iRest SL Track Sillón reclinable de masaje, sillón de masaje de cuerpo completo, gravedad cero, altavoz Bluetooth, bolsas de aire, calefacción y masaje de pies (negro)



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Masaje de pies: El airbag envuelve todo el empeine para un masaje de presión. Y los airbags en la zona de las pantorrillas comprimen los músculos de las piernas y alivian el dolor de las mismas. El masaje con rodillos para pies crea una experiencia relajada y cómoda para el cuerpo.
Ancho ajustable: las estructuras de masaje en forma de S en el respaldo fueron diseñadas de acuerdo con el principio de ingeniería del cuerpo humano, lo que hace que el masaje de espalda se ajuste perfectamente a su lugar. El ancho de 6 a 21 cm tiene 3 niveles ajustables para ancho, medio y estrecho.
Space Capsule Zero Gravity: hay 3 niveles de ángulos de gravedad cero, haciendo clic en el botón para ajustar un cómodo ángulo de reclinación. Mientras tanto, nuestro corazón y nuestras rodillas están en una línea horizontal, lo que puede reducir eficazmente la presión cardíaca y estimular la circulación sanguínea.
SL Track: combinado con ingeniería humana y estudiada tecnología de riel curvo espacial en forma de «SL» súper larga, la distancia del masaje es de 135 cm, le permite disfrutar de un masaje personal desde la cabeza hasta la pierna, ayuda a mantener la curva en forma de «S» de las vértebras del cuerpo humano. Consigue relajar la columna y aliviar los músculos tensos.
Garantía posventa: este sillón de masaje se prueba al 100% en cuanto a rendimiento y confiabilidad antes del envío, y está garantizado y protegido con una garantía de 3 años.

Customers say

Customers are happy with the quality, comfort, customization and appearance of the massage chair. They mention that it’s sturdy, provides a unique and comforting experience and that it has plenty of alternative massages. They are also happy with bluetooth speaker. That said, opinions are mixed on ease of assembly, performance, and size.

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  • 25 de junio de 2024


  1. Edward Kephart
    25 de junio de 2024

    Best Self Care Chair
    If I could give this chair a 10 star I would!! The chair is wonderful! It was easy to assemble, super sturdy, very comfortable. I’m tall 6’0″ and my son is 6’6″ and we both fit perfectly in the chair. The chair performs exactly as the description. Massages are so great and the different options are a plus. I feel like i’m gaining my mobility with this chair! Best self care investment ever!

  2. CJ
    25 de junio de 2024

    Amazing buy, for zero gravity massage chair.
    After tons of research, finally decided to pull the trigger on this one hoping we made the right decision, and boy we were surprised and happy. While there is a constriction feeling, its like a cocoon feel with compression vs. clostrophobic feel. So many negative reviews about silly things. This truly seems like an amazing investment with 3 year warranty. This has the capability to be intense (which I read) but you can adjust that with the remote easily. Heat is option not automatic. You have option to go full zero gravity while choosing to stop at a different angle and stay there as well. This Massage chair has capability of being compared to a person but is better than a person in my opinion, due to the fact you are having multiple things worked on at the same time. Feet rollers/massagers and leg compression, with arm compression, waist, shoulders and chest while getting to head to lower butt, almost thigh area massage. Masseuse general work on one area at a time, then move to next – while you get that in this chair you also get repetition of areas and different styles as well breaking up stubborn knots, which has been a major issue for me, and why I wanted this chair for more frequent visits to spa without all the cost and appts. It works shoulder blades like a dream and felt great for me, 5’3 and my husband 6’1. Extended feet section allowing to stretch during massage and accomadate different heights. Where i was able to get almost full head massage my husband got up to his shoulders which worked for him. I would say able to handle different sizes, heights and weight comfortably. Speakers are awesome as well. Only had for a day but attempted many presets on the remote, and adjustments that worked well. I definitely feel like I left an hour massage, so I know I’m getting same results but on my time and schedule.

  3. Josh N
    25 de junio de 2024

    (Updated Review) Great value full body massage chair — but with complications and limitations
    UPDATE (August, 2023):I’ve had this massage chair for a little over a year, so I figure it’s time for an updated review. While I still believe this is not the absolute best massage chair out there (the really good ones still cost $5000+), it was an absolutely wonderful value for the $1799 I paid. Now that this chair is discounted well below that, I am able to recommend it even more.I cannot imagine life without this massage chair! While not perfect — and it was a pain to setup — this may be one of my very best purchases from Amazon. It has so enriched our lives. Working from home, I love having this chair nearby to calm me when I’m stressed. It’s also been great for managing my wife’s SI pain. Our house guests also love it — makes them feel like they are in a spa.–ORIGINAL REVIEW (May, 2022):This is one of the most expensive items I have ever purchased on Amazon, and probably the most difficult to review. It’s a great chair, and costs thousands less than similar models. But there are some limitations in what it will do, and final assembly is only simple if you know what you are doing (the instructions don’t help much at all). I also found that the user guide doesn’t give enough detail on operation. With this massage chair you really have to figure out a lot on your own.PROS: * Costs less than half the price of other premium massage chairs. (And of course with Amazon Prime delivery is free.) * This chair does a good job of massaging: feet, buttocks, hips / lower back, and upper back / shoulders. * The alternating pressure on your forearms is surprisingly soothing. * Looks good, stylish * Good remote control (once you figure out how to use it) that fits conveniently in a side pocket. * The sides of the machine light up when in use. It has more than once prevented me from tripping in the dark.MEH: * Your first challenge is getting this monster in the front door. Amazon will deliver it to your doorstep, that’s it. Even with the foot/leg massager not attached, the chair very heavy and bulky. You will need two strong people to get this up the stairs, and they will want (and deserve) money and/or food. * The only assembly you need to perform is to attach the leg/foot rest to the chair, and it’s fairly simple — once you figure it out. The assembly instructions provided are TERRIBLE, if not outright inaccurate. You are on your own. Be careful not to drop the tiny screws into cushions while you struggle with this, as you may never see them again. I had to replace one of the screws from my toolbox. * The instructions for use are a bit better than for the assembly, but not by much. The user guide gives you a brief introduction to what the buttons do, and to each massage mode, but you will have to figure out on your own what works best. I’ve been massaged too hard, too soft, and not in the right place, which I figured out what to do. After about a week I’m mostly sure that massage mode F4 with low intensity works best for me, but I’m still tweaking the neck/shoulder roller position setting. * You almost need three hands to get things started, as once you kick off the massage the pillows that grab your forearms get right to work — and you have to be real fast to get your arms in the slots in time. I might have this issue less often once I get more adjusted to using the controls * And you really do need to learn the adjustments if you don’t want this thing to hurt you. I love an intense foot massage, but I still need to turn down the intensity on this machine. And I still am learning how to have the rollers avoid grinding my hip bones.OTHER FEATURES: The machine includes spare fuses, which is a nice touch. (Wish the manufacturer was just as considerate with their instructions.) There are also bluetooth speakers I’ve never bothered to pair.OVERALL: I’m still glad I got this unholy beast of a chair, and I plan to keep it. I get a *mostly* good massage out of it, and it looks great in my office. In zero gravity mode I’ve even fallen asleep in it. But know that for $1799 you are NOT getting the $5000 deluxe massage chair you may see in a fancy store. While this chair is an excellent value and more than worth the money, it is by no means the best chair out there. I get about 90% enjoyment out of this purchase overall.

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