Pistola de masaje de percusión VYBE – Pistolas de masaje de percusión de velocidad V2-6 con 3 accesorios para terapia muscular de tejido profundo – Eléctrica, de mano, inalámbrica, brazo ajustable



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Potente: La pistola muscular está construida con 6 velocidades que van de 500 a 2400 golpes por minuto. Es un masajeador de tejido profundo que crea la cantidad adecuada de presión para ayudar a aliviar el dolor.
Profesional: Perfecta para atletas en todos los niveles de entrenamiento, nuestra pistola masajeadora de músculos profundos ayuda a aflojar los músculos rígidos antes y después del entrenamiento.
Calidad Premium: Completo con un cómodo mango ergonómico y un botón de encendido, nuestro masajeador muscular de alta calidad lleva la recuperación deportiva al siguiente nivel.
Personalizado: Con 3 puntas de masaje intercambiables, cada una dirigida a diferentes grupos de músculos, nuestra pistola de masaje le permite experimentar la recuperación deportiva a su manera.
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Customers say

Customers like the value, intensity and ease of use of the massager. They say it’s great value for money, gets deep into muscles and is easy to use. They appreciate the pain relief, performance, and quality. That said, some complain about the noise and battery life.

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  • 26 de junio de 2024


  1. Noah
    26 de junio de 2024

    I originally bought the Theragun G3Pro after seriously tweaking my back due to bad squat form at the gym. Thankfully it did the trick and helped me get back on my feet. However, after owning the Theragun for a couple weeks I kept thinking to myself «this thing is cool, no doubt, but this is not a $600 device» and I kept feeling like I had been duped. When you hold that device it just doesn’t «feel» like it should be $600 – $299 maybe. So I ended up returning it after paying for the return shipping. A week or so went on and I could feel my lower back starting to tense up again at the gym so I bought some foam rollers, and for the most part made due with those, casting off all interest in a massage gun.Fast forward to another two weeks off just using foam rollers, I got kind of sick of using them and decided to look into massage guns again to see if there were surely some cheaper alternative to the Theragun. I scoured pages of reviews, youtube channels, articles online to try to find something. The Vybe massage gun kept popping up from time to time, and I decided to pull the trigger and buy it when it was on sale for $135. It’s obviously the same gun used by many different companies but with their own logo sticker on it (you can see this exact gun sold in many different colors with different companies, I don’t believe it’s specifically a «Vybe» gun).I can say I look at this device and feel 100% good about this purchase. I don’t have any buyer’s remorse. It’s definitely worth the $135-160 they ask for. When I first tried it I was surprised at how it wasn’t nearly as loud as I expected, but, yes it is loud. I know it may sound dorky, but I literally just put earplugs in and sit on the couch with it and you don’t think anything of it. It’s an extremely powerful gun, just as much (if not more powerful) than the Theragun G3Pro. Between the travel case, the extra battery, and the three attachment heads, it is WELL worth the money. I use it almost every day and am so happy to have a massage gun again in my life! It feels incredible and you can really feel the difference. I use it mostly on my back, chest, arms and shoulders. But on legs and even your feet it feels incredible. I highly recommend this type of gun. The Theragun is great, and the fact that it is quieter is definitely a plus – however, it is not a reason to pay an extra $450. I vote Vybe all the way!

  2. BluEyedTiger
    26 de junio de 2024

    Loud but seriously effective
    Other reviews are right, this is not quiet, but damn it’s effective. I’ve had issues with tight muscles, fascia build up, muscle cramps and spasms in my legs. I’ve also had problems with my lower back and trapezius muscles and this thing has been heaven sent. I worked a spasm in a calf muscle in 5 minutes. I’ve had similar results with my trapezius and quadriceps.Again this device is loud. It basically sounds like a power tool but it’s a sacrifice given the cost differential with brands like Theragun.The power is intense. I can’t quantify the claim of 60+ lbs per beat but I have no reason to doubt it. It’s VERY strong. If I hold it in 1 spot for too long that spot goes numb.The speed is adjustable from 1-6 (500-2400 bpm) which is definitely satisfactory. An infinite adjustment would be better but it’s great IMO.The battery life is very good. I’ve used this a couple times a week over 5 weeks and have only changed out the battery once. I agree with the stated 1 hour battery life. It could be better or slightly less. Again I can’t quantify this without turning it on and running the battery dry. Having a spare battery to swap out is awesome too.I’m a big fan of the swappable massage heads. I particularly like the conical head. It’s perfect for breaking up fascia build up or a spasming muscle. The spherical heads are excellent too.Overall there isn’t anything I can say against this device other than the noice. I would prefer if it was more quiet but given the price and benefits it’s hard to criticize it too hard.I have to give it 2 thumbs up given all things considered.

