Master Massage Paquete de mesa de masaje portátil Santana Therma Top de 31″ (almohadillas térmicas integradas)



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👍【Ligero y portátil】- Con un peso de solo 37 libras, la mesa de masaje Santana Master es fácil de transportar y cuenta con cierres de cierre de cama de masaje portátil estilo equipaje doble. La mesa de masaje portátil mide 31″ de ancho x 84″ de largo y la altura de la cama de spa portátil se puede ajustar fácilmente entre 24″ y 34″ para cualquier configuración.
👍【Comodidad y soporte superiores】- Con un cojín de 3″ de espesor de espuma multicapa de células pequeñas y una capa de espuma viscoelástica, la mesa de belleza portátil brinda comodidad y soporte superiores para sus clientes. Diseñada para durar, esta cama de belleza portátil es revestido con tapizado de PU de color rojo montaña resistente al aceite y al agua, libre de CFC.
👍【Durabilidad y seguridad excepcionales】- Con patas de madera de haya pulida europea diseñadas para superar los requisitos establecidos por la Junta de Recursos del Aire de California (CARB), esta mesa de pestañas portátil es extremadamente duradera y segura de usar y lucirá estéticamente agradable en cualquier espacio.
👍【Fuerte y resistente】- Fabricado con 1000 libras. Cables de soporte de acero de calidad aeroportuaria para darle a la mesa de tatuaje portátil una capacidad de trabajo de 750 libras. Esta mesa de masaje plegable proporciona resistencia y durabilidad óptimas para apoyar a cualquier cliente para que usted pueda brindar la mejor experiencia posible.
👍【Paquete completo】- La mesa de masaje Santana Master viene con un paquete completo de accesorios, que incluye un innovador soporte facial ajustable ergonómico Dream, un cojín facial de espuma viscoelástica, un reposabrazos completamente acolchado y un estuche de transporte con 2 bolsillos.

Customers say

Customers like the comfort, appearance and quality of the massage table. They mention that it has very comfortable padding, it’s well designed and that it’ll make for a nice massage. They appreciate ease of setup, temperature and sturdiness. However, some disagree on portability and performance.

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  • 24 de junio de 2024


  1. Barbara Weiss
    24 de junio de 2024

    The best of all possible worlds
    This is the best table I have EVER worked on. First of all, it is solid and strong. I give a pretty deep massage, and this table can take it. Some of my clients are upward of 300 pounds, and this table can take it! It is also a great design, is easy to set up and adjust the height. The extra-wide 31 inches is SO nice! The face cradle is very adjustable and the arm shelf is a nice convenience and is well designed: very comfy on the arms. And let’s not even talk about the built-in heat! It adjusts easily and works so well. My clients all say the heat is very comfortable and relaxing. That extra-thick padding is also a nice feature. And last but not least, the price is right. I’ve seen tables twice the price that were not as good. And no, no one paid me to write this. Check out this table. You won’t regret it.

  2. Amazon Customer
    24 de junio de 2024

    Great table – very sturdy
    Have had this table for almost two weeks now and I am very happy with the sturdiness and stability of the table. I’m 6′ 4″ and 263 pounds, and this table hasn’t flexed, squeaked or wobbled at all with me on it during my exercises, I was very surprised at this. The table is wider than the one I use at physical therapy, which makes it so much easy to roll from my stomach to my back, and or my side for the exercises I need to do. The heated top is fully adjustable (plus on or off), and provides a nice way to loosen up your back muscles prior to doing exercises, or just to help relax after a long day (use a pillow for your head when on your back – or least I do, my spine is too stiff). I don’t use the arm rest feature at all by the head rest, I just let my arms hang off the side or place them by my side on the table. Getting the table set up is super easy, I pulled it out of the bag, set it on it’s side on the floor, rotate the legs out straight (make sure the cross cables are caught up on anything – go slow), then raise the table up straight from the floor. Done. Didn’t need to adjust the legs, even with my height, sitting on the edge of the table, the bottom of my feet are still at least four inches from the floor. Planning on using this table for long time, as I’m not getting any younger, and need to do my exercises each day to help stay flexible. Tried doing my PT exercises on our bed, but that just doesn’t work, the bed flexes too much, it just doesn’t offer the support like the table does. The table is firm, but has a nice thick pad for support, I don’t feel any pressure points on my bones using this table. Was worried that maybe the material used to cover the table would have a plastic smell, but it doesn’t at all; if anything, the smell is slightly pleasant. I would not hesitate at all in telling someone else to purchase this table, it’s a win-win for anyone needing a firm table for exercising or massage work. I’ll try and update my review in 6 months with a follow-up.

  3. Todd Carpenter
    24 de junio de 2024

    Sturdy & Comfortable, Heating Pad is Sufficient
    My wife and I have used this at least 5 times in the last 4 weeks. It holds me just fine at 270 lbs with no signs of sag or wobble. I was a little skeptical about the sturdiness of it, but it’s been great. There are days I just want to lay on my back on it with the heat on and just relax. It is a little hefty to carry around, but I like things to be a little overbuilt and this really hit the nail on the head. No issues at all so far, will update if we experience issues in the future.

  4. Shaunta M.
    24 de junio de 2024

    Oh yes! Quality furniture
    Everything about this table screams quality. It came packaged really well. I could lift it by myself using both arms. I was fully set up within 5 minutes or so and, I tell you, I’m SOOO happy I went with this table. The leather material isn’t cheap feeling and you can tell that the manufacturers really put some time into constructing it. The clamps to open the table are sturdy and there are bumpers on the bottom of the table to keep it from laying directly on the floor. For me this is great because I had hard wood flooring throughout my home and wouldn’t want my table to be damaged by a snag or anything. Inside the table are Velcro attachments that hold all the provided accessories and instructions. Adjusting the table with the knobs on each end is so easy my 7 year old son did it. There is a bungee cord/wire ensemble underneath that ensures the table will extend and retract perfectly and it’s not in the way of anything.After taking everything from underneath, including the cord for the heat, I sat the table upright. Beautiful! The instructions for attaching the headrest and armrest came with pictures to make setup simple and easy. I bought a massage table sheet set along with this and set it all up. After plugging it in and setting the number on the screen, I was ready to try it out. OMG! I ended up falling asleep it felt so good! The warmth mixed with the comfyness was just what my body needed.My husband and I enjoyed massages on this. We’re both in the 200-240lb range and 5 ft 7 in-5 ft 10. No problems with cracking or denting what so ever. Buy this! You won’t be disappointed.

  5. James V. Eccles
    24 de junio de 2024

    My Wife Loves My Birthday Present
    I have never been able to buy my wife a birthday present she enjoyed. So we agree to buy our own birthday presents. This year I bought this massage table. My first. I chose this table because it was rated for more weight, which meant that it was sturdy. I had read in reviews that cheap tables work fine but breakdown with use. This table has very nice feel in the material. It is easy to set up (we fold it up and store it after it’s use.) It is not that portable at about 50 lbs (I’m 66), but I can drag it to its assigned storage spot. Finally, I bought sheets that were recommended and Master Massage Oils to begin our foray into massage.I have been trading massage evenings with my wife occasionally during our COVID isolation. She used to go to a friend for a massage around her birthday and now she gets a massage upon her request. As arthritis begins to show up in our aging bodies, it is nice to bring a new tools for comfort and healing.Certainly, I advise making the massage non-sexual at least 6 of 7 times to insure a spouse doesn’t begin to identify a life-enhancing practice with a myopic intention to dread. However, the massage table has provided a great starting point to some planned evenings of intimacy.

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