Snailax Cojín de asiento de masaje vibratorio con calor, masajeador de espalda, cojín de silla de masaje con 6 motores vibratorios y 2 niveles de calor, masajeador de silla para uso en el hogar y la oficina



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Nota: Este es solo un masajeador de VIBRACIÓN, no un masajeador de amasamiento Shiatsu. No compres este cojín de masaje si buscas un masajeador shiatsu con bolas rodantes.
Masaje de vibración puntual: este cojín de masaje con 6 potentes motores de masaje vibratorio se dirige a la parte superior de la espalda, la parte media de la espalda, la parte inferior de la espalda y los muslos para ayudar a relajar la tensión muscular y el estrés. Incluso puede seleccionar las 4 zonas a la vez o individualmente a su gusto. 5 modos de programa y 4 intensidades de vibración variables le brindan el mejor masaje personalizable según lo desee.
Calor calmante: calentador de asiento con apagado automático dirigido a todo el respaldo y el asiento, para irradiar un calor suave, relajar los músculos doloridos y mejorar la circulación corporal. El masajeador de asiento está equipado con un sistema de protección contra sobrecalentamiento y un temporizador de apagado automático, doble seguro para un uso seguro.
Tela de felpa suave: esta funda para sillón de masaje está hecha de felpa 100% ultra acogedora, poliéster incomparablemente suave que ofrece una sensación cómoda y excelente al tacto del cuerpo. Parte inferior de goma antideslizante, PERMANECE EN SU LUGAR: La correa doble ajustable rodea el asiento trasero de la silla para mantener el cojín estable y seguro.
Adaptador para el hogar incluido, ¡le resultará fácil utilizar el cojín en casa o en la oficina! Este masajeador de asiento será un bonito regalo de Navidad para mujeres y hombres.

Customers say

Customers like the heat and comfort features of the massager. For example, they mention the cushion is very comfortable and relaxing. Customers are also impressed with the pain relief, value, and performance. That said, opinions are mixed on noise.

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  • 25 de junio de 2024


  1. Tosha
    25 de junio de 2024

    Does everything it says it does!
    This is a great heating pad/massager. Plenty of different settings to choose from,easy to work, and the vibration is intense or low however you want it. Soon as you hit the heat button, this pad instantly gets hot 🔥. You can also turn it down if you want but it produces good heat. With the heat and different vibrations you can’t go wrong. The seat cushion is soft and comfy to lay on. You don’t feel any bumps or uncomfortablebess when using it. I enjoy that it comes when a warranty and the company is quick to reply with any questions or concerns! Great buy and would recommend it 🙂 I’ve only had for a little while but it seems like it’ll hold up for a long time. I hope so anyways ! Go ahead and get it for yourself because it feels great on our backs + necks+ thighs and helps with my husband’s back pain. The cord is also a good length to where we didn’t have to use an extension cord to plug it in thank goodness. It also lays down or sits up nicely with straps on the back and is a good height to where it comes up on back of your head/neck like it’s supposed to! Get ya one and try it out!

  2. Vel
    25 de junio de 2024

    Relaxes mucles
    Have used this unit seven days for four plus times per day for 15 to 30 min @ time. Had very tight muscles across shoulders and lower back. The unit is relaxing the muscles by using heat and kneading motion. The kneading motion is gentle. There 4 different motions. Can be used with heat on or off, two settings on heat. Easy to use in recliner or chair and not uncomfortable to sit on. The unit is working very well with no problems. The price was reasonable.

  3. Thom Thomas
    25 de junio de 2024

    If I could turn off the butt heater but leave on the back heater, it would be perfect.
    PROS:+ Relaxing vibrations+ Ample heating to soothe back aches+ Upgrades my subpar office chair with slightly more comfort even when the motors and heaters are off.+ Easy controlsCONS:- Vibration motors vibrate, calling them massaging is a bit of a stretch. Still relaxing, just not deep enough for me to consider it to be considered «massaging.» Others may disagree.- The heater on the bottom lights my rear on fire and makes me sweat. Wish I could turn off the butt heater and leave the back heater on.- Has to be plugged in. Maybe that’s not so much a con on the product as is a con with reality. I can’t think of any other sensible way to power this thing but dealing with the cord is one of those things that make being a grown up more difficult. Obviously – first world problem and all that.- While the controls are almost perfect, the fact that we can not turn on the back heater without turning on the butt heater is a problem.WOULD I BUY IT AGAIN?Yes, I’ve had it for a few months now and it is still worth every penny. If it lasts a full year, I will have considered it more than worth it. If it last the full two years of the warranty, I will feel like I got a steal. 2019 is a really great age to be alive in.Overall, I am glad I gave this product a try.SOME RANDOM THOUGHTS:After about 6 hours at my desk working on servers, it is a relief to turn this on. The only problem I experience is that after about 5 minutes, the butt heater makes my nuts sweat. TMI – I know. But listen, I don’t know how else to say it more delicately.The vibrating motors aren’t deeply massaging, but they provide a surprising amount of relief. In my case, as a 6’3″ 300+ lb man with shoulders that are wider than a lot of people are tall – AND spinal arthritis – not to mention an L4 and L5 that are smaller than the bones above, I can’t begin to explain how nice 15 to 30 minutes of vibrations and heat feel.Even without the electronics, the cushion improves the comfort of my desk chair ever so slightly.ONE LAST THOUGHT:It is always too hot in the office for me, year round. No matter where I’ve worked, I’ve kept a desk fan that runs non-stop 9a to 6p to cool me down. But if you are one of those poor souls that just can’t get warm in the office, this seat cushion might possibly change your life.