  3. Andrew Dowling
    26 de junio de 2024

    I mean, it could be louder…
    So I am on of those brutally honest review folk but as always your mileage may vary.So lets start off with the good.So first off – nice carrying case. Good touch, looks like someone cared when they designed it.First impressions on use were that it was a little too intense. But I have quickly grown to like that it is quite a powerful and intense message gun.The battery life isnt THAT great – but IT HAS 2 BATTERIES! Friggen genius! That means when the thing cuts out, you just battery swap and you dont have to wait a couple of hours for a fully charged battery. This shows that during the design of this thing, some people actually used and tested it – and noticed that it was an issue and did something about it. Good job there.Now to the OK stuffBuild quality is OK. Injection mold work isnt the best but the thing fits together and does not feel flimsy in the hand. The design of the whole thing looks like its trying too hard – trying to copy a lot of power tools from the last few years. I would have simplified the design of the whole bottom half to be just over molded in the black, what is it butyl rubber or TPE/TPU or whatever you guys used and had just a blue – black – blue look with only two lines. Screws are exposed on one side – so one side is definitely prettier than the other. But again – overall OK. It works.Foam ball tips and attachments get an OK. They work but do feel and look kind of cheap. Gets the job done but I would have gone with a silicon or some kind of textured rubber.I am sure this thing will crap out at some point because of the gears inside it or trigger or batteries wearing out. It just does not have that «yeah, this thing will last forever, its so over built» feel to it. Its just OK in this category. But I am sure I will get my monies worth out of it. Like you know – if this thing lasts 5 to 10 years, and shits the bed – I will be OK with that. If it makes it 6 months to 2 years and craps out – I will be editing this review.The badThey used a brushed motor instead of a brushless motor. This means you get that wonderful electricy O zone smell when you use the thing. I would have gone with a brushless motor. This is actually my single biggest gripe with the thing. You (vybe) should really look into getting a replacement brushless motor and just quietly work that into anything you sell in the future.The trigger is on / off. I would have gone with a trigger that allows for some speed control – and still kept the speed adjust knob to limit the max speed. And once you have the electronic controls to make that happen – you could add nice features like speed ramp up and ramp down or little single punches like 3 in a row. Put a second knob on there that clicks to select all the different stuff. I mean I would probably just find one I like and use that one exclusively – and it still might be the «normal» setting, but it would bring product quality and features more in line with the price.The noise is pretty bad. They sdmit this – so gets a pass. But its about equivalent to a power reciprocating saw or jigsaw.Think – thats a link for a Cordless Brushless Jig SawIn fact this is a nice transition to my next point. What does this message gun look like? A battery powered jigsaw? hmmm.By my calculation the price for this thing should be about $100-$120. So I would argue its a bad deal.Conclusion:Would I buy this again. In one word – Yes. In a paragraph: I would need to try some other percussion massagers, I dont have much to compare it to. Would I pay twice as much for one that was half the noise? No. Would I buy one that had a brushless motor and was a little quieter for plus or minus 10% of the price of this one. Yes.So the review is 4 stars – because anything I say «would buy again to» gets 3 automatically. And its not a piece of crap – gets the job done – so it gets one more star. But I would say to get the last star, they really need to batton down on the look and feel of the finish and accessories, use a brushless motor, and possibly add some premium features.

  4. Michelle Dimmock
    26 de junio de 2024

    This is perfect for those spots you need to get deep in to. It’s got 3 different lever adjustments. A few different tops to use on different sore spots. Speed is amazing to give it a really good deep tissue massage. I highly recommend this Massage gun.

  5. takashiita
    26 de junio de 2024

    電動工具ジグソーを改造した商品だと思うが、本体と打撃部分角度が0度から45度と90度と調整便利でありトリガー引き、手を離しても自動作動しているので取手部分が自由に変えられるので背中の患部部分をほごすのに大変助かる。また打撃の強弱が1から6段階に調節できるのも良い。電動工具のマッサージガンのせいか振動ストロークが16mmありパワーも十分ありこれも良い。そして音の件だが小生の自作ジグソーマッサージガンより静かであった。モーターがブラシレスだからであると思う。性能としては音を除いてセラやハイパーとも引けは取らないと思う。価格もそれなりで有りあとは VYBE製10.8vバッテリーをAmazonで個々に販売して貰いたい。なおB社製互換バッテリー1500~6000mAhが適合するみたいである。

  6. Adrian
    26 de junio de 2024

    Works just as advertised. I was a bit worried if these were hype or real, and if this brand was any good. Yes and yes. Its powerful and penetrates muscles well, I love using it and my neck muscles in particular are far less tight now.

  7. Tim
    26 de junio de 2024

    Used it maybe a dozen times last summer and went to use it again yesterday and neither battery will hold a charge. Disappointing product. Wish a paid a bit more for something that would last

  8. Mack
    26 de junio de 2024

    The unit itself works fairly well. It leaks a little grease, but as one of the more powerful models out there that makes more sense. It’s really loud, as loud as a reciprocating saw as I’m sure they share the same internals. Batteries are undersized for the power output, so in needs a «tow behind» charger if you have serious knots to work out. It does it’s job, but really just barely when you factor in the drawbacks.But. The warranty request I made was met with the most incompetent «pass the buck» attitude from three different reps. They cared nothing about following through with the item’s warranty card and treated me like I was standing in a final sale liquidation center. VERY bad customer service. I would’ve given 3 stars, but with the lack of respect they lost 2.

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