RENPHO FSA/HSA Masajeador de ojos elegible, Eyeris Masajeador de ojos con control de 3 voces con calor y enfriamiento para migrañas, máscara de ojos calentada con ajuste de masaje DIY, dispositivos de relajación de ojos con música, regalo para mujeres/hombres


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Dimensiones del paquete ‏ : ‎ 9,17 x 5,83 x 4,49 pulgadas; 1,85 libras
Número de modelo del producto ‏ : ‎ R-G010V
Fecha de primera disponibilidad ‏ : ‎ 9 de junio de 2023
Fabricante ‏ : ‎ renpho

Tenga en cuenta: 1. El producto provocará un ruido normal <45 dB durante el uso, 45 db entre lluvia ligera (aproximadamente 30 db) y oficina silenciosa (aproximadamente 40 db)2. Puede ajustarse a una compresión baja cuando se sienta demasiado fuerte. 3. Averigüe si es alérgico al cuero proteico antes de usarlo.
Operación mejorada activada por voz: revolucione su experiencia de cuidado personal con la facilidad del control por voz. Con un amplio repertorio de 18 comandos de voz, todo sin mover un dedo, RENPHO EYERIS 3 le permite ajustar sin esfuerzo la configuración de su masaje. Eyeris 3 Eye Massager es un producto aprobado por FSA HSA, se puede comprar a través de su cuenta FSA/HSA
Máscara de gel refrescante térmica y extraíble: disfrute de 3 niveles de calor variable de 104 ℉-113 ℉ (40-45 ℃) para aliviar la hinchazón, los ojos secos y más. La mascarilla de gel refrescante extraíble se puede colocar en el congelador durante 35 a 60 minutos y colocarla en Eyeris 3 para proporcionar una compresa refrescante que alivia suavemente la fatiga y la fatiga ocular. Obtenga un ajuste personalizado con almohadillas de masaje extendidas y una diadema ajustable que se adapta a la mayoría de las personas.
Disfrute de una comodidad personalizada: nuestro masajeador con máscara para ojos integra 3 modos de compresión, 2 niveles de presión y funciones de vibración para personalizar la intensidad de su masaje dirigido a ojos y sienes. Experimente la máxima comodidad con este innovador masajeador de ojos que ofrece una fusión perfecta de tecnología avanzada y alivio específico. Adecuado para personas que trabajan muchas horas o estudian hasta altas horas de la noche para reducir la fatiga ocular.
Rendimiento mejorado y función de memoria: personalice libremente sus preferencias de masaje desde cualquiera de los modos disponibles y cree una experiencia verdaderamente única. Los botones táctiles mejorados permiten una accesibilidad fluida. Recuerde sin esfuerzo sus modos de masaje personalizados con la práctica función de memoria. Mientras que el material de PU fácil de limpiar garantiza un uso seguro y cómodo. La diadema tiene una circunferencia sin estirar de 23,6 pulgadas y la longitud de la diadema es ajustable. Comprueba si se ajusta al tamaño de tu cabeza y rostro.
Compatibilidad Bluetooth y carga rápida: Eyeris 3 Eye Massager cuenta con música de ruido blanco incorporada que reduce la ansiedad y se puede apagar a su propia voluntad. Disfrute de la conectividad musical Bluetooth y de un ambiente relajante. La batería recargable de 1500 mAh se carga completamente en solo 1,5 horas, con un indicador LED de luz roja que muestra el nivel de carga. Experimente la comodidad de utilizar este masajeador de ojos
Regalo ideal para todos: si todavía tiene dificultades con las ideas para regalos, ¡haga de un masajeador de ojos con calefacción la opción preferida para regalar! El dispositivo eléctrico para el cuidado de los ojos es adecuado para cualquier persona que experimente fatiga visual, migrañas o molestias al pasar tiempo frente a la pantalla o leer. Perfecto para cumpleaños, días festivos, aniversarios y una buena opción de regalo para el Día del Padre/Madre, y como un maravilloso regalo para hombres/mujeres.

