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✅【Portátil y liviana】: el marco de madera maciza seleccionado y el acolchado de esponja hacen que la mesa de masaje profesional sea muy liviana, con un peso de solo 30.86 libras. Los accesorios se pueden instalar o quitar en cualquier momento y caben debajo de la cama para guardarlos. Este diseño plegable es portátil para uso doméstico y masajista mientras viaja.
✅【Mesa de pestañas ajustable】: la altura de las pestañas se puede ajustar en 8 posiciones, rango de 25.2» a 33.7». El reposacabezas ajustable (0-60 grados) y la paleta manual facilitan el ajuste a la posición más relajante y adecuada. Los accesorios acoplables o desmontables permiten diferentes formas de utilizar la cama para lograr el máximo confort.
✅【Amplia aplicación】: la cama de masaje totalmente equipada relaja cada parte de tu cuerpo. El cojín de esponja de alta densidad de 2 pulgadas de espesor proporciona un tacto suave. El diseño ergonómico y los materiales seleccionados hacen que la camilla de masaje sea cómoda y sofisticada. Es perfecto para salón de belleza, club de mujeres, masoterapia, centro de salud, tatuadores, etc.
✅【Construcción estable y duradera】: Con una construcción de madera maciza de haya y alambre de acero de alta resistencia, las mesas de masaje portátiles combinan robustez y estabilidad. La resistente madera contrachapada proporciona soporte para el acolchado de alta densidad. El cuero PU es resistente al desgaste y al agua, lo que brinda una gran comodidad para la limpieza diaria.
✅【Totalmente equipado y almacenamiento】: La mesa ajustable está totalmente equipada. Puedes configurar los accesorios en menos de 5 minutos. Tenga en cuenta que rechazamos toda violencia y montaje o desmontaje inadecuado. Además, la mesa del spa se puede configurar o plegar fácilmente para ahorrar espacio cuando no esté en uso. Si tiene alguna pregunta, no dude en contactarnos.

  • 23 de junio de 2024


  1. Kat
    23 de junio de 2024

    I like this massage table, the quality is great. Performance is good. It’s firm. Holds up perfectly. Great value.

  2. C. Miller
    23 de junio de 2024

    You will not be disappointed!
    The YOUNIKE Massage Table Portable Lightweight 2 Folding Adjustable Lash Facial Tattoo Bed Professional Spa Physical Therapy Home Salon Wooden Frame White with Accessories was a pleasant surprise. It arrived basically assembled with mostly nothing to put together. That made for a super easy setup, and extra relaxation once I realized no complicated assembly was required because it’s essentially ready to go out of the box. The only assembly is the optional headrest and the shelf that fits under the headrest. Both take very little time to install.The versatility of this table is really amazing. The shelf is great for massage oils or for the phone of the person getting massaged to relax with a movie or favorite show. You can adjust the height of the table. You can use the optional headrest, or for use in smaller spaces, can remove part of the cushion to reveal a face divot. The angle of the headrest is adjustable and easy to do.The bed is firm but comfortable. It can be cold due to the faux leather-type material covering it but is easily covered with a sheet or towel. The material seems like it can be easily cleaned and will hold up well to time. The table itself seems very sturdy and well-made. There was no wobble or indication of weakness with a person on it over 200 pounds.It folds up easily for storage in the included bag and fits well under the bed for storage.Overall, the quality and versatility make this an excellent value and an amazing thing to treat yourself at home. It could even help start launch a small side business before becoming established and more in demand.

  3. J&K
    23 de junio de 2024

    Comfy & Sturdy
    I have severe scoliosis & a lot of back pain that goes a long with it. This massage table makes the massages my husband gives me so much more enjoyable. It sometimes hurts my back even more to lay on the bed or couch on my stomach to have my back rubbed. It really helps so much having this massage table & my neck is a lot more comfortable too. It’s easy to clean. We just wipe it off with a disinfectant wipe or spray when we’re done & it folds easily to fit in a closet or wherever & has a handle. We definitely recommend

  4. Blue
    23 de junio de 2024

    Updated review – Wow! Awesome table!
    Updated Review:After a few months of use I popped on to check something as a client mentioned they had the same table but theirs had arm rests and legs on one side of the table so that when the table is closed it isn’t sitting directly on the padding. When I popped on to the listing sure enough it was supposed to have arm rests and the legs however the one I received has neither. I am past the return/exchange window so there is nothing that can be done now but I am disappointed that I didn’t receive these. That is why I am updating this review to recommend that you double check what you receive and ensure all parts are there. It is still a nice table without them but these would make it all the most wonderful.Original Review:If you’re looking for an easy to assemble, travel/mobile compatible, and store when not in use table this is perfect for all three! Its easy enough for one person to assemble and take down as well as is light enough to carry. I like that it has straps around the table as they assist when needing to move it, it has lockable legs which is a plus as my previous one did not so this one having lockable legs gives me some added security in the stability. There is an ever so slight “shake” but I find this to be common in massage/tattoo tables. Customers haven’t noticed it that how slight it is. The padding and material of the table are excellent and comfortable. My favorite feature of this table is the adjustable height. It has come in handy so many times already. I’ve been able to adjust it according to a customers height but also was able to accommodate a customer who was disabled. The other feature I like about this table is the resting arm pillow underneath the headrest. No more sleepy arms but it also serves as a phone holder when a customer wants to watch videos etc on their phone. While I know colors on a screen aren’t always going to be the exact same, the pink was quite a bit different than I expected.

  5. TTC
    23 de junio de 2024

    Really, really nice table
    We are impressed! The table unfolds and pops right up in an instant. All the accessories store underneath with elastic straps. The table folds easily and stores in a really nice carrying bag. The legs are stable, the bed covering is a nice quality material and it’s comfortable to lay on. It is much nicer than we expected. We’re very pleased.

  6. Alexandra
    23 de junio de 2024

    Perfect for beginners!
    After getting licensed as an esthetician, this came in so handy to do mobile services. As a beginner, this is also perfect and budget friendly. Comes with everything you needed to start. Whether you’re a licensed massage therapist, doing facials, back facials, lashing, brows, etc! Def recommend!

  7. Miya
    23 de junio de 2024

    Nice table!
    This is a really great portable massage table for a great price. It is a basic massage table and works great for traveling. Folds up easily and isn’t very heavy to carry from place to place. It’s a nice pink color and is covered in faux leather. Seems durable enough. The wood isn’t very thick but that’s so it won’t be too heavy to carry. All in all a good table. Haven’t found anything about it that I don’t like so I definitely would recommend it!

  8. Gerardus Van Dellen
    23 de junio de 2024

    What a great table for the features
    The YOUNIKE Massage Table for the price is feature filled and comfortable. Now I did use some sheets to cover the top as laying on faux vinyl isn’t exactly comfortable. This has so many adjustments I’m still playing around with all the way it bends and places to rest parts. Portability is great as it isn’t to heavy compared to others I’ve tried. Cleanup is easy and it folds right up for storage. I couldn’t be happier. Recommended purchase.

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