Sillón reclinable de masaje Shiatsu eléctrico de cuerpo completo con sistema de masaje de aire con terapia de calor incorporado Escaneo corporal vibratorio elástico PS4,Negro



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★ 【SILLÓN DE MASAJE AJUSTABLE】: Puede ajustar el ángulo del sillón de masaje según sus necesidades. El control de velocidad, el control de ancho y el control de intensidad tienen 3 niveles. La presión del masaje de aire tiene 4 niveles. Cuatro puntos de masaje trabajan junto con otras áreas para brindar un masaje completamente relajante: cuello, hombros, cintura, espalda, piernas y pies. Masaje con calentamiento (espalda y pies). Tu corazón puede trabajar menos y tú puedes relajarte más.
★【SISTEMA DE MASAJE DE AIRE con TERAPIA DE CALOR】: Hay un total de 21 bolsas de aire que están ubicadas estratégicamente en los brazos, caderas, hombros, muslos, pantorrillas y pies. Combinado con el sistema de terapia de calor (espalda y pie), sus músculos y articulaciones se recuperarán más rápido con una mayor circulación sanguínea y menos dolor y molestias. Bolsa de aire múltiple para la cadera y la cintura que se infla para un masaje de compresión para alinear la zona lumbar y la pelvis. .
★【ESCANEO CORPORAL COMPUTARIZADO】: La tecnología de escaneo corporal inteligente escanea su cuerpo para detectar el tamaño de su cuerpo y realizar un masaje individual personalizado. El sensor incorporado mide automáticamente la longitud de la columna y sabe dónde masajear. El interruptor de configuración de 11 señales y el sensor Holt funcionan juntos para probar la altura del cuerpo del usuario y la distancia hacia arriba/abajo de la máquina de masaje para el rango de masaje. Ajusta automáticamente la intensidad del masaje según el peso corporal del usuario. Permite que el sillón de masaje se ajuste perfectamente a diferentes figuras.
★ 【DIVERSIDAD FUNCIONAL】: 7 modos de masaje: amasar, golpear, estirar, shiatsu, combo, presión de aire, calefacción. 9 programas de masaje automático preestablecidos tienen diferentes métodos de masaje para brindarle la mejor experiencia de masaje. Incluye programas de estiramiento especiales para estiramiento de todo el cuerpo. son adecuados para la mayoría, pero también puedes elegir funciones de masaje manual para controlar tu propio masaje.
★【Lo que obtendrás】Te garantizamos que te gustará este sillón de masaje. Si no está satisfecho con este sillón de masaje, contáctenos. Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre el sillón de masaje, ¡no dude en preguntar!

Customers say

Customers like the ease of assembly of the chair. They mention that the instructions are hilarious. They appreciate the quality, appearance and value of the product. They say that it’s well made, affordable and a modern contemporary style. Customers also appreciate the performance. However, some customers have different opinions on fit, heat control, and comfort.

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  • 25 de junio de 2024


  1. SherriC1978
    25 de junio de 2024

    After a year of ownership, I have decided to write my review. I can’t believe I waited 25 years to buy one of these! I actually bought 2! This is the new hit at my house. People come over and use these and never want to leave! They are very impressive. They shipped these on a pallet and the driver unloaded them next to my garage. I was not home. They are heavy! I am pretty strong and it was hard for me to get them in the house. So a helper is recommended. There is minor assembly required. Very simple and easy instructions though. The quality is top notch. The material feels like a soft leather. But I think it is synthetic pleather. It feels nice and feels good though. The control pad mounts to the right side of the chair and can be removed from the holder. The holder is fully adjustable and moves to any location desired. They really are intense. They have 4 intensity levels, and they hit everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Even on the lowest setting they rough me up! I am 6 foot 195lbs. I am very comfortable in these chairs. If you are 6 foot 6, I would not buy these chairs. My brother in law is 270 and 6 foot 5. He fits snuggly, but he is a little tall for the chair. He still enjoys It! It has multiple settings to customize what you like. It even has heat! Your feet and back receive the heated portion. It gets so hot, it feels like it is burning me! The heat is not controllable meaning low or high. It just comes on. You can choose just back or just feet though. So this is a must buy! You are missing out on the finer pleasures in life if you don’t buy these at this amazing price! Comparable chairs are thousands of dollars. People have thought I paid thousands. They are shocked to find out otherwise. These chairs do it all. Full Recline, support just legs with no recline, Massages everything (and I mean everything even things it should not be massaging haha) with shiatsu balls and air bags with impressive force, and it has heat! A+++ A serious must have. Very kid friendly they love them!

