MassaMAX 2024 MD306 Pro Sillón de masaje – Relajación de cuerpo completo con estiramiento de yoga, gravedad cero, pista SL, rodillos para pies, bolsas de aire, calefacción (negro)



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Rodillos de masaje inteligentes
Masaje de estiramiento de yoga
Sistema automático de escaneo corporal
Pista SL y gravedad cero
Masaje con rodillos para pies

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Customers like the appearance of the chair, mentioning it looks great and is of good quality. They are also satisfied with the value and performance. However, some customers differ on comfort, size, ease of use, quality, and adjustability.

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  • 25 de junio de 2024


  1. RDVM
    25 de junio de 2024

    Great therapy aid for my spine problems. Well priced.
    My daughter and I are enjoying this product very much. She works long hours, different shifts…and so do I! After working for decades in the medical field I have developed herniated disks at several levels of my spine with terrible neck muscle spasms and debilitating flair ups of lumbar pain. She has tight neck muscles. She gave the chair a try one day…and many days after. Then stopped asking…because her neck was so much better! It’s also my experience the relieve will last for several days! After searching for several days I found MassaMax 2022 to summarize the best features available and the best offer out there. I’ve been using this product for three months and it does not disappoint. It offers an array of Presets 1-7 (f1-f5 and ‘More’ on the remote). The Modes shortcut offers different massage techniques rendered by what I call the ‘hands’ of the Manipulator (the part doing the action up and down your spine, buttocks and hamstring area). I was greatly surprised by the combination of features I was able to get from this chair. The more I got to know all the available functions the more I felt the MassaMax offers more than I need for relaxation and pain relieve. All functioning in perfect harmony and sequence, one can feel the science behind it all. For instance, the massage provided to hands and forearm doesn’t occur ramdomly, it squeezes your finger tips, then your forearm, promoting the blood flow back to the heart through the veins. I can also feel the relaxing stretch through the pressure applied. By the way, the great majority of features one can control, like the intensity of the airbags, the width of the spine massage unit and the speed of the massage. I love switching Modes: from shiatsu, to tapping, to tapping plus shiatsu combined (my favorite), 6 modes in total; they are a blast! One of my favorite features is to fixate the manipulator in one area during the 20-minute massage. To get there, while all the airbag action is going on, I tap the human torso icon on the remote then select the level of massage by clicking the mentioned icon one more time when the manipulator get to the area I want, then one more time to keep it there. I can always use the arrows to move it up and down if I am not happy where the massage is going on. This can be done also with the neck Pre-set via the “shoulder position” arrows at the left upper quadrant of the Remote. There’s the legrest area great for people who are standing for long hours. There are rollers for the bottom of your feet and dedicated airbags with kneading action for your calf , all of which you can control or simply turn of if you had enough of it. The time of massage is 20 minutes by default, but you can increase it up to 30 minutes at a time. If I need more work in any area or my daughter wants it, I let the machine rest for at least 30-45 minutes before starting another session. The time you can adjust from 5 to 30 minutes, via 5 minute increase. I love the lumbar heat. I take prevention very seriously because I want my chair to last for years to come. I follow directions according to the manual: at the end of every session I turn of the chair in the back and unplug it form the power outlet. I even have a surge protector dedicated to this chair. I understand this is not an industrial grade chair; it’s for personal use. I try not to abuse it and also keep it in an area of good ventilation; I turn the ceiling fan on -I am hot nature anyway- most of the times. This chair looks great, very decorative . Leather feels real, good quality. A couple words of warning: the chair is narrow at my shoulders (I am kind of athletic type), I just twist them a little until I find a time to call Costumer service to get instructions on how to remove the upper body airbags ( I don’t need them anyway). Secondly, at some point some area may feel like the mechanism is hurting your spine joints, even painful, I think this is because those muscles are now relaxed and the manipulator is reaching deeper. What works for me to adapt to this situation is to just widen the (width) of the massage or place a 2-inch-thick cushion in the area of concern. Lastly, Costumer Service can be reached via phone call, email and even video chat. I had a software malfunction with a prior chair and the Seller decided to send me a brand new chair. You can tell they care about your satisfaction with this product.

  2. KAS
    25 de junio de 2024

    awesome chair
    Ok I don’t usually write reviews but when you spend 2000 on a chair its worth a review. I did about 6 months of research an settled on this one for the options and most importantly the 3 year manufacturers warranty which I didn’t have to use yet.I have had the chair for 2 plus months so I figured it was good enough to give a valuable opinion.Ok I am a 49 year old male weigh about 215 at 5’9 tall. so pretty average. I do a labor job where I am always working on my feet, as i am a field engineer working on large equipment. Just a quick gist of the needs. some days I am sore, some days tired, and some days all good. I do go to gym almost every day so I tend to get sore from lifting as well.I must say that I joke around with my wife as I gave the chair a name I call her Venessa as a joke. This chair is great and works awesome. I recommend anyone that orders it to contact manufacture for a back pillow as it can be intense at times and maybe painful for some. with the pillow it works perfectly as i cannot find a way to adjust intensity.the way it massages it baffling for the price, i would say it is a good as the 10k+ machines out there. especially with the options it comes with. while this one has the arm massagers it is hard to adjust what you want when your arms are locked in (air is on) not really locked. would be nice to have a small remote for hand closer but definitely not a big deal. also there is a 20 minute timer that will auto shut off. don’t like that. but I am still learning the machine and finding new stuff I like.I had plenty of people over during the holidays and that chair ran all night every night. it was everyone’s discussion point they all loved it. So in conclusion i recommend it to all my friends and family. Best 2000 i ever spent. And no i am not getting anything for putting this opinion out here, Also I will say, I fell asleep in it many many times and I almost never fall asleep in a TV room. but this chair has a hidden power LOLcheers and hope this helps.

  3. Dennis McIntyre
    25 de junio de 2024

    I like it!
    First thing, I bought it for the stretch massage which it said it had. I was unimpressed with the stretch. But then I was comparing it to a chair much more expensive.It is heavy and large, 250 lbs. And delivery was to my front yard. I like others may buy this because they have a bad back. So be prepared. I am lucky to have good neighbors.The voice unit sucks. It doesn’t respond and if in randomly tells me it’s on. I just turned it off.I don’t like the cable and set up for the required hand controller. A convenience thing.It was packaged well, cushioned, wrapped. No damage. It was cosmetically flawless. The two Amazon delivery people were tumbling it across the yard. It was big.It is difficult to get in and out. That may be an issue with someone with mobility problems.I could nitpick a dozen minor things. But I am happy with it.The chair is very comfy. Gives a good knead, tap. I will use this chair daily. I am very happy with it overall. It would help someone with sore muscles, painful back. I hope it lasts. It appears sturdy. It is NOT a 1 person move. Even across the room. If you had this furniture it’d prevent inlaws or others from moving around furniture.The directions and control are both complicated. But it has several programs, and manual mode so you can direct the massage where you want. Save programs and settings for you and other people.The heat is hot. There is no hi low. Just on off. May be ok.

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