Real Relax PS6000 Silla de masaje Zero Gravity Full Body SL Track Shiatsu con pasamanos, tecla de acceso directo, rodillo de calor para pies, 58.3D x 31.5W x 61.5H in, negro



Price: $2,399.99
(as of Jun 25, 2024 14:42:23 UTC – Details)

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SL-track, detección automática del cuerpo humano
8 programas automáticos preestablecidos, diseño de gravedad cero con un solo botón
La presión del masaje y del airbag es ajustable en 5 intensidades.
Masaje con airbag de cuerpo completo para hombros, reposabrazos, cintura, muslos, pantorrillas,
Control de tecla de acceso directo del reposamanos, puerto de carga USB, masaje de amasamiento con rodillo de pie
Bluetooth incorporado, función de calefacción en la cintura.
Límite de altura: 6,5 pies, límite de peso: 400 libras

Customers say

Customers like the comfort, quality and settings of the chair. They mention that it has good massage for upper body, helps with relaxing muscles and sleep. They appreciate the control, saying that it’s easy to use and understand. Customers are also happy with value. However, some customers have mixed opinions on performance, durability, and size.

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  • 25 de junio de 2024


  1. Skubidu
    25 de junio de 2024

    Wow what a great use of my FHA Money. LOVE this chair!!
    What a massage chair! This chair is not small and the delivery crew left it on my porch (it comes assembled in a HUGE big box with wooden slates at the bottom for support. I was able to move it into my house by myself, but 2 people would be highly recommended. There are wheels on the back of the chair’s base, and a wide hand hold on the back of the chair, so you can tilt and move it without issue.First-the look. It’s a handsome machine. Black with goldish accents. The leather is firm and yet pliable and appears to be extremely well made and should last forever with simple care.It comes with a bright rectangular 7.5″x4.5″ lcd touch screen that you place in the screw-in bracket (you screw it in simply to the end of the left arm). You can control everything from this touch screen. You can choose automatic programs or a manual approach for specific «problem areas».The right-arm of the chair includes buttons to perform many of the functions you can choose from the touch pad plus it has a USB-A slot for charging.The chair also comes with a pair of stereo speakers on either side of you head that syncs up quickly and easily with your phone (controlling all music and volume with your phone). The funny part is the voice that speaks to you when you first turn it on and connect the Bluetooth is in English, but clearly spoken by a woman with a solid Asian accent. The sound quality is actually quite good and can get very loud. Just be aware that your phone may connect to the chair’s audio speakers without you realizing it.As for the massage itself-it’s so good. The air compressors offer you a variety of pressure levels for the feet, lower leg, waist, forearms/hands, and shoulders. It can compress at the highest level enough to feel firmly squeezed (the shoulders squeeze you like a firm bearhug from a very large man! lol)The massage rollers and thumper mechanics also are great! They offer varying levels of intensity and speed so you can pick what is best for you.Experience-You sit in and sit back and turn it on. I am 5’8″ so my feet raise up when I sit down, but the chair rotates back and the lower leg section slides up to your feet as it lays you back. It goes quite a way back as the chair rotates, but you can choose to go even further (basically lying down on your back). It then measures for your shoulders so it knows where to stop the massage.The foot portion has nubs on the soles of your feet and feel amazing after a long day on your feet. There are two air massagers for your legs, one on the calves and one that squeezes your feet. Feels amazing. I do wish there was a quad/hamstring massager, but that is honestly my only critical complaint.There is heat that is only at your lower back but boy does it feel good. The arm compressions are great too and will do your hand to your elbow. I only wish this chair could be connected to Alexa so I could give it directions-any time I need to touch the screen to change anything it’s a bit difficult to maneuver and slide your arms back into the compression sleeves (slides in from the side like your putting your arm into an open hoagie sandwich lol)The auto options for massage are great: Chinese massage, Master massage, Stretch extension, Swing to soothe, Sound sleep, Peaceful and relax, Waist, and Shoulder.The manual options are, in my opinion, even better:Types of massage: Kneading, Knocking, Shiatsu, Tapping, Swedish, and Tulna.Types of motion: Upgoing, Area, Heating, Downward, Fix point, Rollers (feet)Types of compression: Shoulder airbag, arm airbag, Waist airbag, leg airbag, «Leg airbag» (which should be «Foot airbag», and full airbag (cycles through all the compression types).And in the manual section you can set the movement strength and the airbag pressure intensity.I’ve attached a few quick shots of the touch screen, apologize for the iffy quality. The chair is actually my chair, I just removed the background for clarity. This will help you see what it will look like and as I had mentioned, it really is a great looking chair.One thing is that the leather parts zip together with THICK plastic, solid zippers so cleaning is a non issue. I would recommend a good leather cleaner (not sure if it is actual leather or just feels like it, but a good leather cleaner will do the job well).Overall this is not a cheap option, but it is a great value for the money. Each automatic program is 15 minutes. You do not want to run it too long as it can overheat the components (this is true of any massage chair). But I’ve done 2 15min sessions and had no issues. The chair is so comfortable, the key is when it starts, it leans you back and cradles you while it massages your body and I fall asleep about half the time. I can recommend this product based on the quality of materials, the quality of craftsmanship, massage options, and perceived durability.As I said I used my FHA card to pay for this and had zero issues. I do have some lower back issues as a result of being born with Spina Bifida, so this chair (as a medical device) is actually doing wonders for me. Your mileage may vary, but if you have the space in your home, this would be a really solid purchase. I have zero regrets (so far-it’s only been a couple of months). I just feel this product is well-made and the company appears to stand solidly behind their product.Do keep the dimensions listed in mind – it is not a small chair but should be a feature in any living room and be aware that visitors will want to test drive the chair. Every. Single. Person. 🙂

