Snailax Masajeador de cuello y espalda con calor, almohadilla de silla de masaje de cuerpo completo con compresión, asiento de amasamiento Shiatsu portátil, masajeador de asiento



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Masajeador de espalda completo mejorado con calor: la almohadilla para silla de masaje Snailax cuenta con 8 rodillos shiatsu flexibles mejorados para adaptarse mejor a las curvas completas de la espalda y el cuerpo, que brinda un masaje relajante de tejido profundo para toda la espalda. El Heat opcional brinda un calor suave que podría ayudarlo a relajarse más.
Masajeador de cuello ajustable: el sillón masajeador tiene 4 nodos de rotación shiatsu para proporcionar masajes profundos para el cuello y los hombros. Las bolas de shiatsu del cuello se pueden ajustar hacia arriba y hacia abajo para adaptarse al usuario específico. La solapa desmontable permite elegir un masaje shiatsu más suave o más intenso en cuello y espalda.
Masaje SPOT personalizado: el masajeador de cuello y espalda Snailax con calor tiene 3 zonas de masaje: superior inferior y espalda completa para opciones. La función de masaje puntual permite seleccionar el área para una relajación precisa.
Masaje de compresión y vibración: el masajeador de asiento tiene un masaje de compresión ajustable y un masaje de vibración en el asiento, la presión soporta las nalgas y la parte baja de la espalda las vibraciones para relajarlo. Con 3 niveles de masaje de presión y 3 niveles de intensidad de vibración, puede satisfacer sus mejores necesidades.
Regalo premium: el cojín del asiento de masaje Snailax es portátil y fácil de usar, fíjelo a una silla de oficina, silla de comedor o colóquelo en un sillón reclinable, sofá o sofá. Un regalo premium para el Día de la Madre y el Día del Padre para mamá, papá, mujer u hombre que pueden disfrutar de un masaje general para la relajación diaria en el hogar o la oficina. Por cualquier motivo, no está 100% satisfecho con esta almohadilla de masaje, simplemente devuélvala para recibir un reembolso completo dentro de los 30 días.

Customers say

Customers like the ease of use and performance of the massager. For example, they mention it’s easy to set up and use, with clear instructions. Some appreciate the value, quality, and comfort. That said, opinions are mixed on heat, size, and portability.

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  • 25 de junio de 2024


  1. Sandy M
    25 de junio de 2024

    Happy with this purchase!
    This massager is wonderful. I have a lot of spinal and muscular issues. I have had this massager for 10 days and have used it daily. The shiatsu balls are prominent; however, using this on the low setting, there is no pain for me, even when it goes over scars with spinal hardware below the surface. The cover is decently thick. You can also add a towel to thicken the protection between the shiatsu balls and your body if needed. The neck portion is fully adjustable. In normal sitting position the base of my head is 25.5 inches up . I am able to adjust the neck to fit me perfectly. I was very surprised at the strength in the airbag compression. The airbag compression is great for the area between my hips and lower ribs. The level of heat from the heating portion is good. It is not too hot, and works great with the shiatsu balls. The only area of my back that I struggle getting a good massage is across the shoulder area. However; you can fold the seat backwards and put a rolled towel under the base to lift the unit up a bit more, and then can get the shoulder area. I have tried the Snailax mat, and it did nothing, it was a glorified heating pad. I have tried other brands with the shiatsu balls and they just hurt. I use this massager sitting in my favorite chair. It is portable, but it does weigh approximately 20 pounds.

