Master Massage Kit de masaje para cuna facial de escritorio – Soporte de almohada para la cara de mesa y escritorio – Cuna plegable ajustable para reposacabezas – Kit de masaje, artefacto de siesta, recuperación de cirugía ocular, color negro



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👍【Solución de masaje portátil】 – ¡Lleve su servicio de masaje mientras viaja con el kit de masaje con soporte facial para escritorio y colchón Master Massage! Este kit de masaje doméstico multifuncional es perfecto para colocarlo en cualquier colchón para dormir de entre 3″ y 17″ e instalarlo en cualquier mesa de comedor plana o escritorio de oficina. Además, está fabricado con un marco de aluminio aeronáutico liviano, por lo que pesa solo 4,8 libras.
👍【Ajustable y Cómodo】- Crea un ambiente relajante dondequiera que estés. El soporte facial ajustable y el cojín facial extraíble hacen que este kit de soporte para masajes sea perfecto para cualquier cliente de masaje. Además, su almohadilla pectoral desmontable tapizada en Natursoft y sus reposabrazos acolchados extraíbles proporcionan una relajación total.
👍【Ángulo y altura ajustables】 – Ajuste fácilmente el ángulo y la altura del kit de masaje de soporte facial de escritorio Master Massage para satisfacer sus necesidades mientras realiza masajes de escritorio y masajes de colchón. Es ideal para terapeutas que buscan expandir su negocio brindando servicios en ubicaciones externas.
👍【Estuche de transporte de lujo incluido】 – ¡Disfrute de un transporte sin preocupaciones con la bolsa de viaje de lujo incluida! Mantenga el paquete de masaje de su colchón limpio y protegido durante todos sus viajes: liviano y plegable, puede guardarlo fácilmente en un estuche de transporte sin ningún problema. Perfecto para visitas al hogar, la oficina o incluso al hospital.
👍【Especificaciones】 – Peso: 6 libras (solo kit de masaje) Cojín para el pecho: 2”, Altura: 11.6”, Largo: 11.6” y Ancho: 3.5” Material: Tapicería Natursoft y marco de aluminio.

Customers say

Customers like the quality and relaxation of the furniture. They mention that it’s well constructed, stable, and comfortable. Some say that it is great for back pain.

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  • 24 de junio de 2024


  1. GEW
    24 de junio de 2024

    Great for back pain
    My Dad has back issues and this was a great way for us to help relieve some of the pain with a massage, since he can’t comfortably lay down for a standard massage. I tried it out, too, and found the face rest so relaxing.

  2. Robert The Consumer
    24 de junio de 2024

    Very Buyer Size & Shape Sensitive
    Tried to use these for Macular hole surgery recovery. I personally found them poor for me. It would be fine for someone who just wants to sit there and play with their phone. This would be reasonably stable and comfortable. Problem is most of us would quickly go crazy just sitting there staring down at our phone for weeks. We want to read or like myself look at a laptop etc. The problem is you have to be able to sit right at the table edge so you can’t be overweight, short etc. You also need a very high seat like a bar stool for it to work on a standard table so high seat and low table is pretty awkward.You have to lean your head over the table looking down, unfortunately all these logistics won’t go high enough for you to be able to see an entire 15″ laptop or even read a decent size book, crossword magazines etc. You might see one side of a smaller book or read some text on one side of a laptop but forget movies, Youtube etc. You would have to be an odd shape person to be tall enough to sit in something like this simple setup and get just high enough to view an entire laptop screen on a table top.The quality was decent and it would have worked however the logistics were just not there for what I wanted to do. I found it easier to keep the laptop in my lap and leaned forward looking down. It was FAR from comfortable but I made it through it. I watched a zillion movies. The big ones you can lay on like the chiropractor uses you can adjust the height of everything letting you get comfortable then having someone find a small table, box etc at just the right height for your viewing things but heck they are $500+. With this you need the right height table, chair and body.

  3. Kristin
    24 de junio de 2024

    Pretty darn cool and creative tool for massage
    This was a neat idea whomever thought of it, It’s good quality and fits nicely on a desk or counter top.

  4. FryLady
    24 de junio de 2024

    Useful for retinal detachment surgery post-op
    We purchased this device to help with my husband’s post-op recovery from retinal detachment surgery. He had to be face down for 7 days. There are other similar devices sold that include a mirror and a cover for the head-cushion and are marketed just for vitrectomy/eye surgery recovery, but this was half the price.My husband said the pros are:Very supportive and relaxing – he fell asleep in it more than once.Adjustable, although it took a bit of playing around to get the proper heights and angles for our various tables & chairs.Easy to use once you get the hang of itCons are:The vinyl material gets hot on your face after a while. I debated making a cover for it but it would have been too complicated and he told me not to bother.The head-cushion began to flatten after a few days of use.The part that sits flat on the table sometimes lifts off the table, so it has to be readjusted frequently to keep it at the right angle.We did not try using it in a bed, only on a table.Overall, this was a reasonable solution for a difficult time. It helped in recovery and it can also be used as a massage device. I like that it comes with a carrying case. We may need this for future surgeries (hopefully not) and if so, it will be at the ready.

  5. DJ
    24 de junio de 2024

    Dont waste your money
    Unless you are tall, this doesn’t work. I’m only 5’3” so it needed to be at a lower to the table setting. With it that low I couldn’t read anything because it was too close. Also if you have to wear glasses it is not comfortable. If you are just using it to sit in a comfortable position it’s fine. Just don’t expect to use it to read if you need reading glasses.

  6. Ct Mathis
    24 de junio de 2024

    Good construction
    Perfect for most people, my big face made it a bit tight to relax after my vitrectomy surgery.

  7. Amazon Customer
    24 de junio de 2024

    Soft, wide and multi use.
    Awesome, wide face cradle. Customer with lash extensions was worried because lashes got flat with previous face cradle. Works good with bed, desk and at the bar table is great to perform massages at that height.

  8. Babchia
    24 de junio de 2024

    Great Product
    This is just the thing for mobil massage. It is easy to set up and is way more stable than I had at first thought. I would recommend this item.

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