Snailax Masajeador de Espalda con Vibración con Calor, Masajeador de Asiento con 8 Motores Vibratorios y 5 Modos, Masajeador de Silla, Cojín de Masaje, Cojín de Silla de Masaje para Silla, Oficina, Regalos



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Alivio instantáneo del dolor y comodidad relajante: la almohadilla de masaje de espalda con vibración y calefacción proporciona un alivio instantáneo del dolor y ofrece una experiencia profundamente relajante y cómoda. Dile adiós a las molestias y relaja tu cuerpo en 15 minutos.
Actualice 8 motores de vibración para una relajación muscular profunda: equipada con 8 motores de vibración mejorados, la almohadilla del sillón de masaje llega profundamente al tejido muscular, liberando tensión y tensión. Experimente un masaje completo y eficaz dirigido a las áreas problemáticas (cuello/hombro/espalda/muslo) para una máxima relajación.
Función de calefacción incorporada para una experiencia de masaje relajante: disfrute de la calidez relajante del masajeador de asiento con calor. El suave calor ayuda a mejorar la circulación sanguínea, aliviar la tensión muscular y mejorar la experiencia general del masaje. Sienta cómo la tensión se desvanece mientras disfruta de una reconfortante sesión de masaje.
Portátil y conveniente para uso en el hogar y la oficina: diseñado pensando en la portabilidad, el cojín de masaje es liviano y fácil de transportar. Ya sea que estés en casa, en la oficina, podrás disfrutar de los beneficios de un masaje por vibración. Se adapta cómodamente a su rutina diaria, permitiéndole aliviar el dolor y relajarse sin importar dónde se encuentre.
Modos de masaje personalizables y configuraciones de intensidad: adapte su experiencia de masaje a sus preferencias y necesidades. Con varios modos de masaje y configuraciones de intensidad ajustables, la almohadilla térmica con masaje de espalda le permite personalizar el estilo y la intensidad del masaje. Elija desde suaves masajes relajantes hasta una relajación muscular profunda y tonificante.

Customers say

Customers like the comfort, vibration, and heating of the chair. For example, they mention it feels good, has great vibration, 5 modes of vibrational patterns, and the heating is convenient. That said, opinions are mixed on performance.

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  • 25 de junio de 2024


  1. top1goodstore
    25 de junio de 2024

    Great massager for relaxation
    This vibrating back massager with heat is a solid choice for relaxation after a busy day. The vibration intensity is adjustable, allowing one to target sore spots with a gentle hum or a more vigorous massage. The added heat therapy provides a comforting warmth that melts away tension. While the massage modes are relatively limited compared to another Snailax product, the combination of vibration and heat does a great job of relieving muscle aches. The new improved timer can be set at 30, 60, or 90 minutes intervals. Overall, it’s a simple and effective way to unwind at home.

  2. Joey Z.
    25 de junio de 2024

    Perfect for office chair massage pad!!
    Overall great machine for price and well made !

  3. ANN
    25 de junio de 2024

    Perfect Vibration Strength
    This product works as advertised. The vibration strength on the highest setting relaxes the muscles and relieves soreness.

  4. Kit Duncan
    25 de junio de 2024

    Great Vibration Back Massager
    This vibration back massager excels in most areas and has only a couple of design flaws. Well worth the money!PROS:1 – Heat and vibrating intensities both have optional speeds (two for heat; 4 for vibration).2 – 5 modes of vibrational patterns are available.3 – The 3 preset timers (30/60/90 minutes) are more than adequate.4 – The price is very reasonable.5 – The length of the electric cord is adequate.6 – It is comfortable to sit in.7 – Its portability makes it a cinch to use in various locations.8 – It is easy to operate.9 – It is relatively quiet; not at all distracting.10. Speed intensities cover a large range; lowest is very quiet and gentle while highest is quite powerful.CONS:1 – Controller sleeve opens to the back, making it virtually impossible to put the controller into the sleeve while sitting down.2 – The strap holding the top of the vibrator to the chair is way too short; it does not fit a standard executive desk chair.3 – When using the 5 optional modes, you cannot regulate which of the four zones can be turned off; all 4 modes must be on.Bottom Line: Get it!

  5. AllisonT
    25 de junio de 2024

    Great massager and customer support
    This massager works like a charm. Love the option of intensity you can choose as well. Had a little trouble signing in for the extended warranty but found that going through their Facebook page to contact them worked well.

  6. Frisky Whiskers
    25 de junio de 2024

    Quit working
    Amazon won’t refund want me to call chinaMy warranty said to early for them to handle it company should have.

  7. HorJohn78
    25 de junio de 2024

    Mom Says It’s Good
    I bought this for my Mother and she seems to really like it. I thought it was the one with the rolling balls, but it’s the vibration one. She hasn’t complained so I can’t either.

  8. Phoenixwaller
    25 de junio de 2024

    Not enough padding in the seat
    First off, I’ll admit that I’m far heavier than the average user, so this might not be an issue for all. But after only a couple days of having this, I can say that there is far too little padding in the seat to accommodate the size of the vibrators for the thighs. For me, they become painful pressure points almost immediately if the vibration is not on, and even with vibration, I can only stand them for 30-60 minutes before I have to remove the thing from the chair entirely.The heat? Feels good. The vibration function itself? Loved the options and the motors are pretty powerful. It feels good when I discount the things digging into the backs of my legs. But there’s only so much that can be said for pain relief, when the thing that’s supposed to be providing relief is causing another sort of pain.Will I continue to use it? Probably. But I do wish there was enough padding out of the box to provide cushioning around those thigh vibrators.

  9. Maximiliano Peña Ontiveros
    25 de junio de 2024

    Buena calidad y precio el calentamiento funciona muy bien

  10. Arkangel
    25 de junio de 2024

    Es agradable al ponerlo pero aveces te resbalas dependiendo de que silla lo pongas

  11. Daehan
    25 de junio de 2024

    para usar juguete.

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