  2. Person A
    25 de junio de 2024

    Broke after a month
    We bought this chair after reading reviews, but it broke after 1 month. The back rollers quit working, so they don’t activate or move anymore. Additionally, every other use the chair cannot ‘reset’ itself and stays in resetting mode which means you cannot turn it on, turn it off, push any buttons, etc. You have to unplug it and then power it back on and 50% of the time it will power back on. One of the major design flaws of this chair is that the touchscreen thing for the controls does not detach from the chair at all. We own another chair at a different location and you can unplug the control monitor at the monitor and also at the chair, so if there were a problem with the cord or the monitor it can more easily be replaced or serviced. The fact that this is fully attached means you can’t just replace a faulty screen, etc. At this point, the only that works are the foot rollers and the airbags that squeeze your body. We basically have a $2500 massive foot massager. We tried to return this and we were told we had to box it back up, which without thinking sounds logical. However, who keeps an 8′ x 8′ box and pallets and styrofoam, etc around to repackage something as large and heavy as this? We disposed of the shipping packaging because we intended to keep this and don’t make a habit of storing shipping pallets or massive boxes. I have reached out to Amazon support about 8 times to get assistance and that goes nowhere, I keep getting overseas customer service reps who do not speak very good English, so trying to work through this return goes nowhere because their language comprehension is too low. I’ve tried reaching out directly to the manufacturer and that goes nowhere. We have a massive room decoration at this point and cannot get any assistance or support from the manufacturer nor Amazon. This is insane because normally Amazon is sooooo good about returns, but this has been a nightmare. Overall, this is just very disappointing because if I could just get some assistance then maybe there’s just a software update or a way to troubleshoot the faulty rollers or the chairs inability to reset itself, but clearly that is not going to happen.On a more positive note, the chair is very comfortable and when the rollers worked, it did a good job. The only downside to the rollers is that they barely go to the bottom of your back, rather than down to your glutes. The chair is large enough that a 6′ man can sit in it and not have his knees all hunched up meaning the leg/foot rest can be extended so your legs are more straight. Some of the other chairs are too small and the leg/foot rest cannot be extended so the knees remain in a sitting position. If the chair worked, it would probably be a good chair? Maybe we just got the dud of the bunch.

  3. blossom001
    25 de junio de 2024

    Great chair!
    I purchased the chair 3 months ago and use it regularly. It is easy to navigate with the touchscreen. Various massage setting that you can manually adjust as needed are excellent. Bluetooth connects simply and quickly. Setup is easy. Also, I like nice design, the massage rollers are strong upper back but not strong enough lower back. The feet and legs pressure is good. I love sitting in my chair every day after work.

  4. TD
    25 de junio de 2024

    Awesome chair
    Please measure your door before buying,, but I am very happy with my chair. The chair is very sturdy and can accommodate big and small. I too had to end up putting it in my office but it worked out just fine. I love the swing to soothe feature and the manual options. it is a beauty. love your chair and protect it. very good investment.

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