having to fork over tons of money. You can still get pretty amazing relief.So I’d say get yours now during this Black Friday Deal!!

  6. Lora
    22 de junio de 2024

    Has potential, but…
    The “arms” are too short . I feel like a T-Rex with those tiny arms sticking out. My last unit, not from this maker, was comfortable and had about 3”’s more on each side. This is uncomfortable to use and creates arm pain from having them bent in an uncomfortable position. I don’t like to return things, but this is in strong contention for it. My advice- if you’re shopping, check out the length before you buy.

  7. Elizabeth Ritchie
    22 de junio de 2024

    a bit heavy
    This unit works really well. Great purchase, I ordered a 2nd one. It is a bit heavy, so a smaller person should be aware of this. I really does help and I can reach my entire back as well as my neck.

  8. Julie T.
    22 de junio de 2024

    You need this!
    This is a great massager! The pressure is perfect. I love the fact that it’s quiet. My husband uses it while we’re watching TV and l can barely hear it. The heat factor is nice too. The movement of the rollers changes throughout the massage, which is a good feature. We also like the «handles» as your arms don’t get tired from holding it and it doesn’t slip away from you.

  9. Hmarshall
    22 de junio de 2024

    I liked the deep tissue massage. Used it for tension in neck and shoulders and after first use, stiffness and pain gone.

  10. Adolfo P
    22 de junio de 2024

    Muy buen masajeador

  11. Dara
    22 de junio de 2024

    É ótimo para massagem, porque da para utilizar em vários locais, além de ser de baixo custo comparado aos outros. Até agora está funcionando perfeitamente bem! O que eu não gostei foi da entrega pois enviaram em uma caixa que chegou totalmente amassada.

  12. Cotegamus
    22 de junio de 2024

    Mi esposa lo ha usado continuamente y está muy contenta con su desempeño

  13. Fm
    22 de junio de 2024

    Parfait pour moi, ce produit vient en complément des massages du kinésithérapeute (kiné 1a2 fois/semaine) pour un rétablissement sans perdre les acquis, je l’utilise avec son accord en connaissance de cause les jours ou je n’ai pas kiné

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