  2. GLAM-MA
    25 de junio de 2024

    This is exactly what My 86 year old dad needed
    I did a lot of reading and reviews before I chose the Snailax Full Body Massage Chair Pad. This was bought for my 86-year-old father that has chronic lower back pain & hip pain. He was very happy with my choice. It is heavy for someone his age to move around. He liked using in his large recliner so he can relax. I believe it is about 16lbs and it says to unplug from the wall outlet so this part he has struggled with until I moved the pad to another small swivel chair & because the pad has a tall firm back it still worked fine w/o needing the chair back taller.I read all instructions before using and it is pretty clear on instructions and for setup. It was well packaged- doubled box which really protected to and didn’t have all the Styrofoam or extra stuff to dispose of. There is an auto setting that will run 15 mins for sample, but my dad likes that because it does it all. It says to use only 3x’s at 15 mins a day to start & I understand so your back can get used to the massage part. I think for us being tall it is perfect to have the full auto start from the lower back and goes up to the neck & head area.So far just having it for 5 days it is doing a good job. I have used the air massager setting and it just seems to air up and expand and decrease for pressure it feels good but not the pressure I thought. The rollers are really good and not so intense that it hurts. I used 1st time and wondered if I would feel the workout in the middle of my back the next day, but I didn’t. I am glad we are tall, or we may have had to add a cushion to raise a smaller person like it states to raise someone with a small body frame raised up to have their head and neck in the right position.It is nice to be able to fold the seat up and set aside if not in use. It was easy enough to lean against something to store in area you want to use all the time. The controller stores in a pocket on the right side of the back- quick to set back upMy dad loved how it helped his sore lower back, or if you just want to sit down for 15 minutes or less whenever you want and be relax to a wonderful massage. I feel you will not be disappointed.My review was based only on my fathers & my own personal experience.I may have to order myself one for our house since I got to try out my dad’s. Overall very happy with what it performs.

  3. GH
    25 de junio de 2024

    Strong and sturdy
    I think this product will be one of the best on the market after some tweaking :)I live in pain daily thanks to broken neck, broken back and fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and circulation problems thanks to all the previous. I could design the best massage equipment and chairs in the world…so, I am simply hoping that this unit will last for awhile and I get my moneys worth.Now, with that said, I miss the rollers that simply go up and down the entire spine. There are days that I only need that for pain relief. This pad is advertised as entire back massage, but it does miss a small part of the thoracic (between the shoulder blades). Of course, I happen to have damage there so circulation is needed and massage in that area would be great for me. For my neck, it is a great tool, even more than I expected. I advise not to overdo that area as this massage pad is strong and takes some getting used to so go little at a time or you will get cramps. Hot pac works wonders if you do. Just saying. Until now I have yet to find a good neck massage but this one does the job very well !The air bags in the seat area are painful to me. They are too close together, mind you I am 6′ and 172 lbs so the fix would be just less pressure or adjustable width. Still, I can use it by turning it on and off as needed. One thing for sure, the shiatsu massage rollers are the best I have found. They are efficient and yet strong but do not hurt. They are «just right». I would say this is a keeper but I have not had it more than 2 weeks so lets see how it holds up. Thankyou Snailax

  4. Pansy Moore
    25 de junio de 2024

    Quality product
    Love the total massage. I’m going to complete the free 3-year warranty. I highly recommend this product.