Customers say

Customers like the heating function of the massager, saying it provides hot and cold relief. They appreciate the performance. However, some customers have reported issues with the vibration and volume. They say the vibration makes their headache hurt worse and the volume is louder than expected. Opinions are mixed on pressure, instructions, fit, and comfort.

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  • 23 de junio de 2024


  1. teenytinytina
    23 de junio de 2024

    Great at relieving tension at my temples
    The soothing warmth and massage feels so nice on tired eyes at the end of the day. After staring at a screen all day they are a nice luxury. One room for improvement would be if it ran quieter. I love that I can connect my own music, and I enjoy some of the nature sounds, but the mechanics are louder than I expected and can be a little distracting. Besides that, the battery life is great so far, love the voice control, and the performance on my temples is lovely.

  2. Anthony S.
    23 de junio de 2024

    I’m a fan of these masks, this is my third. =)
    I originally bought the original RENPHO mask, I’m not sure it was called Eyeris back then. But I loved it – other than its awful battery life. Also, it didn’t quite fully reach your temples. I recently just came across this and noticed it was in its 3rd iteration. It looks way cooler now, and I love that it was made wider to better reach your temples. Also, they changed it to a USB-C connection, which is absolutely an upgrade. I also love that the buttons on the side aren’t touch-sensitive anymore, so no more accidentally hitting them when putting the unit on. They also gave it a timer to be 10, 15 or 20 minutes long, which was also an amazing idea. It’s like every single aspect that needed to be improved was worked on, and I love that. The heat is distributed better as well.Now for the couple negatives. It doesn’t feel like it fits as well on my eyes – it’s like my brow bone and under eye bone are too wide now, unlike the old model, so I’m not getting as much pressure on my actual eyeball. Which…was weird at first, but was excellent for those eye aches. Also, it doesn’t apply as much pressure on the temples as the old model did. It reaches more area, but just isn’t quite as strong. Despite these two things though, I’d say it’s a vast improvement everywhere else. Heck, this even puts my right to sleep, to the point where when it’s done I don’t even know if it’s still going or not because it made me so comfortable when trying to fall asleep.So yeah, even though it has just a couple trouble areas, I’m absolutely still giving this 5 out of 5. It’s amazing, and I don’t know how I ever slept nightly before having these eye massagers, heh.

  3. Amazon Customer
    23 de junio de 2024

    It feels great but it’s hard to relax because the motor is a little loud.***Update 5/16/24***I absolutely love this product and customer service. I had an issue with the battery not lasting more than 2 20 minute sessions and the company replaced the unit without any questions. I use this every night to fall asleep. I do one session of massage and heat and then a second session of just heat. It’s very convenient to just speak your commands. The product works wonderfully. Again, my only issue is with how loud the air compressor is and I wish I could get it to speak more quietly.

  4. CJ
    23 de junio de 2024

    Renpho is tops! Never question it again
    Since Oct 2014, I’ve had a headache all day, everyday. A few years ago, my wife bought me an earlier generation of the Eyeris massager. It is fantastic. It took some time learning the buttons so I could get to my favorite settings, but the strength and motion were great. After awhile, I saw other brands coming out with a cooling feature which I would Love to have. I tried the AllJoy, Hubicare, & the Fmalve brands. The Hubicare was uncomfortable on my face, especially on top of my eyeballs. The Alljoy was really cold, almost too cold. But the hot actually singed the skin under my eyebrows. It was very uncomfortable. The fmalve was almost an exact duplicate of the Alljoy, only $40 more expensive. So I elected to finally return to Renpho & got the Eyeris 3 with a cooling gel pack. I haven’t tried the pack yet, but I can say Renpho put out another quality product. It fits my face great, it’s not over pressuring, or overheating. In fact this has more button combos to control 3 levels of heat, strength, time, etc. After I received it, I noticed the weight scale, a body massager, & a Bluetooth sleep mask in my house are all Renpho and have been great products. I’ll never question it again.For the manufacturer, my only R&D recommendation is to have the power button in the same position (left) to be standard across the brand. Bluetooth/sound at top, massage strength at bottom, and heat levels to the right. Please

