YOUNIKE Mesas de Masaje Cama de Pestañas Portátil para Extensiones de Pestañas Profesional Aluminio 3 Plegables Ligero Altura Ajustable Facial Spa Salón de Belleza Tatuaje Hogar Negro



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🍑 【Mesa de masaje multifunción】: la cama de masaje YOUNIKE está diseñada con patas, respaldo y reposacabezas ajustables, lo que la convierte en una opción profesional versátil para masajistas. El diseño de 3 pliegues también es más ergonómico que el diseño de 2 pliegues, lo que brinda una experiencia más cómoda.
🍑 【Plegable y liviana】: Con la composición de aleación de aluminio de alta calidad y esponja de alta densidad, la cama de spa pesa solo 30,86 libras. Además, la cama de pestañas se puede configurar o plegar fácilmente en 30 segundos, perfecta para apartamentos pequeños para ahorrar espacio. Las características livianas y plegables hacen que la mesa para pestañas sea perfecta para viajes de negocios o uso doméstico.
🍑【Seguro y protegible】: la construcción fuerte garantiza seguridad y estabilidad. La tapicería de alta resiliencia proporciona un tacto confortable. La construcción de aluminio y el alambre de acero de alta resistencia hacen que las camas de masaje portátiles sean resistentes y estables. La resistente madera contrachapada proporciona un fuerte soporte para el cojín de alta densidad.
🍑 【Diseño cómodo】: cuero de PU cubierto con una esponja de alta densidad, nuestra cama portátil seguramente le brindará la mejor experiencia suave y transpirable. Y el material cuidadosamente seleccionado nos ahorra muchos problemas a la hora de limpiar. Todo lo que necesitas es un paño húmedo para limpiar las manchas.
🍑 【Diseño elegante】: Prácticas y artísticas, las mesas plegables están dedicadas a agregar un toque de glamour a su espacio. Capaz de combinar perfectamente con una variedad de decoración, la cama para tatuajes es adecuada para una variedad de propósitos. Es perfecto para salones de belleza, centros de mujeres, masoterapia, salones de tatuajes, etc.

  • 23 de junio de 2024


  1. Alejandro Urdaneta
    23 de junio de 2024

    Fantastic and Beautiful
    This table is perfect for massage spa and more. I recommend this table A++++

  2. Dulce
    23 de junio de 2024

    Excelente y cómodo
    Me encanto es cómoda y fuerte

  3. Heather Zeitzwolfe
    23 de junio de 2024

    Barbie Pink!! But heavy!
    I was lured in by the color but I was looking for something lighter to carry. The color is Barbie pink! I have never seen a massage table this color before. It is over the top and is super cute. However, this table is heavy! The unit is sturdy, but for portability, it is rather heavy. Especially to be dragging it from place to place.

  4. Soli Deo Gloria
    23 de junio de 2024

    Size, features, quality, price all check
    We have just about every massage tool you can think of for at-home purposes, the only thing that’s been missing is an actual table. I’ve been looking around and needed to make sure it’s foldable when not in use due to limited space. But my main reservation was ordering something of this size without first seeing and testing it. Last thing I wanted was to go through the hassle of assembling it, only to find it’s not what I need.But nevertheless, there’s no way to try before you buy products like this So I decided on this product since it had all the necessary features I was looking for and so far no terrible reviews. Plus it comes in a variety of color options, so I wasn’t forced to go with the typical maroon that I see on so many massage tables.In addition to foldability, it need to be the right length since I’m a large male I didn’t want my feet hanging off too far. And I’m happy to report that this table is about 71” on its own but with the facial extension you get another foot so I’m able to fit my entire body with no dangling feet!My next worry was quality and comfort which so far I have no concerns. The bed is about 3.5” thick and the padding is especially plush and this which is a real surprise. It’s quite comfortable and I don’t expect the thickness to wear down at all considering it doesn’t get used like the typical piece of furniture. If I can predict anything eventually falling apart, it might be the staples used to secure the PU leather material throughout. Considering this is made to be carried around and might be mobile for some people, I’m not sure this can withstand much of a beating. But that’s not a huge concern of mine since I don’t expect this to leave my house, let alone the same room in its lifetime.So size, materials, features all check the right boxes. And all things considered, I’d say the price is certainly fair compared to other massage tables of this size and type.Thank you for reading and I hope you find this review and the pictures helpful in making a purchasing decision.

  5. LMT
    23 de junio de 2024

    Great purchase!
    Just like everyone else, I am impressed with his fold up massage table. Great price, easy to fold up and move around and is comfortable. I really can’t add more than what everyone else has said other than it deserves all 5 stars.

  6. Sharon Guandique
    23 de junio de 2024

    Can take the weight
    I use this table when i am providing a massage or doing lashes or facials. I like that the material is easy to clean and it does not stain. I have had many clients who were concerned about the weight capacity and i told them it was fine the most weight i have had on there is about 253lbs. I like how easy it is to break down and the professional look and easy to transport in my car.

  7. Katie W.
    23 de junio de 2024

    Nice table!
    Got this to replace an aging one and I’m super surprised!My old one was like 3X the price of this one and this one is so much nicer. I feel like a chump.Everything is held underneath the table when folded and it folds nice and thin. Unfolding it is super easy.Very well made all together. Really like it and it’s held up for 6 months of heavy (4 times a week) use.Recommended.

  8. Nong
    23 de junio de 2024

    I’ve always wanted one of these. I give my partner a good amount of massages and sometimes you want the utility of an actual table rather than laying on the bed or couch. This thing is surprisingly solid and easy to deal with. It’s sort of heavy to tote around, but if that’s the tradeoff for stability it’s well worth it.If you want an affordable massage table.

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