Paddie Silla de tatuaje portátil con bolsa de almacenamiento, mesa de masaje ajustable, cama facial plegable, multiusos para esteticista, extensión de pestañas, microblading spa, color blanco



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[Foldable & Portable] La silla de tatuaje portátil Paddie con mango resistente es adecuada para que la lleven esteticistas móviles y principiantes, peso: 27 kg/59 lb. Si lo quieres para uso doméstico, también funciona bien. El diseño plegable permite ahorrar espacio cuando no está en uso. El método de instalación rápida ahorra un tiempo valioso, especialmente conveniente para las mujeres.
[Convertible Tattoo Chair] Tanto el respaldo como el reposapiés son ajustables para proporcionar diversas posturas cómodas para sentarse y tumbarse. Con el respaldo que sube 85° y el reposapiés baja 85°, la cama de masaje Paddie se puede convertir en una mesa de masaje para garantizar su multifuncionalidad y comodidad óptima para el esteticista. El reposacabezas desmontable con orificio para la cara y los reposabrazos extraíbles facilitan la conversión de posturas de masaje libres.
[Qualified Craftsmanship] Fabricada en piel sintética resistente al desgaste y espuma de alta densidad con amortiguación de lujo, brindando la mayor comodidad a sus clientes. La superficie es resistente al aceite y al agua y no acumula manchas. Se puede utilizar un paño húmedo para limpiar el polvo y la suciedad. El amplio respaldo y el ángulo ajustable se adaptan a la curva del cuerpo, lo cual es ergonómico y cómodo y alivia completamente el estrés de la columna, el cuello y la cintura.
[Solid Construction] Paddie utiliza un marco de acero resistente que es más duradero y menos propenso a sufrir daños, lo que tiene un mejor rendimiento que una camilla de masaje portátil ordinaria, soporta un peso de hasta 150 kg/330 lb, una gran mejora en la estabilidad o la fuerza de soporte y proporciona años de servicio confiable. . Las almohadillas antideslizantes para los pies garantizan su estabilidad y fuerza de fricción que evitan que la cama del spa se tambalee o se resbale durante el masaje.
[Wide Application] Las camas de pestañas Paddie están diseñadas para profesionales como masajes, tatuajes, pestañas, microblading, cera y fines de belleza. Perfecto para el uso de estudiantes masajistas móviles o uso doméstico. Si hay algún problema, no dude en contactarnos y no escatimaremos esfuerzos para brindarle una experiencia de compra satisfactoria.

Customers say

Customers like the value, quality and comfort of the tattoo chair. They mention that it’s rock solid, well built, reliable and relatively stable. That said, some complain about the instructions. Opinions are mixed on portability.

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  • 25 de junio de 2024


  1. Sharla
    25 de junio de 2024

    Great quality
    So there is definitely mixed reviews on this chair when I read the reviews and I’m so happy I bought this.i bought this for my tattoo room & I think it’s super good quality and it was easily set up. It is super heavy, so I think it’s gonna be harder for transporting to different rooms if need be. And it’s not completely hard to sit on. There’s a little cushion. Buy it, you’ll love it!

  2. Cristobal L.
    25 de junio de 2024

    Great Product, Horrible Instructions and Heavy..
    Unfortunately every other item made in China drops the ball with proper instructions including graphics. This item is well made for it’s purpose it’s amazing not very compact and mind you it’s heavy. Over all price plus shipping it’s worth it..

  3. R. Powell
    25 de junio de 2024

    Terrible Product, Terrible Customer Service
    This chair is not portable, as stated in the description. It has to be put together every time. It didn’t come with instructions, so I cannot even figure out how to properly assemble it. It’s also very very heavy, and I’m not able to even carry it around. I contacted the company’s customer service for a return label because of an inaccurate website description, and they will not help me. I cannot use this. I’m very disappointed in this product.

  4. Amilieyes
    25 de junio de 2024

    Tilting problems
    The base is strong but not safe. Too easy to tilt over when weigh distribution not centered.

  5. Jeff
    25 de junio de 2024

    Not portable but very reliable
    For the price, this thing is stabilized properly, not super hard to move around, and strong for almost any weight. Definitely takes some work to break down if you’re gonna travel with it, if not, it is absolutely perfect in my opinion other than the armrest holes that have sharp covers that can cut your legs, otherwise it’s great

  6. kaos
    25 de junio de 2024

    Great chair for what it is…
    None of these portable chair / massage tables are particularly exceptional but this one is great for what it is and works as advertised. The metal frame is denser than a comparable massage table I also own and feels much more sturdy than that one as well. The wood they use as backing for the surfaces could be thicker but it seems to be industry standard at this price point – thin wood, a bit of foam, and stapled on pleather – it could definitely be thicker or better but if you’re looking for a chair at this price point, this one is just as good as any of the others and works as advertised so I’m going to give it 5 stars despite this.I’m even considering reinforcing the backing myself, with metal or more wood in the future just to make it a bit more solid, because the frame itself seems solid enough to last a while. An extra 20-30 bucks at the hardware store could probably extend the life of this chair by several years.The legs move independently of each other, up and down. They don’t swivel outward but they can be locked at any position up or down. Its a tension based mechanism that keeps the legs up or down, and can be locked at any desired position along its range of motion. They also extend out for longer legs, however I wouldn’t personally bare a lot of weight on it in the extended position, as the rods that hold the extended part are kind of thin. It seems to work well I’m just cautionary.Yeah, so overall – good for what it is. Pretty good budget tattoo chair that checks off many of the features that the higher end chairs provide but at 1/3 the price. There are some chairs that look almost identical but don’t fold up in a to-go package which this one does. It’s definitely chunky folded up, but it does the job. The reviewers of the comparable versions without this portable feature said their chairs are basically permanent once assembled so look closely at the bases to make sure you are getting the version you need. I’d argue that the only advantage of getting the non-portables (being that the rest of the chair seems to be 95% the same) is that those might be slightly more stable in a fully laid out position with their wider bases, but as I mentioned, I was pleasantly surprised at the stability of this unit after assembly. The ability to toss this version in a backseat if need be, or carry it up a flight of stairs, gives it the edge for me.Assembly took like 30 mins but I had help from my girlfriend. Some parts are definitely easier to do with 2 people but not impossible to do alone. Having some basic tools around will speed up assembly though technically they provide all the tools youll need in the box – if you like tinkering with those extra tiny in-the-box tools. Shipping took maybe like one week to the South USA.For tattoo artists, I’d definitely recommend this chair for beginners or those with just a few years in the game like myself.

  7. Shani Smoke-Davis
    25 de junio de 2024

    I like this chair and it’s so cute. Nice padding, texture, and color. I will say, it’s HEAVY! I’m an Aesthetic Nurse that provides concierge services. There’s no way I can carry it by myself, so I will use it for pop-up events and have my husband or sons carry it. The carrying bag is a little on the flimsy side, but not horrible. It will serve its purpose. The only con for me is, as mentioned in other reviews, you have to literally break it down to make it portable, using a wrench to remove 3 of the rods. However, it came with instructions that weren’t hard for my husband to read.

  8. Xavier @X1.TopSecret
    25 de junio de 2024

    great deal strong frame
    dont know what these other comments are talking about maybe the company resolved them but came with instructions pretty easy most of the bed was put together in the box mainly latches and upper back part of the bed had to be put together 30mins,for the price seems great the metal frame seems pretty strong will it last 10years maybe but ill take the chance instead of buying 1000$ beds ,its super comfy modern great value i will buy more

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