  5. Galina Strizheva
    23 de junio de 2024

    I would expect from such highly advertised brand as Rephno a little bit more investment in the air pressure and vibration routines than in their latest models – basically, there is no difference between the modes except there it is (eyelids or temples for airbags) and one very sharp and sudden vibration rhythm. The pump’s action was also strange – in one of the massage modes the pump would suddenly release the air in the middle of my eyelids each time scaring me. So, not a good impression for the massage, not relaxing at all for both airbags and vibration.The control and customizations are OK. Not sure why, but I was not able to activate the voice control mode and, frankly, find it not as useful as a remote control – the overall idea is to have a relaxing and migrane-mitigating environment where the least I want to do is to make any type of the loud voice commands to the mask on my eyes. I suspect my accent or pronunciation were the cause of no reaction to my voice, but maybe I just did not try hard or got a broken unit. The navigation via buttons requires a learning curve and some memorization which button and type of clicks will do one or another action.The fit is great, there were no discomfort wearing this quite big mask – it has enough padding to make it fit nicely and not press on the bridge of my nose. The power of the massage heads, the heat and different levels of each were also great. The voice was clear and loud, the set of 3 music/nature sound was also better than in the similar models.Overall, I like my Eyeris 2 better than this new generation Eyeris 3 being more gentle in the switch between different airbag pressure points and less sudden in vibration or air release points. I always fall asleep after the Eyeris 2 use, while couple of times this Eyeris 3 woke me up more rather than put to a calm and relaxed mode.

  6. Ces
    23 de junio de 2024

    Me ha funcionado increíble, ha mejorado mucho la hidratación de mis ojos, hay que usarlo diariamente 10 minutos al menos, se recomienda 2 veces al día 10 minutos

  7. DMN
    23 de junio de 2024

    Very nice. Fits comfortably and easily adjusted to size or comfort. Use several times before needing recharging. It has the options of using or not of music, as well as adjust the sound level. Massage pressure has two levels and Heat is very soothing. Very nice to use at bedtime to help relax you before drifting off to sleep. I have even fallen asleep while using it. I tried another brand and it was very uncomfortable. This one checks all the boxes for me. Value, comfort relaxing

  8. Ismael Arturo Alvarez Velazquez
    23 de junio de 2024

    Excelente antifaz masaje ador de ojos. Si quieres utilizar el conteo de viz debes hablar inglés pues así está programado y asegúrate de aprenderte bien los goma dos de la tarjeta que tiene incluida para su operación por voz. Es una maravilla y me encanta darme masaje!

  9. Jennifer
    23 de junio de 2024

    I have severe dry eyes and MGD and this provides temporary relief and helps me relax after staring at a screen all day. The heat function is soothing, but the motor can be a bit loud since it’s so close to my ears.The combination of heat, massage and pulsation is useful in releasing oils, feeling similar to a treatment of Lipiflow. This causes my vision to blur afterwards, but eventually clears after several minutes.Bluetooth is easy to set up, but I prefer to listen to music with earphones to block out the sound of the motor. To turn off the external music, press the audio button a few times to increase the volume and then mute. The touch buttons are a bit sensitive so I find myself accidentally switching modes whenever I adjust the mask.Battery life lasts about 3+ sessions. The charging port is located in the middle of the massager so it can’t be used while charging. Remote is easy to use, but I have to memorize the location of each button when I have the mask on.Overall, great product and worth the price.

  10. Shelley
    23 de junio de 2024

    Bought this for my husband for Father’s Day. He was a bit confused by it, and I wasn’t sure he liked it, until I found him 6 hours later taking a nap with it on his face. Was certainly a win. Only downside, it didn’t come with the remote battery as advertised.

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