Medical King Foot Spa con Calor y Masaje y Jets Incluye Un Control Remoto Una Piedra Pómez Masajeador Plegable con Burbujas y Vibración


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Rey de los suministros médicos

Rey médicoRey médico

Medical King es el rey de los suministros médicos. Como líderes de la industria, estamos orgullosos de ofrecer una amplia selección de suministros y equipos para el cuidado de la salud, industriales y científicos de alta calidad a un costo o por debajo.

Somos conocidos por ofrecer precios mucho más bajos que otros proveedores y puede confiar en que recibirá el mejor precio por adelantado.

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Masajeadores de piernas y pies

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Dimensiones del producto ‏ : ‎ 16 x 13 x 7 pulgadas; 4,3 libras
Número de modelo del producto ‏ : ‎ MK7041
Fecha de primera disponibilidad ‏ : ‎ 31 de marzo de 2022
Fabricante ‏ : ‎ Medical King

Relaja el dolor muscular de los pies con 2 potentes Bubble Je
El spa para pies calentado 5 en 1 incluye calefacción ajustable con control de temperatura: burbujas de oxígeno para promover la circulación sanguínea y el metabolismo, – Vibración para que disfrute del masaje, – Piedra para pedicura: ayuda a eliminar callos, durezas y piel muerta, Mini puntos de masaje: todos los Las opciones se pueden decir individualmente.
Spa para baño de pies con 14 rodillos de masaje extraíbles para su comodidad, con forma de pie para que sea más cómodo para los pies y brindar el máximo masaje a todos los ángeles.
spa para pies portátil en casa o en la oficina o llévelo a donde quiera que vaya
Spas para pies con rango de temperatura de 3 niveles.

Customers say

Customers like the performance, ease of use, and light of the foot massager. For example, they mention it works well, is convenient, and has settings that are easy to operate. That said, opinions are mixed on bubbles, temperature control, and comfort.

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  • 22 de junio de 2024


  1. joy
    22 de junio de 2024

    Best purchase ever!
    I like everything about this product! It has a heat feature that offers 3 levels of intensity, a bubble feature, Swedish massage rollers, a pumice stone, and a remote control. A CAUTION : make sure the WATER BE IS IN container BEFORE turning it on. I won’t use the collapse feature to save the life of the tub. Also : start at the lowest setting for heat because it gets very hot even if you start with cool water. One last word, make sure you point the remote control toward the sensor at the bottom of the tub ( it is underneath the pumice stone) I believe the price is excellent! GREAT GIFT !

  2. Francesca
    22 de junio de 2024

    Great for price and size
    Overall, this is worth the money. It’s not an industrial footbath and if you’re expecting the kind of force from the bubbles and vibration that you’d get in a spa, you need to adjust your expectations because you simply won’t find that in a small, portable footbath. A more expensive one might have motorized rollers but when I was researching which footbath to buy, I looked at everything I could find under $100 and none of them had motorized rollers.Pros:+ Big enough for my husband’s size 13 feet with enough space to use the rollers.+ Vibration is strong enough to relax sore feet.+ Water temperature fluctuates a bit but is overall kept at a good temperature and even the lowest setting is almost as hot as I can take. Hottest is too hot for my husband but he likes the medium.+ Heating element is below the bottom of the basin so you can’t accidentally bump into it and burn yourself (a problem I’ve seen a lot on other footbaths).+ Pumice stone detaches so you can get all of your callouses, not just your heels.+ Haven’t had any issues with the remote. Yes, you have to point it down into the tub to change anything, but it’s not like you need to do that more than once or twice per use it so it’s not a big deal.+ Folds and unfolds easily and the fold-down post keeps it from accidentally folding while in use. We don’t have much space to store a big footbath so this is a must for us.+ Very lightweight but not so light we’ve had any issues with it sliding while trying to use the foot rollers.Cons:- Vibration is loud enough we have to increase the volume if we’re watching TV or playing a game.- The bubbles don’t do much but mix the water around and tickle your toes a bit.- Rollers are not motorized. You have to physically move your feet across them.- Cold water will take a long time to heat, so you’re best off putting in hot from the start.- You cannot run the vibration without the heater. I’m pregnant and prefer cold water when my feet are swollen and it’d be nice to have both. As it stands, I can use it with cold water for a while because the heater takes so long to heat cold water, but it does heat up noticeably quicker than it would in just a plastic tub.- Remote is the ONLY control. There are no buttons on the bath itself. If the remote breaks or is lost, you won’t be able to use the footbath.- I’m sure eventually the sides will tear at the fold points, but that’s just the nature of a collapsible plastic tub. The only question is how long it will last.

