Sillón reclinable de masaje, mecedora giratoria con masaje calentado, salón ergonómico, asiento de sofá individual giratorio de 360 ​​grados y dos portavasos ocultos (negro)



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【Diseño conveniente】–El bolsillo en el lado derecho del sillón reclinable mantiene cerca los controles remotos y otros artículos pequeños que el usuario pueda necesitar. Puede mirar televisión o leer el periódico en el sillón de masaje reclinable.
【Cómodo y fácil de limpiar】–El sillón de masaje reclinable es muy fácil de limpiar. La tela del sillón reclinable es suave y duradera. Puede contener hasta 250 libras.
【Fácil de usar】–El sillón de masaje reclinable es muy ajustable y casi lo coloca en una posición casi horizontal. Solo necesita apretar ligeramente el interruptor de la silla reclinable. Luego pasará un buen rato en la silla reclinable.
【El modo de masaje】–9 funciones del sillón reclinable le brindan el mejor masaje.3 La intensidad del sofá reclinable le brinda la mejor relajación.3 Posición del cuello, la cintura y el muslo.
Giratorio de 360 ​​grados: recostarse en el sillón reclinable en modo «siesta» con el giro de 360 ​​grados también es cómodo. El marco de madera del sofá reclinable y la esponja de alta densidad le brindarán el mejor soporte.

Customers say

Customers like the comfort and ease of assembly of the chair. They mention that it gently massages, reclines, swivels, and rocks. They appreciate the appearance. However, some customers report issues with the quality and performance of the product. Opinions are mixed on value, massage, reclining, and performance.

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  • 25 de junio de 2024


  1. Amazon Customer
    25 de junio de 2024

    Simply Amazing
    So I usually don’t write reviews but wanted to hop on here to give this chair the 5 stars it deserves. There were so many mixed reviews about it, the negative things people said really made me contemplate on getting this chair for a few months to be honest. I wanted a black chair that rocked, swiveled and reclined (I’m having a baby in less than 2 weeks and needed it specifically for the baby & nursing!) The heat & massage functions were an excellent bonus. I searched what feels like everywhere for the perfect chair that met my expectations as well as a good price point and kept coming back to this one. I found others that were similar but were literally double if not more, than this one. I also came across some that had the Prop 65 warning that was an automatic NO for me. This one does not, it’s such a good price point & does everything I need it to do, so despite the negative reviews I took a chance and got it let me tell you I am SO glad I did!!!! It’s seriously amazing, it’s such great quality, it’s soft and comfy, it rocks and swivels perfectly, the reclining isn’t perfect I have to give it just a little extra push but I really don’t mind it one bit and wouldn’t even take a star for it. Is the massage feature perfect? No, it is more of a vibration but it still feels amazing and is still so relaxing! As far as the heat, I actually didn’t even know it had the heat function until I received it and was pleasantly surprised at how warm it actually gets. It’s mainly In the lower back region that I feel it which is great for me. So if you are having mixed thoughts I’m here to tell you to go for it and take a chance and I really don’t see how anyone could be disappointed (unless they just were unlucky and received a badly made one?? ) But I say Get the chair!!!

  2. SheniWeird
    25 de junio de 2024

    Comfortable, Sturdy, and easy to Assemble
    Pros: Easy to assemble, cup holders, massage chair, easy to cleanse, rotates, a rocker, comfortable, and stylish.Cons: Maybe not long enough for very tall people. Just right for average height persons.

  3. Paul Field Fox
    25 de junio de 2024

    My Gamer Review: Good Value, Very comfortable, Terrible Manual Instructions
    Instructions were so bare bones a starving child, from Africa, would raise money to fill it up.I wish the arm cushions were L-shaped so it’d be more comfortable to lean on; instead of the current rhombus-shaped cushion that lets the arm rest dig into my rib cage. Other than that it’s an amazing purchase compared to others in it’s price range.I love the heat/vibration tools and lumbar support. I’ve also actually slept in my chair because its so soothing and comfortable. It’s a strict upgrade from that race-car styled «gaming chair», that every Twitch Streamer advertises.

  4. Ms. Mary Martel
    25 de junio de 2024

    Never worked…
    So I purchased 4 of these to use instead of the couch/loveseat that we had for years. My SO and I tried putting one together to make sure they actually fit together, but we didn’t check if the massage/heat function worked. We ended up buying a different reclining couch and left the boxes in the garage. Fast forward to the end of 2023 and a leak in my kitchen caused everything to be moved out. That reclining couch was falling apart so I decided to put the chairs together to use them. So all of them are together, but they don’t turn on. At all. No massage and no heat. Since they haven’t been used before now I have to think they never worked. I contacted the seller and they told me that their warranty was only for 6 months. Don’t waste your money on these and I do not recommend this seller, either. Get a better product with a better warranty for when you have issues with them.

  5. Daynee Bauza
    25 de junio de 2024

    Great chair and the low price is an added bonus!!
    My husband loves this recliner. So does my toddler. It’s funny watching them argue over who is sitting in it. It is very comfortable, albeit the headrest is a bit sturdy and needs some breaking in. But overall it is great. I can’t even count the times on my fingers and toes that my hubby has come home from work, sat down, reclines himself and turns on the massager. I count to 10 and bam he is sound asleep in it. Lol. The delivery was the only down side as we received one arm and the back piece a couple days before the bottom and other arm. But even that wouldn’t deter me from buying another.

  6. angela barnes
    25 de junio de 2024

    Good chair bad service
    Chair is easy to put together is very comfortable but you can tell it is made cheap. Had trouble getting both parts because it comes in 2 boxes. The seller tried to tell me they were sold out after I received part of the order. I contacted them over the time of a 3 week period and finally got the other part of the order

  7. BenHallmarkk
    25 de junio de 2024

    It’s everything I wanted
    I was a little skeptical about paying a lot for a gaming chair but it was totally worth every penny. The only thing I would change is the max time u can set on auto is 60 mins but you can start it over immediately otherwise it took less than 5 minutes to put together completely comfortable and looks great will be buying a second one In near future

  8. Patrick T Weaver
    25 de junio de 2024

    Cheep chair, works adequate for short period of time
    First chair came and 2 parts came torn.I informed the company and included pictures. They sent replacement parts right away. The parts came 2 days before expected.Wife was able to assemble alone.Vibrators worked very well at first.Takes a lot of effort to close the leg rest.Update after a couple months…The chair can fall all the way back when in reclined mode. We can’t just lay back and relax any time, we have to be careful how we sit when in reclined mode.The material breaks apart very easily. The arm of the chair has many breaks in material (pictures included).Update after about a year…The charging cord got tangled in the 360 degree turning at the bottom and broke. No longer vibrates. Caused problems with the spinning abilities.Needed to get leather tape to cover all the breaks in the arms, will replace with different brand when we get our money’s worth of usage out of this product.The leather tape doesn’t stay attached to the chair materials. Both arms of chair have lost most of the black outer material within only a couple years.After 3 years the pull handle to lay the chair back broke.

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