MassaMAX 2024 Sillón de masaje de cuerpo completo, sillón reclinable de gravedad cero con estiramiento de yoga, pista SL, bolsas de aire, calefacción, pantalla táctil y masaje de pies (MD906-Beige)



Price: $1,719.00
(as of Jun 25, 2024 20:18:56 UTC – Details)

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Pista SL de 53,15 pulgadas de largo
Terapia de calentamiento de la espalda baja
Masaje de estiramiento de cuerpo completo.
Sistema automático de escaneo corporal.
Diseño de cápsula espacial de gravedad cero
Masaje exprimidor de airbags de cuerpo completo.
Manos de masaje mecánico inteligente.
12 programas de masaje automático preestablecidos y masaje con rodillo, raspado y compresión de aire en el área de los pies
90% premontado, montaje de reposapiés de 5 minutos antes de su uso.
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Customers say

Customers like the comfort, ease of set up, value, quality and features of the massage chair. For example, they mention it’s a great investment, built very well, has multiple modes and customizations and that it has 12+ preprogrammed massage modes that focus on different areas of your body. Customers are also impressed with knowledge, and performance.

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  • 25 de junio de 2024


  1. Tina Houston
    25 de junio de 2024

    Best Customer Service Ever!
    Received the chair much sooner than expected. Delivery was amazing! Not a scratch in the box. Delivery guy looked like he could bench press the chair, but handled it with extreme care. Attaching the foot part was the only piece to put together and was easy. Plugged it in and nothing. 😕 Called customer service and was amazed at how friendly, knowledgeable and quick they were. Kiersten was the best! I wish every customer service representative was like her! Took off the back panel. One wire to the power switch must have come loose during shipping. Boyfriend saw it right away. Easy access and a 1 minute fix. That’s it! The chair exceeded my expectations. Quality leather, comfortable and so relaxing. I am only 5’1 so I have to scrunch down an inch or two to get my arms in the perfect position but fits the rest of the family perfectly. Lol! So worth every penny and more! I hope Kiersten’s supervisor sees this and recognizes her for how amazing she is!

  2. Christopher Sharpe
    25 de junio de 2024

    Nice array of massage choices
    I got this for my wife for Christmas (so, for «us», truth be told!). I just assembled it and tested it out, prepping it before giving it officially on Christmas Day.Rollers on these things are generally hard on my pelvis bones and this one also. Yet, I like this chair! Limited AI works. Zero grav is great. And I was able to find a massage setting or two that work for my needs (My wife will do the same). I love the foot rollers. And the calf massage is adequate. Still a lot to figure out with the air bag settings. Assembly was easy, unless I did something wrong, but I think I got it (instructions were a bit vague). A great investment. Bluetooth is great too!An update after two days: it definitely needs a cushion in the hip/pelvis area. I use a thin pillow and that saves my lower back. When I tried it out the first day, the rollers really hurt my lower back, which is still recovering (strained or sprained). So, I say watch your intensity settings, but enjoy. It’s my 1st massage chair. Adequate. Wife loves it!

  3. katiew711
    25 de junio de 2024

    Delivery was weird, chair is excellent
    Expected delivery was 1 month out. I was ok with that. I get a call 2 weeks after I order the chair and they say delivery will take longer than expected and they have me the option to get a refund or wait for the delivery, I chose to wait. The chair arrives 3 days later (left at my front door). So in the end I got the chair 2 weeks early but it was not a coordinated delivery as I thought it was. (I’m not mad, it was just odd).Now the chair: it’s worth every penny.

  4. Dachsie Dog
    25 de junio de 2024

    MUST read before buying- MassaMAX Massage Chair
    CHAIR: This is a fabulous chair with many options including push down extending foot rest, track for spine, heat, multiple modes and customizations. Provides much more than all other chairs at this price point. This replaced a cheaper model chair for us that had some issues that we had to return so we went for a more expensive model. Fantastic chair overall.SHIPPING: When we bought this chair there was absolutely no option for white glove shipping. Just free amazon shipping that was scheduled when you placed the order. Because there was only ONE shipping option (read: no shipping option except what you were assigned), this gave me the erroneous impression that it would be delivered and put in room of my choice/ unboxed per the detailed shipping instructions that Amazon provided when the shipping detail button was clicked. On the contrary, the box came and the delivery people were going to leave a 150lb+ boxed chair in my living room. It needed to go upstairs and my spouse has a disability so I have no one to help me get it upstairs. Believe me, if white glove delivery was an option, I would have selected it but it was not given to me as a choice during order. The delivery people said «oh yeah we have all kinds of options.» GRRRRRR. It worked out bc I gave them each $40 to haul it up the stairs for me. Delivery folks were great- not their fault. That brings me to the third point to beware of,DIMENSIONS!: They get the behemoth up the stairs and try to get it through the door. No go. I said leave it in the hall and I’ll deal with it. I get the box off of it (with great effort) after they leave and finally figure out how to get it to the door sans the box dragging under it. I mean this thing is a whale and the footrest wasn’t attached so even with the wheels it was hard to maneuver. And I am no slouch. I do everything from electrical, plumbing, tiling, flooring at my house. I know how to do things. I get old Moby to the door and it gets STUCK once half way in. my 30.5″ door opening couldn’t accommodate a 29.9″ chair. Mind you, the old chair had the same dimensions and got through fine- just grazing the edges on both sides with no damage to the chair. So, the problem with this chair I discovered is that it has a fancy plastic logo on the sides AND a long plastic decorative «swoosh» on each side that lights up blue (eye roll) when in use. Well isn’t that just high tech and totally useless? I wouldn’t care at all except that it makes the dimensions given in the description WRONG by an inch at its widest point. Not only did I have to take my standard 30″ interior door off the hinges but I had to pry one side of my trim off to make the opening wide enough. Oh, and then I had to assemble the foot rest once it was in (easy in the scheme of things) and repair door. I prayed to every god from every world religion that Moby would fire up and work. To my great delight it did- blue light thingy and all.If you have a yearning to buy your own Moby, you will love it. But, know that you will leave it at your place when you move rather than hassling to take it with you. Oh, also, it will take 3 men and a boy to get it up or down any stairs you have. Enjoy!

  5. Michelle
    25 de junio de 2024

    The best chair ever
    We have had great use of this chair. We love it. We use it throughout the day and we even have family that come to use it and they love it as well. The different options. It has to relax. A massage are amazing.

  6. Todd Little
    25 de junio de 2024

    Definitely not what we expected.
    Unfortunately, this is the first Bad Review I have ever written.The chair was not delivered on time.In order to move the chair into our home, we had to destroy an entire door frame.The voice commands on the chair are no longer functional. The Air Pressure feature is extremely loud and does not work properly.The Blue Tooth speakers are extremely fuzzy and do not offer the quality of sound that we were expecting.This Massage Chair has been a complete disappointment .We truly wish that we had never made this purchase.T.J.

  7. Best ever
    25 de junio de 2024

    great product
    good chair for the money

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