Silla de masaje portátil Nova Microdermabrasion, silla plegable para terapia de tatuaje, 4 pulgadas de espesor, esponja para la cara, silla de masaje para salón de spa (negro)



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(as of Jun 25, 2024 04:00:06 UTC – Details)

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Se pliega de forma compacta: el sillón de masaje con diseño plano compacto y plegable junto con un resistente estuche de nailon hace que ahorre espacio y sea fácil de guardar. La silla en sí sólo pesa 23 libras.
Súper versátil: reposabrazos ergonómico ajustable, asiento, almohadilla para el pecho y soporte para la cabeza, reposabrazos con soporte facial simple y ajustes del asiento para adaptarse a todos los tamaños de clientes, garantizan una relajación corporal y cómoda para sus clientes.
Espuma multicapa de mayor densidad: el cuero de PU es resistente al agua y al aceite, no contiene CFC y es fácil de limpiar para garantizar a sus clientes una experiencia de masaje terapéutico lujosamente cómoda.
Estructura robusta: Construida con aluminio de calidad aeronáutica, liviana y tremendamente resistente, acabado con recubrimiento en polvo de alto brillo, que extiende enormemente la vida útil de la silla. Peso de trabajo de hasta 660 libras.
Dimensiones totales: 23″(L) x 18″(W) x 42″(H); el estilo simple y moderno de la silla combina perfectamente con diferentes entornos de tiendas o casas, ideal para uso en el hogar, el gimnasio y la oficina.

Customers say

Customers like the value and appearance of the chair. For example, they mention it’s a great piece of equipment and very helpful for travel. That said, opinions are mixed on quality, comfort, ease of assembly, and adjustability.

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  • 25 de junio de 2024


  1. S. Hancock
    25 de junio de 2024

    Make your wife happy
    This provides great positioning for upper back massages. Folds down to fit in the carrying bag. Very sturdy and easy adjustability for different height people.

  2. Amazon Customer
    25 de junio de 2024

    Great for the price
    First of all there’s some reviews here about not being able to lock the face resting post, you have to bring the chest plate up and the face post down to intersect with the locking screw. Now that said it’s not a super expensive chair but it’s fantastic. I’ve already performed a few tattoos and customer was comfy. Didn’t feel like it was gnna collapse. Padding is thick. Easy to fold away. Very pleased so far.

  3. JY
    25 de junio de 2024

    Works if you know how to assemble
    The item is pretty sturdy, and it works if you know how to assemble. The provided instruction sheet contains only two illustrations that are NOT for this product, so worth less than useless. There are two videos on this site complaining about the wobbly face rest, and the knob’s failure to tighten the chest cushion. Both are due to incorrect assemble: The knob should go through the slot on the tube for the chest cushion, and tighten against the tube of the face rest. When doing correctly, it will lock both the chest cushion and the face rest in place.

  4. a reader
    25 de junio de 2024

    Is exactly how it shows on the website
    Like the portability of the massage chair

  5. Murdersaurus
    25 de junio de 2024

    Good design, except for the headrest
    Headrest will not seat or maintain position correctly, its also controlled by the same bolt that controls the chest cushion. Poor, and cheaply designed part of an otherwise decent chair.

  6. d
    25 de junio de 2024

    Comfortable and Easy Assembly
    This product was exactly as described and is what I was looking for. Easy assembly and fast shipment. Adjustable head rest for up down and front to back are helpful for achieving good position and comfort for the client. Great purchase., especially for the price. Highly recommend.

  7. D. Shulman
    25 de junio de 2024

    Product arrived broken, let’s see how customer service responds….
    The product overall seems decent- considering the price, the level of padding is acceptable, the chair sits squarely on the floor so I can work without it wobbling, and most of the cushions feel firmly attached.There are 2 major issues I’m concerned about. Firstly, the product arrived (mostly assembled, quite convenient) inside flimsy bubble wrap inside it’s carry case, which feels about as sturdy as the ones for my high-quality massage tables. However, the wooden face support, with Velcro on which to rest the face cushion, was folded over it’s metal support bar and dumped into the bottom of the box with no additional packing material, so it was cracked completely up the center, where the wood was obviously pushed unevenly into the metal during shipping (see attached photos). This essentially makes the whole thing unuseable, as much of the work I was intending to do in the chair was neck work, for those who have such a severe issue in their cervical or upper thoracic regions as to be unable to lay comfortably on a table. This work requires nice, sturdy support of the face and head to provide resistance against the pressure I am using, and any degree of therapeutic pressure against this cracked wood makes it crack more. I’ve reached out to customer service, and will happily update my review if they can make my chair useable again by replacing the face support.The second issue that I have is the quality of the face support mechanism. The face support segment is a metal rod with a hinged wooden face pillow support, like all these chairs have, but this one seems poorly designed. The metal rod slips into a square tube and can be moved up and down to accommodate different heights, but the only mechanism for keeping it in place is a long strip of Velcro (the soft side, not the hooks side) adhered to the front of the metal rod to provide traction. The whole thing slides around very easily and I’m not confident it will stay in place while I’m working. I fear the Velcro strip will probably wear down over time and become even less effective, but I’ll have to wait and see. The size of the square tube is also sightly too large for the rod you’re inserting, so the face support does wobble unpleasantly. I wish there had been a locking lever like there usually is to keep parts of a massage apparatus in place. It would have been much sturdier.Let’s see how customer service responds. If they replace my face support, I’ll say overall the product is definitely useable and therefore great value for the money spent. And maybe after a few more test runs (I’ll be taking the chair to a senior spa day this weekend and giving it a real workout- I expect to give upwards of 30 massages on it in one day) I’ll find it’s sturdier than it seems. Will update as things play out…

  8. IDUP
    25 de junio de 2024

    Eyes surgery recovery
    Overall is a great deal used as face down after post surgery. 👍👍👍👍👍

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