Mini masajeador corporal de tejido profundo eléctrico de mano de 4 cabezales – Herramienta de masaje muscular profesional orbital portátil para aliviar la tensión de hombros y espalda y herramienta quiropráctica para liberación miofascial



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【Pistola de masaje de tejido profundo】Masajeadores HYAKO F1 de mano de tejido profundo. Rendimiento energético: motor sin escobillas, gran área de herramientas de masaje de contacto. Masaje de tejido profundo de 6 mm que puede aliviar rápidamente la rigidez y el dolor muscular, promover la circulación sanguínea, aliviar el ácido láctico y mejorar la capacidad de crecimiento y autorreparación de las células del cuerpo. El Masajeador Muscular Eléctrico Profesional de Tejido Profundo de Espalda para deportistas de élite.
【8 cabezales de masaje + 5 niveles de velocidad】Masajeador de tejido profundo de percusión eléctrica 5 velocidades ajustables por minuto (1200-2500) hasta 2500 RPM. masajeador corporal de mano Proporciona experiencias de masaje de diferente intensidad, de baja, media a alta. Puede beneficiar a quienes permanecen sentados en escritorios durante mucho tiempo, sufren dolores musculares de espalda, cuello y hombros o tensión en las pantorrillas. La pistola de masaje proporciona un masaje muscular profundo y un potente alivio del dolor.
【Carga rápida TIPO C】 Pistola de masaje de terapia de percusión Compatible con carga USB A – USB C – La mini pistola de masaje HYAKO F1 se puede cargar fácilmente mediante un cable USB tipo C utilizando un adaptador de teléfono estándar o un adaptador de 5 V/2 A (no incluido). Masajeador de fisioterapia fsa Tiene una gran área de contacto que puede aliviar el dolor o la rigidez muscular, que es 4 veces mayor que la de una pistola de fascia normal.
【Súper silenciosa y portátil】Nuestra pistola de masaje silenciosa de percusión portátil puede ofrecer una experiencia de alta potencia y bajo ruido (35-45 dB) cuando está en funcionamiento. La mejor pistola de masaje de viaje Diseño liviano (1.62 lbs) que se ajusta a principios ergonómicos, antideslizante eficaz, fácil de agarrar con máxima comodidad y portabilidad incomparable es el masajeador muscular electrico ideal para deportistas.
Regalo perfecto: pistola de masaje de percusión: nuestro mini masajeador de espalda eléctrico de 4 cabezales está cuidadosamente diseñado, es una pistola de masaje portátil, fácil de usar y funcional. Es un regalo de cumpleaños ideal, una pistola de masaje para atletas, regalos para mujeres o regalos de graduación para su pareja o sus seres queridos.

Customers say

Customers like the performance, ease of use, and relaxation of the massager. They mention that it’s very powerful, works better than expected, and has well placed massage balls. They also appreciate the soothing pulses that put the distress to rest.

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  • 26 de junio de 2024


  1. OMR
    26 de junio de 2024

    Excellent Everywhere
    Love the levels,the 4 head movement.Almost perfect for all areas.Wish it had a handle where you can reach areas such as back and feet.

  2. Kevin Gallagher
    26 de junio de 2024

    I’ll make a video soon! I just wanted to get the word out on how GOOD this product is!
    As usual- I did an enormous and extensive deal of research before Purchasing this product.I’ll be honest- I had my heart (& wallet $$$) set on purchasing what I CONSIDER TO BE THE HANDS DOWN KING 🤴 OF PERCUSSION STYLE ELECTRIC/BATTERY POWERED MASSAGERS…THE THUMPER PRO!COST: $379BUUUT… MY FIANCE LISA? I COULD SENSE HER STRONG DISAPPROVAL ON SPENDING THAT MUCH. EVEN THOUGH SHE’S THE ONE WHO MAY BENEFIT MOST FROM THE PRODUCT.Nonetheless… I then began to consider THE THUMPER MINI *(I’ve owned 2 of them… each one lasting close to a decade!!! 10 yrs!They’re amazing and I have yet to own the THUMPER PRO ($379)THE MINI ($179-199) WAS MY NEXT CHOICE.BUUUT we suffered a temporary $180,000 loss in 2023 that STILL is being dealt with.Victory in that matter is all but assured. Sooo I will be getting my THUMPER PRO SOON.BUT THIS IS ABOUT the HIYAKI HAND HELD LITHIUM ION BATTERY CORDLESS MASSAGER…AND… It’s Great 👍!!!Unbelievable power from a cordless device!4 heads and 5 speeds. I’ve ONLY BEEN ABLE TO USE THE 1ST 2 SPEEDS!!!Note: When these massagers are REALLY GOOD like this one?You cannot just apply full power and pressure.You’ll be a walking bruise!!!But… you WILL get used to it! In a very good way!I’m Beginning to explore speeds 3 through 5. And I am very happy for seventy nine dollars???It’s LIKE STEALING!!!I HOPE HIYAKI KNOWS HOW GOOD OF A PRODUCT THEY HAVE HERE.I don’t have alot of time right now.. (I’m busy Fighting to get my fiancée her $180,000 back!)However, I will do a video soon. Showing all the inns and outs & great features + PERFORMANCE you get from buying this device.So look for that soon!Until then? You should have zero reservations about buying this product!I can’t say enough good things about it.I travel. Constantly.As such i’m very rough & hard on all my devices.Phones.. speakers.. and this device.I’ve dropped it 7 or 8 times hard.No issues.It’s built like a tank!With extra heads just in case.This product gets my «KevG MUST BUY» label 🏷You will not regret it.You can always later on spend the $379 for va THUMPER PRO.AND… Precisely because of the quality value and craftsmanship of this machine?I’ll even be looking up HIYAKI to see what other more expensive offerings they have.Maybe I’ll put off buying a THUMPER PRO again.It’s entirely possible.We’ll see what HIYAKI has.Certified a BEST BUYby KEVG !!!

  3. Michelle M. Janczak
    26 de junio de 2024

    Love it but no charging cube included
    Love the multiple heads and variable speeds. Durable for work. Handle a little bit wide, but manageable. Disappointed for the price there was no charging cube included.

  4. Scotty
    26 de junio de 2024

    How do I feel!
    What is not to love, this instrument covers all the basses. Legs aches on long drives, this soothing pulse puts the distress to rest without having to leave the seat. I do recommend.

  5. davidson05
    26 de junio de 2024

    Does not work!
    I received it quickly. I charged it, but it won’t turn on. I’m returning it.Update: The seller reached out to me and was very nice. They quickly offered me a refund or a replacement. I chose the refund. I will be purchasing this product again because it is exactly what I was looking for. Hopefully, it’ll work next time.

  6. A.T
    26 de junio de 2024

    We have multiple devices. This company is amazing and so are the products.
    We have multiple devices. This company is amazing. Had some questions, she responded rather quickly. We have shared this link to our social media followers, neighbors, co workers. It’s crazy how many people have seen how my husband has cancer and gets so much relieve from these products and same with me with my cramps from sitting at a computer every day and carrying all my stress in my upper back. Check our their other products!

  7. Great.
    26 de junio de 2024

    So effective.

  8. T. L.
    26 de junio de 2024

    to bulky to use comfortably and battery life shorter than advertised . Returning tomorrow

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