  2. Andrew
    25 de junio de 2024

    Great value
    I was hesitant about buying a big ticket item like this from a third party amazon seller and a brand I have never heard of. Once I ordered the chair through here, the seller shipped it within 2 days. This chair ships freight due to its weight. It took about 3 days to reach me from LA where it shipped from. A tracking number was provided so I could track it.The truck driver dropped the box off on the sidewalk. The box comes on a wood pallet. This chair is very heavy and takes 2 people to move. Theres a heavy outer box thaf I removed because it was too big to fit through the door. The chair is on an inner cardboard sled with handles. My friend and I moved the chair in by these handles and it fit through the door no problem. This sucker is heavy. You need two strong people to move it. Taking it up stairs would be a massive hassle.Set up was simple. Slide it off the chair. Installed the arms and put the cushions on. Took about 20 minutes. Plugged it in and it worked. For the price, this chair is awesome. It hits the shouders and back with rollers, the butt with air bags and a roller, and the legs and feet with air bags. The pressure on the feet and legs can be a little intense. The chair is very comfortable to sit in and automatically reclines via motors. It has kneading, rolling, tapping and knocking functions. You can choose an auto program or custom target certain areas.For under a grand this is hard to beat. I screwed a cup holder onto the arm and sit on it, get a massage, watch tv and drink beer.

  3. Merlin
    25 de junio de 2024

    Very nice Darth Vader-esque massage chair
    It is very heavy 250 lbs? and arrives by truck on a pallet, plastic wrapped and in a box. The seating surfaces are soft black leather. The arm rests are very attractive wood with a hi gloss finish. Some assembly was required (the 2 arm rests install by hooking up the air hose that operates the arm air bags, then the arm rest simply pushed down and slid forward to engage a bunch of retaining ears, and a single screw fixes it in place. The control pad is a 1 bolt affair on the right armrest side. This thing is heaven to sit in. I have had a chronic back pain problem for 30 years and this is my 4th robotic massage chair. It has the typical robotic thing that goes up and down the back, but it is not as harsh as my other ones (which were all Human touch from Sharper image before they went chapter 11). I am not a light guy and was a little worried but fit into the seat perfectly (although no room to spare.) There are air bladders along the sides of the thigh that are pretty awesome. I do find 2 things that don’t work for my weight and that is the calf muscle air bags don’t have enough space for my large calves, so the air bags pinch the muscle. Also, the arm rests are hinged along the outside and you are supposed to fit your forearm in there for the air bag massage. My Popeye forearms don’t fit. There is a button you can hit to disable the arm rest air bags. There is no vibration feature that I have found yet. But it does have a heater on the back pad (not sure how long that will last with the rollers hitting it) and on the foot bottom. Anyway, the thing has improved my back problem greatly in just a couple days so far. (I think I sat in this thing 3 hours straight yesterday!)It is a little hard to get out of, since the foot rest is where you need to put your feet to stand up. The chair looks great, sort of an early Darth Vader come Captain Kirk motif. (clamshell enclosure and «The Force» not included) The instructions are pretty useless, unless you are looking for some comedy material about Chinese instructions having bad translators.But to summarize, this is the best money I spent so far to fix my back, and it feels so good you will never want to step out of it. Darth Vader would have been a much nicer guy if he had had this chair!Just wanted to add that after having the chair for about 2 months now, it is still working fine. I found that I can fit my arms pretty much in the arm massagers now. You just have to recline the back a bit more to make the arm fit in the armrest properly. Also, getting out of the chair has become easy after a bit of practice. I found another feature that took a while to find. Once you get the massage going, hit that knee stretch button or whatever it is called (button is on the outside of the flip cover and to the right side. The display will show a knee with an arrow. Awesome lower back stretch happens, when it grabs the legs and hips with the air bags and then lowers the footrest.

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