  5. Amazon Customer
    25 de junio de 2024

    Full disclosure, I have never been a fan of massage seats, they have always disappointed. Due to chronic lower back pain I bought this one on its recommendations and boy, it doesn’t disappoint at all. Firstly it is well boxed with no wasted plastic and rubbish (which is important) and immediately ready to use. Though I read the instructions you really don’t need to, the controls are very intuitive and easy to use. The back pad gives a firm but not painful massage from very low to a reasonable height. I am 6’4″ so the top of the back massage is just below my shoulder blades, but my wife is 5′ as the back pad covers her back well. I am not disappointed with this cover for myself as it works well and feels great. The neck massage is truly height adjustable and I can vary this from my shoulders to the top of my neck, once again a firm and comfortable massage. (NOTE, my 5′ wife found the neck massage was too high for her and didn’t use it. However this is not a serious problem as the neck massage on this is really a support for the back massage and if you really need intense neck massage you should get a massage pillow that you can lie on and not use this in a seated position…it works much better for the neck).I have never been a fan of vibration massage and I did not know this had air massage points so I was not worried about these. I sat down and tried the back massage (excellent) experimented with spot massage on certain points (works excellently) and played with the neck massage (very nice) and then I saw the button marked «Auto». I pressed this and…OMG…WOW…it just started to combine all the elements including vibration and air massage and I nearly melted. The total effect is beyond the sum of the parts and each work well together, constantly altering and changing slowly to give a relaxing but never boring massage. I now use these even if I’m doing a spot massage on my lower back as the added vibration and air squeezing etc all help you relax into the important bit of the massage. Given that you can set this chair to focus on one thing, or do several…or just go on auto it is very, very flexible. And believe me, when you press auto it just takes over and carries you away, it’s honestly wonderful.For direct problems I would say this chair is most suitable for back issues. You can focus on lower back or mid back etc and get an intense massage. If you put a cushion behind the rigid back so that you are laying back on it at an angle of about 20 to 25 degrees then the pressure increases and the massage is more intense. For neck massage it is fine, it will definitely help, but as I say for more intense neck massage you are better with a massage pillow. However, to get the neck massage as an extra while your back is being relaxed is brilliant. The seat mechanisms, vibration and air massage, are very pleasant in association with the rest but are not in themselves very therapeutic so this is not for really useful for problems with the Gluts or leg muscles. (No massage chair would be good for that, it is a different area and probably needs manual massage). However the intense back massage, the decent neck massage and the overall relaxing and therapeutic feel of the whole thing working together is WAY beyond my expectations and this is the first massage chair I would recommend in any way, and I recommend it very strongly.NOTE; It is easy to fold the seat up and slide this into a small space when not in use, easy and quick to get back out and very intuitive to use with an excellent controller.If you have a sore back, or if you just want the option to sit down for 15 minutes whenever you want and be treated to a delightful massage and pamper then get this, you won’t be disappointed.I am not connected to this company and this is a neutral and non-biased review based only on my personal experience.Jeremy

  6. Daniel
    25 de junio de 2024

    Super happy with purchase. Deliver in less than 24 hours.

  7. Amz Customer
    25 de junio de 2024

    I received the product today and first time tried it – it is as if the designer had everything in mind, the remote control has really nice design, the motor ‘/rollers are powerful and strong. At £199, at first I was wondering if it was the same as the Comfier had the price dropped to around £157. Snailax advertised as an “upgrade” and I can confirm the upgrade is the additional rollers for the back so you have 4 rollers instead of two! So I can understand why it’s £199, same price as the dollars sold in the (US? $199). 🤔 Tomorrow I will try the product on a recline position as shown by other proud owners on this review. The only thing that did not fit properly, is the office chair which is ergonomically designed – Herman Miller. If you have this office chair you will see the back is curved in whereas Snailax needs a flat surface, so it will never fit in. I had to find a chair with a flat back to enjoy the first session. It felt really good, I was surprised the head roller would work on my shoulders, 10/10. With nice music on the background, it was a good 15 mins work out.Update 26/10/26. After 2 months, the massager is still in the same chair and still happy using it. At first, the roller was quite hard and notice one other customer mentioned the same. I think if you use it gently and not lean on the rollers too hard and let the hardness settle, your body will adapt over time to the hardness of the roller. It worked for me. Now it’s approaching winter, aches and pains on shoulders or headache even, this massager does bring relief, just ensure you turn in the heat to enjoy the session.

  8. James long
    25 de junio de 2024

    Use this product for general massage. Cannot feel much heat from the heating element though.

  9. Tim G.
    25 de junio de 2024

    Build quality is good. Massage affect is good. Vibration in seat is a little weak but pleasant sensation. Not a lot of heat, needs the first session (15 minutes) to get a little warmth. When on “Auto” all actions are in use and is pretty good. I had to send it back due to a fault (confirmed by manufacturer). With the air pressure pads there was a clunking sound on full pressure sounding like a valve was not closing? Sent back and full refund.

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