USAGA Rascador de cabeza con 28 dedos, masajeador de cabeza, masajeador de cuero cabelludo, masajeador de cabeza, masajeador de alambre para masaje corporal y relajación del estrés (negro)



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De la marca

Masajeador de cabeza USAGAMasajeador de cabeza USAGA

Masajeador de cabeza premium USAGA

USAGA se creó por una simple razón: que todos puedan animarse y relajarse cuando sea necesario.

Masajeador de cuero cabelludo premium USAGA

¿Qué hace que nuestros productos sean únicos?

Creamos nuestro producto a partir de una simple necesidad de los clientes, ¡ellos necesitan más!

¿Por qué amamos lo que hacemos?

¡Creamos, nos destacamos!

¿Por qué USAGA?

Somos una marca líder en masajeadores manuales para el cuero cabelludo y creamos muchos tipos de masajeadores de cabeza que son muy bien recibidos por nuestros valiosos clientes.

Cada producto nuestro es inspeccionado dos veces antes del envío, elegimos material de alta calidad con estándares inflexibles.

El servicio rápido y profesional hace que su pedido sea sin complicaciones.

masajeador de cabezamasajeador de cabeza

Centrémonos y exploremos.

Simplemente cierra los ojos y explora más, encontrarás más cosas nuevas.

Masajeador de cabeza USAGAMasajeador de cabeza USAGA

Idea de regalo perfecta

Una idea interesante para rellenar calcetines.

Dimensiones del producto: 10,23 x 5,2 x 5,2 pulgadas; 4,16 onzas
Número de modelo del producto ‏ : ‎ masajeador de cuero cabelludo-28 negro
Fecha de primera disponibilidad ‏ : ‎ 6 de enero de 2021
Fabricante ‏ : ‎ USAGA
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B08RYZ6FQ6

[Gives Chills] – ¿Necesitas mucho mejor que el rascador de cabeza de 12 y 20 dedos? Sabrás lo bueno y relajante que es una vez que pruebes la versión USAGA de 28 dedos, definitivamente fabulosa después de un largo día, este cosquilleo te ayuda a relajarte. Un gran regalo para tu pareja, familia y amigos.
[Easy to Use] – Coloque la araña de masaje en su cabeza, mueva suavemente el masajeador hacia arriba y hacia abajo, o con un movimiento circular sobre su cuero cabelludo. Los brazos flexibles se adaptan a diferentes tamaños de cabeza.
[Durable]-Está hecho de metal pero también suave para la cabeza, duradero y fácil de limpiar.
[Adjustable Size]-Las puntas del masajeador del cuero cabelludo están hechas de resorte de alta elasticidad y se pueden ajustar a la forma necesaria.
[No Hustle] – ¿No te gusta? Si hay algún problema, comuníquese con nosotros en el sistema de pedidos de Amazon, le responderemos lo antes posible. Disfruta tu vida y compártela con tus seres queridos.

Customers say

Customers like the comfort, relaxation, quality, and back scratcher of the massager. They mention that it feels great on the scalp, makes the senses tingle, and is highly recommended for stress relief and relaxation. They appreciate the back scratchers, saying that it’s a nice plus. Customers also appreciate the performance, and gift. However, some customers dislike the shape.

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  • 23 de junio de 2024


  1. starfaery
    23 de junio de 2024

    Feels so good
    This is well made and sturdy. It feels so good and relaxing but feels best when someone else is doing it for you! lol I would recommend.

  2. Marie33kl
    23 de junio de 2024

    Feels wonderful on the scalp!
    This is very soothing, relaxing and stimulating all in one! I can do it to my own head or have one of my children do it, and it feels great! We replaced an old one that only had 14 arms and this one feels much better! I recommend doing it daily at the end of your day, or after work. It’s wonderful! 🙂

  3. Vaughn
    23 de junio de 2024

    Great for Gifts!
    I bought this for my sister’s 28th birthday and since she’s a mom, I really wanted to help her relax for her birthday. So I got this and it was a huge hit!! She loves how great it feels on her scalp and said it “felt like tiny little people massaging her head” LOL. She also really liked the back scratcher and used it on her head for a bit as well. In fact, she’s looking forward to me using this on her later on! The back scratcher is pretty high quality and so is the head massager! They’re both perfect for any tired family member or friends that just need a day off. Totally recommend!

  4. B
    23 de junio de 2024

    Good quality
    This came with a black back scratcher. Which was crazy bc I was thinking about getting a back scratcher. But overall love it

  5. Big Burly
    23 de junio de 2024

    Friend bought one too
    Feels great and good for hair.

  6. A&J
    23 de junio de 2024

    Amazing relaxation and stress-calming for all ages
    My entire household — husband and 2 kids, ages 10 and 11 — LOVE this. We had used some other “tinglers” at Grandma’s house, and tried this many-fingered after reading lots of reviews for this and comparable products. Came with a bear claw back scratcher. While the most benefit is when someone uses this on your head, I find it similarly therapeutic to use on my own head before bed. Helps induce relaxation after a long, tiring day of work and parenting.Often while watching a family movie, we take turns using on each other. “Awwww,” is the common utterance. Or I will use on my son at bedtime — he has ADHD and this sensory stimulation is very calming for him. He asked for me to use on his back, both over and under his PJ shirt, and he enjoyed that. Said it was best over his shirt. Nothing to NOT like about it, IF you like your scalp massaged. Some people can’t handle this at all. I have also used on the head of our 40-lb dog, on her scalp between her ears (going down just a little) and she stands still for it — then shakes her head as if it really does provide some tingly, good sensations.Another reviewer said it was like a “head orgasm” and that is a totally apt description. It’s stimulates whole upper body tingly, tickly, relaxing vibes. Hard to describe. You just have to try it! This far surpasses any less-fingered variations.

  7. Ronald Merker
    23 de junio de 2024

    You get what you pay for!
    There are less expensive versions but these don’t do the job. The one purchased here is top quality and works soooo good! Buy with confidence!

  8. Mayberryfan
    23 de junio de 2024

    It works as advertised but not all that great.
    Many glowing reviews on Amazon about this product so I ordered one. It’s okay but not as great as it’s cracked up to be. The back scratcher that comes with it is nice.

  9. rebecca cochrane
    23 de junio de 2024

    I love the “normal” head scratchers and have used them for years. I figured I’d try this high quality one, thinking that even if it was a 2% improvement, it would be better. I am not kidding when I say this is 75-100% better than the “normal” versions. It is incredible and completely worth the money. I normally don’t write reviews, but I couldn’t help it with this one. Having so many more prongs makes such a difference, and they are shaped so well for an overall snug fit. A wonderful product!

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