  4. Anthony O.
    25 de junio de 2024

    I must admit that I was apprehensive due to being born with & suffering from years of back pain already, then to have it worse with a new horrible diagnosis that changed our lives forever. I’ve tried everything from pain medication to physical therapy with no relief, so I wasn’t sure that this equipment would help. After having a new MRI, I finally discovered that my neck, my entire back, & my bottom rapidly worsened due to having Foraminal Stenosis. I couldn’t bend down to even pick up laundry, let alone stand for more than 3 minutes. My family became so worried about me because nothing were tried helped me at all. After we tried everything, my husband saw that I’d given up & he convinced me to try your product. Needless to say my entire life has changed!! For once in my life I hadn’t new found sense of hope. Your amazing massager was so easy to use, had the vibration strength that I really needed, & relieved my pain quickly!! Your chair covers each area of my back that’s been affected as a result of this horrible disease! I’m able to go about my day with the benefits of my own personal masseuse to help me through the pain! It may not seem like much, but when you’re in constant pain 24/7 with no assistance from professionals, you feel utterly alone, depressed, & it’s easy to give up. Thanks to your chair, I feel like I have a chance at a normal life again! Now I can be a wife, mother, & a new grandmother to my brand new six month old grandson looks I’ve always dreamed of being!! I’m finally able to interact with my family, play with my beautiful grandson, & enjoy my time with my husband & my children that I once took for granted. You don’t know what you’ve truly be blessed to have until it’s taken from you. To be able to function again & be active is beyond priceless!! I just want to say thank you for giving me a better life & may Allah bless you for the amazing work that your company continues to do & the lives that you continue to change for the better. Your company is truly one of a kind & absolutely amazing!! If I could, your rating would be 1,000!! Thank you for saving my life & giving my husband his wife back, thank you for giving my children their mother back, & thank you for giving my grandson Kreed his Glam-mother back!! Words can’t express how grateful we all are!!Peace & blessings to you & your families!!

  5. Nick G
    25 de junio de 2024

    Comfy, affordable, and great for road trips!
    This is my second product from snailax in 6 years. I bought it for Mother’s Day, and my mom uses it on every road trip, or just when relaxing around the house. It operates quietly, and provides great relief to any aches and pains. Would highly recommend!

  6. melanie
    25 de junio de 2024

    The heat mode in the massage cushion model SL-262P is way better than any heating pad I’ve ever tried, I was actually using my microwave ones that have to be reheated every 10 minutes to get any relief from them. If you have arthritis you will love the heat this model produces, no more going back and forth to heat up pads or dealing with the 10 min shut off with my plug in. I loved that it was user ready, just unwrap, place and plug in and it was ready to go, which I really appreciated since I was in alot of pain and just looking to relieve it. It stayed in place nicely when I kicked back in the recliner too, I didn’t have to mess with adjusting it at all. It gives a nice gentle vibration, perfect for soothing a body that’s already in a world of hurt. I really like the rolling mode it feels like hands rubbing your back. After 15 minutes of the beautiful heat and trying out the different modes I did the rolling mode for another 15 minutes, I felt so much better when I got up to make supper. While I was working on some dishes I tried out the cordless neck and shoulder shiatsu model SL-632NC ( I sit to wash dishes) It loosed up my neck and shoulders and lessened the spasms and shocks I was having, and while I didn’t notice as much heat from it as the other model it did create some heat to help my arthritis, and it was a stronger massage then the cushion that I’d compare to a sports massage which is great to get the circulation going, and work out knots in your muscles, it also felt just like hands to me like the other one. After it worked on my neck for a few minutes I slide it down to my upper back, then lower back and alternated back to my neck while I was fixing supper, it made it much more pleasant then it usually is and I felt well enough to eat afterwards. I even used it on my leg to bring the circulation back a few times. I can’t wait to use both everyday throughout my day to help me feel better! I’m actually using it right now to relax me so I can try to go to sleep. I’m excited to check out more products I would definitely buy for family and friends. Highly recommend