  3. Colorado RV Parks LLC
    22 de junio de 2024

    Easy set up and clean up
    I really like the heat and vibrations. It warms up fast. Lots of room inside. The rollers feel good but are not motorized as mentioned in the description. After 20 minutes my feet do feel good and the massager is working as described. Worth the money.

  4. SK
    22 de junio de 2024

    Been looking for years and HAPPY I BOUGHT THIS ONE
    Over the years, I have extensively researched and evaluated the available options for foot spas. After careful consideration, I finally settled for one that exceeded all my expectations. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase, and I believe you will be too. This particular foot spa comes with some fantastic features that make it stand out from the rest. For starters, it has a built-in heater that keeps the water warm throughout your entire foot soak session. Additionally, the spa is collapsible, making it easy to store in a closet or under a bed when not in use. The electrical cord is also long, giving you more flexibility in where you can plug it in. Once you’re comfortable, you can use the remote to adjust the settings without having to move. The spa also comes with massage rollers and a callus remover stone, providing a complete foot care experience. I use it twice a week, and I am continually amazed by how satisfied I am with its performance. The quality of the product is also top-notch, and I feel like I got my money’s worth. Overall, I highly recommend this foot spa to anyone looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating foot care experience.

  5. BA
    22 de junio de 2024

    The heater is EVERYTHING
    Ignore the collapsing feature. Trust me, I will not collapse mine. Anything with this type feature eventually deteriorates at the collapsing seam.The rollers are meaningless, adding no function. The ridiculous, tiny pumice stone is only functional if you have nasty heal calluses. Those of us with tiny, big toe spots are doomed. The bubbles are a noisy nuisance adding absolutely nothing therapeutic.BUT. THE. HEATER!! Worth every cent for this feature. After the water heats (which was more quickly than expected), high is too hot, medium is perfect until it cycles on and you have to click it to low. The remote is a brilliant add.I have used the silly and ineffective first- generation heated foot baths and hadn’t looked into anything newer on the market. This is amazing. Buy it. Right now. You will not regret it.

  6. P. Wegner
    22 de junio de 2024

    Works great just don’t lose the remote
    This product works great. It’s pretty outstanding almost gets a little too hot sometimes least the first time I used it I kept the little mesh bag. It came in for storage that way it could finish air drying, even though I left it air dry overnight, but just something to keep it stored and dry into the life of me I cannot find what the hell I did with the remote. So the second time I used it and since then I’ve just used it without the remote wish there was a better way the remote would stay attached to the base even a velcro attachment or something I’m hoping I find my remote. My house is not messy. I have no idea where I put it thought I put it in the bag with it, but I can’t find it. Just note once you lose the remote, you’re pretty much screwed besides having a bucket

  7. brendar
    22 de junio de 2024

    Feels great
    Love that you can collapse the unit and the rollers make my feet feel really great. Great that you can change heat and the timing feature on a remote. Definitely would recommend.

  8. Sophie
    22 de junio de 2024

    I did test out the water temperature yet, i just put warm water in it. But everything working fine, remote works well, bubbles are nice. Even if the container can fold on itself, it is really stable when completly opened. And the fact that it becomes smaller for storage, i love it.

  9. Karen
    22 de junio de 2024

    it did its job, no more spa salons for me. i can do my own foot massage now. thank you love it

  10. Male
    22 de junio de 2024

    En pocos minutos tienes el agua a la temperatura que tú prefieras, ¡El masaje de burbujas es fantástico!muy , fácil de usar.

  11. MR A.
    22 de junio de 2024

    I do no feel the item description accurately reflects the item as nowhere could I see it explains the item operates at 120v and therefore comes with a USA style plug. As the item was sold in pounds sterling, I had no doubts this was a UK compatible item.

  12. Sue noeckel
    22 de junio de 2024

    I had to use a dodgy little powerpoint converter to try it out. The vibration didn’t work

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