Paquete de camilla de masaje portátil STRONGLITE VERSALITE – Aluminio ligero y profesional, incl. Reposacabezas y almohada facial ajustables de lujo



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Vinilo satinado al tacto.
Hecho en EE.UU
SÚPER ESTABLE PERO LIGERO: Muy portátil. Fabricado con aleación de aluminio T6 superligera y muy resistente con tratamiento térmico y un acabado duradero con recubrimiento en polvo de alto brillo. ¡Pesa sólo 29 libras!
ALTAMENTE AJUSTABLE: El bloqueo de botón en cada pata telescópica, junto con una perilla de goma de seguridad, permiten que la mesa se ajuste de manera fácil y segura a alturas que oscilan entre 23 «y 33».
PAQUETE COMPLETO: Incluye mesa, nuestra plataforma ajustable de lujo fácilmente ajustable y almohada facial estándar, y un resistente estuche de transporte de nailon balístico con cremallera resistente.
DISEÑO MODERNO: Fabricado con nuestra tapicería resistente y respetuosa con el medio ambiente, Nature’s Touch, disponible en 4 colores (negro, burdeos, azul real y verde azulado). Todos complementan el elegante y moderno marco de aluminio plateado.
GARANTÍA LIMITADA DE POR VIDA de STRONGLITE en Estructura, GARANTÍA DE 3 AÑOS en tapizado, espuma y reposacabezas.

Customers say

Customers like the sturdiness, light weight, and comfort of the massage table. They mention that it’s firm, not excessively soft, and the padding is squishy. However, some customers have reported durability issues, with the wood splitting on the underside and the leather handles breaking off. They also mention that the table is wobbly and extremely noisy.

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  • 25 de junio de 2024


  1. Misty
    25 de junio de 2024

    The name is true, Strong, Light, and well designed for ease of use.
    Have used a Golden Triangle wood table for a couple decades – it has been a great table and still is but after using a Stronglite massage chair for a few years it was clear that they have a winning design so we opted to get their table.Pros:+Light+Easy to setup+Well built, my resident engineer gave it a through examination ;-)+Head cradle is comfortable with a wide range of adjustment. At first I didn’t get how great this adjustment range because I tried to set the location then put my face into it – wrong way. The technique that worked for me was to lay my face in the cradle and hold it in place while I put my face at the height and angle I wanted, the cradle smoothly followed along. It locks into place easily. Love this feature.Cons:- None at this time. The wood that forms the top is thin but that doesn’t appear to be an issue and contributes to the light weight. Will need to use it a couple years to validate that the wood and foam are durable. The chair has certainly held up well and I expect the same from their table.Thanks to the vendor TouchPro for their years of service in this industry.

  2. Matias Wood
    25 de junio de 2024

    Great light table
    Great not heavy at all, I have been using this table for years, not on daily bases. but I really enjoy how firm it is

  3. Verona
    25 de junio de 2024

    legs will collapse
    Had this table out in public and one of my clients was getting off the table at the end, bounced a little, and found herself on the floor when the leg assembly folded in. It made a very unwelcome scene. She was gracious about it, but I nearly had a heart attack and since so many people witnessed it it was sort of anti-advertising. Have experimented with various methods of bracing the legs so that won’t happen again but nothing has worked. If I bounce a little on the end, no matter how I have the undercarriage braced, the legs fold up. Bought this table because of the weight limit and the weight – I believe it is very sturdy if weight is evenly distributed on the top but make sure your client gets off the table from the side, never the end, and I wouldn’t recommend any table thai, especially on a smooth floor. Great table but the instability defeats the purpose. I’m a little worried any time someone gets on it.

  4. Tiffany Huett
    25 de junio de 2024

    Ignore working weight claim…this table not recommended for large clients
    I can add a pic later. I’m hoping to be able to get a partial refund, but wanted to get this review posted ASAP. First, when this table arrived, I could tell the quality was not as high as it used to be, especially regarding the headrest. Bought this same model and brand of table years ago and loved it, so I wanted another. Already, I could tell they started making them cheaper, because the adjustability and quality of the headrest wasn’t the same. Bummer, but the padded part of the headrest was good, I am still using my former headrest base for most of my clients anyway. HOWEVER….I work on a few quite large dudes, so I count on the manufacturer and any wholesalers of these tables to BE HONEST about the working weight of these tables! If you start using cheaper quality materials, DO NOT still advertise the same working weight you always did for this model! I checked and sure enough, you are still claiming it is 750lbs working weight and 1000 resting. BS! I only got this table 3 months ago, and had a client of about 400lbs feel so bad today, because as he was turning over to lay face up, we heard a large CRACK. The wood split on the underside of the table, where it folds. Right where there is the thickest, most reinforced part of the wood frame underneath. Shocking, as I have been a professional massage therapist for 16 years, worked on many large people on other protable massage tables, and never had anything even close to that happen with any table I’ve owned, INCLUDING THIS SAME ONE that I had bought before and loved for years, so of course I went back and wanted the same model for my new table purchase. Pretty terrible situation. Not sure if any kind of partial or full refund will even be possible. But I cannot believe they first of all, even changed the quality of the table, and second of all, were not honest about the capacity. Most people buying these are working LMTs and we specifically check to make sure any table we buy professes an appropriate working weight. This is dishonest and can put us in a terrible position if a client got hurt. Super angry about this. LMTs, just stay away from this one unless, to be safest, all of your clients are under 300lbs. And none of us really want to have to ASK about that when new clients contact us. So just don’t buy it at all. Not worth it. If you’re like me and owned this before and wanted to buy it again, classic case of «they don’t make them like they used to».

  5. ERK
    25 de junio de 2024

    Wobbly and Noisey
    Table looks really nice and it is light. Headrest is super-cool. However, as others have pointed bit, it is a bit wobbly, especially once raised past the 3rd lowest setting. It is also extremely noisy. Very noisy. You better have your music pumped up to cover up the creaky and creepy sounds. I will pay more next time and get a better table. Could be a better product, just needs some fine tuning by the manufacturer.

  6. Veronica
    25 de junio de 2024

    All in all this table is great. My clients love it
    All in all this table is great. My clients love it. But one of the leather handles on the side broke off within a few short months. I have yet to get it fixed. I figure I will take it to an upholsterer and maybe they can do it. I had a Stronglite table before as well and that never happened so I’m not sure why it happened with this one. That’s the only reason I’m giving it 4 stars. Otherwise, I still love it.

  7. Serena Lucchesi
    25 de junio de 2024

    Good Value
    I am 4’10.5″ and a weigh a little over 110 lbs. I can put up and take down this table easily. Because I am short it is a bit of a challenge to carry because of its folded height in its carrying bag, not because of the weight. I also like that it is not excessively soft and cushy as so many other tables are. I thought the price reasonable for the quality received.

  8. 1sgt Loredo
    25 de junio de 2024

    Heavy duty
    My spouse loved the new massage table for comfort and durability. We both got on with no problem

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