  7. Mary Joy
    25 de junio de 2024

    This chair massager is excellent. It has numerous modes and 3 intensity levels. The heat is nice too. I only wish it had an adapter for the car but I had an AC adaptor for the cigarette lighter so can use it in the vehicle as well for long trips. The unit is very light so easy to move between home and car.

  8. Amazon Customer
    25 de junio de 2024

    we have had this cushion for a couple of weeks now. The heating feature on this is extremely effective – it gets much hotter than I expected. Probably on par with how hot a heating pad would get. The vibrating massage works well and can be adjusted in intensity. I appreciate being able to choose which areas to shut off if desired (there are 4 zones – upper back, thighs, etc – and you can choose which ones of the zones you want off). The heat can also be used without the massage. We have used this in home only and not in the car, although the adapter came with it for that. The seat itself is covered in plush material and feels like memory foam. This is everything I expected and more – recommended. If I were to improve it, I would have the option to have the heat only in the back (and off on the seat); and be able to SEE which intensity level the massage is set at.Update 1 – About a month later the cushion has suddenly stopped working completely. We are getting a total runaround about replacement or refund.Update 2: after weeks of going around in circles and being frustrated by the company in fighting to get the defective item replaced, I told them if I did not see proof of shipping within 24 hours, I would return for a refund and leave a VERY negative review on Amazon. They replied appropriately and our replacement was received within a few days. Glad to get the replacement but WOW what a pain getting them to fulfil the warranty! Bottom line – I like the product BUT if you order and receive a defective product just return it for refund; don’t try to deal with this company for a replacement.

  9. ES
    25 de junio de 2024

    If you already have a shiatsu style massager like I do, this heated percussive massager heat cushion makes an excellent companion to it as instead of pressing into the muscles to try and release knots, it uses vibrations and heat to help get the muscles to relax and release. I use both in tandem for a one-two punch in my never ending battle against sore and tight muscles.The cushion has 4 sections that vibrate (upper and lower back, hips and thighs) and the included control allows for 4 different intensity settings for the vibration as well as 5 different types of vibrations. There are also 3 presets for the timer of 15, 30 and 60 minutes and you can also toggle heat on or off.The heat takes a bit to get going but once it does, it get warm enough to get your back sweaty and it would have been nice if there was the ability to adjust heat intensity.The vibration motors are surprisingly powerful given how small it is and my go to settings is the kneading on the highest intensity with the heat on.The material on this seat cushion is soft making it comfortable to sit on and the back has straps so you can fit it over the back of a chair. I use the cushion on my sofa just as seen in the review picture while watching TV and it is extremely relaxing.The included AC cord is nice and long and they also include a 12v car cigarette adapter if you want to use it in your car, which I plan on doing for the long car trips and in the winter for the heat as my car does not have heated seats.Finally, the company backs the product with a 2 year warranty which is a nice extension over standard 1 year warranties.PROS* Vibration settings are surprisingly powerful for such a thin cushion.* Heat takes a bit to get going but once it does, its enough to get your back sweaty.* Cushion is comfortable and made from plush material. Straps on the back help attach it to the back of a chair.* AC cord is nice and long and included 12v cigarette adapter allows this to be used in the car.* 2 year warranty is better than average.CONS* Vibration on highest intensity setting is quite loud, but the intensity is adjustable and is quieter on lower settings.* Heat setting is only on or off with no ability to adjust heat intensity.

  10. Mr Trevor A Stephens
    25 de junio de 2024

    When I first received this product I was impressed, but sadly it did not last. It fit my chair well, and looked fine and felt soft. Included in the package was a card, saying to send an email, to register for a free 2 year warranty and get a $31.99 massage pillow for $0.19. When I sent the email, I was sent a link , requesting the amazon invoice number, and suggesting that «I could possibly» receive free shipping. When I inquired about what that meant, I received another email, asking that I provide a screenshot of my review, and then we would talk about the pillow. Shortly after this email, the chair pad started to break. The top massage motor stopped working. I repeat, one of the motors has already stopped working. The heat function works a little too well. The back heat feels good, but the chair part you sit on gets really hot, and there is no separate control for the heating zones. I would suggest that the positive reviews this product has received might have been just to get a free product from this company.

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