SMUG Silla reclinable para adultos, silla reclinable de masaje para sala de estar, silla reclinable moderna ajustable, asiento de cine en casa, sofá reclinable individual con respaldo acolchado de piel sintética (gris profundo)



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Silla reclinable ajustable: nuestro sillón reclinable se puede ajustar de 90 grados a 160 grados, ya sea que estés leyendo un libro, jugando o poniéndote al día con el drama, puedes ajustarlo fácilmente al ángulo que necesitas. Este sillón cuenta con un extensión de pie de doble función y respaldo reclinable que será de gran ayuda para relajarse y desestresarse. Adecuado para adultos, ancianos y personas cansadas.
【Sillón reclinable con masaje】 8 modos de masaje, pueden satisfacer sus diferentes necesidades. Puede disfrutar de sus posiciones favoritas para sentarse en este sillón reclinable de masaje, sin importar si prefiere sentarse derecho, con las piernas levantadas o acostado. Con un simple empujón en el respaldo, el reposapiés del sillón reclinable se levanta instantáneamente y se detiene en cualquier ángulo de 0 a 90 grados.
Pies protectores: esta silla reclinable individual se asienta sobre cuatro pies resistentes, que protegen eficientemente tanto los sillones reclinables como el piso duro (madera) mientras se mueve. Simplemente disfrute de la lectura, la música y la siesta y relaje completamente su cuerpo y su estado de ánimo con este cómodo sillón reclinable de masaje. La capacidad de peso es de 275 libras.
【Suave y resistente】El sofá reclinable tiene un marco de madera maciza compuesta, cuero PU resistente al agua y fácil de limpiar. y un asiento, reposabrazos, respaldo y reposapiés suaves tipo Marshmallow con relleno de alta densidad reducen la fatiga después de un largo día de trabajo, brindándole la mejor experiencia de asiento. Es una fantástica adición a su sala de estar, dormitorio, cine en casa, oficina, etc. Si sus objetivos son la comodidad y el placer óptimos, ¡este sillón reclinable de cuero PU es su elección!
【Fácil de montar y de uso amplio】 Nuestro sofá reclinable es fácil de instalar. Solo toma unos minutos instalarlo, simplemente deslice la parte posterior del sillón reclinable de masaje en la base y atornille las cuatro patas, ¡y listo! Además, este sillón para salón se puede utilizar no sólo en el hogar sino también en el pub y en otros lugares de negocios por su aspecto sofisticado y excelente resistencia a la luz solar. Nuestro sillón reclinable te acompañará a ti y a tus familiares y amigos.

Customers say

Customers like the appearance, value, fit and ease of assembly of the chair. For example, they mention it’s very nice looking, works well for the price and that the massage feature is very nice for the money. That said, opinions are mixed on reclining and performance.

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  • 25 de junio de 2024


  1. Leon Huderson
    25 de junio de 2024

    Good Seats
    These are rather good seats. The massage feature is very nice for the price. Easy to assemble and comfortable to use.

  2. Chandra
    25 de junio de 2024

    Great Little Chairs!
    I was looking for two new chairs. I saw these chairs, and I couldn’t believe the price. I had my expectations guarded as I purchased two. They came today. Yes, they are smaller than a lazy boy recliner. BUT- they absolutely exceeded my expectations. After a long day of work, both chairs together took literally 15 minutes to unbox and put together. They are super comfy, recline nicely. I also like the fact that the recliner mechanism underneath is on the sides, which is a relief for any cat parent! The massage feature has 8 different modes, and feels nice. These chairs are like a big hug that rocks you to sleep. I couldn’t be happier with the comfort and aesthetics of them. The price is unreal for what you get. They appear sleek and beautiful! If you are on the fence, I feel that they are must have for anyone looking for a smaller chair that doesn’t skimp on comfort!

  3. Amanda Kelley
    25 de junio de 2024

    Damaged a little on the bottom, but I love this chair!
    I love the chair itself. The chair did arrive with these marks. The box it arrived in was smashed in one corner. I’m hoping to find something to fix it because sending it back will be a hassle. These marks are on the bottom, but you can see it good. The rest of the chair looks great and nothing else was damaged. The massager was excellent and It reclines so smoothly.I’m 5’0 and 165 lbs this chair is perfect for me. My husband is 5’9 169 lbs and my adult son is taller than his Daddy and I’m not sure his weight.. this chair is ok sized for my husband, but my son is too tall for it. My son fits in it weight wise, but his feet hang off of it a little. It’s ok though, because it’s my chair and not theirs.

  4. Cs
    25 de junio de 2024

    Great buy
    Easy to assemble, comfortable, takes room to recline back though

  5. Brian J. Kenley
    25 de junio de 2024

    It’s comfortable and the massage is decent
    The quality of the item is great so far. It reclines well and is comfortable. The massage is decent. I would recommend this recliner. It’s great for its price. My only gripe was that they delivered it early, and I was out of town, but it was still at my door the next day. I guess it’s too heavy to porch pirate.

  6. Amazon Customer
    25 de junio de 2024

    Comfy chair
    Delivered pretty quick. Chair is durable and massage is cool. Have hard time getting it to actually recline . Smaller than I expected but it is comfy

  7. D’Mari Domingo
    25 de junio de 2024

    This was a lot smaller than I thought, and the “massage” is more of a vibration… it’s easy to put together; I give it that. But this is not a living room thing. Maybe good for a teen’s room, I’ll be moving this into my daughter’s room since returning it would be a literal nightmare

  8. Rhinolith
    25 de junio de 2024

    Actually really good!
    One review says they sat down into the armrest or something like that and it crumpled. That was either BS or they got a bad batch somehow where they used the wrong wood. Another review says it’s uncomfortable, or uncomfortable after a length of time. I show a video dropping a ps3 slim onto the center cushion to show the bounciness iykyk. It supports like a couch and does not leave me butt hurt. 5 9 240lbs and I sit comfortably for hours. My feet are the only thing that go past the length of the chair when reclined like that one other reviewer who said his feet dangle. I like that as I wouldn’t want my nasty feet or shoes on this thing! When I cross my legs my feet don’t dangle anymore anyway. The vibration is mediocre, BUT DOES EXIST unlike that other reviewer that said it is not there. It is there, in the back cushion only. It’s like 3 Xbox controllers rumbling stuffed into the back cushion. You can feel it but you don’t know if it’s doing you any favors. Lastly to dispute another reviewer who said it catapults them… Nah. Reclining stops at a certain point. Well back enough that I could sleep in it, without tipping the chair at all. It is fake leather so it’s only a matter of time before it starts peeling and flaking everywhere. That’d be about the only drawback. Those saying this thing is for kids tells me they thought they were getting a big lazy boy when they checked out. It’s a theater chair. It’s comfortable for a long period of sitting but not huge. One last fitment tip: I fit perfectly into like 99% of 32×30 pants.

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