Snailax Cojín de masaje con calor – Soporte cervical y lumbar de espuma viscoelástica, 10 motores de vibración para espalda y silla



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Nota: Este cojín de masaje es únicamente un masajeador vibratorio, no un masajeador shiatsu con bolas giratorias. Almohadilla de soporte de espuma viscoelástica adicional: el cojín del asiento de masaje está diseñado con espuma viscoelástica suave y cómoda en el reposacabezas y almohadillas de soporte lumbar, lo que le brinda una comodidad superior y un excelente alivio de la presión.
Masaje por vibración: el masajeador de espalda con 10 potentes motores vibratorios (8 puntos para la espalda y 2 para los muslos) y función de calentamiento, proporciona un suave masaje relajante para la espalda y los muslos para ayudar a aliviar el estrés y la tensión.
Configuración de modo: el sillón masajeador le permite elegir el área de masaje: cuello, espalda superior, espalda baja, asiento, combina todas estas áreas juntas, incluye 5 modos programados y 3 intensidades de masaje variables para brindarle el mejor masaje que puede personalizar. .
Calentamiento rápido y seguro: el calentador de asiento tiene 2 niveles de calentamiento para todo el respaldo y el área del asiento, proporciona calor para la espalda, las caderas y los muslos. La calefacción del respaldo y la calefacción del asiento pueden funcionar por separado. Calentamiento rápido, sistema de protección contra sobrecalentamiento y apagado automático de 30 minutos para un uso seguro.
Tela de felpa suave y antideslizante: esta funda de cojín de asiento está hecha de poliéster suave 100% de felpa ultra acogedora que ofrece una sensación cómoda y excelente al tacto del cuerpo. Parte inferior de goma antideslizante, PERMANECE EN SU LUGAR: La correa doble ajustable rodea el respaldo del asiento de la silla para mantener el cojín estable y seguro. Un regalo PERFECTO para el día del padre, también un REGALO ideal para madres, padres, hombres y mujeres, o sus seres queridos.

Customers say

Customers like the performance, comfort, and relaxation of the massager. They mention that it delivers a very good massage with different functions and intensities. They appreciate the memory foam that is a perfect depth for additional comfort and doesn’t dilute the massage or heat. They also appreciate the heating functions that provide considerable relief. Customers are also satisfied with quality, and ease of use. However, some customers report issues with the power of the product.

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  • 25 de junio de 2024


  1. Diana Kathryn Plopa
    25 de junio de 2024

    Works wonderfully
    This item arrived on time, as promised. It fits easily and securely over my office chair. The controls are easy to use and offer variation between heat, massage, and both. It has several types and intensities of massage to choose from. This is a vibrating massage, not rolling. Each area of the back and seat can be controlled separately, which makes targeting relief very easy. It has a 30-minute automatic timer, which is helpful to alleviate over-stimulation. It’s important to take breaks to allow your muscles to relax. Since using this item, I have noticed less pain in my back and seat, an increased quality of sleep, and ease in walking. I highly recommend this item.

    25 de junio de 2024

    10 Motors massage cushion w/heat SL-126B and 12v car adapter
    I love the seat massager. The cord is necessary for the car unless you have a n outlet in your car ours didn’t. The massage is way better than those in most cars with massage seats and easy to use. When you aren’t using it the seat is still comfortable. We took it on a 12 hour drive. Was great! Worked reliably!

  3. Kimber J
    25 de junio de 2024

    Works as described, but not my favorite.
    This item came recommended from a friend. The messager works as described and has good pressure but I did find that the sequence of the massage movement to not be smooth. The item is OK for the price but I have used others that I like the sequence of movement much better. I would have been happier with this if there had been a continuous mode where the massage was uninterrupted. It does fit on a variety of different sized chairs which is really nice and the material is very soft. The heat is nice if you are cold natured.

  4. Paul C Jensen
    25 de junio de 2024

    Great for sore muscles
    I had just strained a muscle in my back. Fortunately, I had already order this massager for after my bike rides. I really like the vibrating action as opposed to the shiatsu type massagers. It has several option to massage specific area of your neck to hip areas. The addition of heat is a real bonus as it too can be for back or seat. I used it seceral times during the day and the next day tne the muscles in my back felt much better. It has enough vibrating power via the 10 motors to address all your neck, back and lower back areas..This will be a great to use after my bike ride to relax my back muscles especially since I am a senior citizen. I think this would help for everyday aches and pains in your neck back and lower back areas.This massager would be easy to take on a car trip or could be packed in a large suitcaseI would recommend this massager.

  5. Thomas W Baird
    25 de junio de 2024

    Snailax Massage Seat Cushion
    Hello read my whole review because I have just down graded my rating on this product. to 3 Star from 5 star do to AC Voltage effect while plugged in. .I bought this massage cushion the other day June 28th 2020 after returning two other massage vibrating cushions that did not satisfy me and returned them for refund and have been trying it out so far I’m satisfied. This Snailax seems to be the better quality than the previous two I tried out. And I like the placements of their vibrators on the chair. 10 massage vibrators, so this one is the best out of the three I tested out. This Snailax massage seat cushion fabric cover is comfortable to sit on and it actually gives some support as a chair cushion when not in use and does vibrate where the picture shows. So far it is working like it should and doing the job it was made to do. Can be used in home or in car. It comes with the attachments the as advertised. For the money under $70 it is worth it. It vibrates and has heat available and has Three speeds. I also bought a 3 year warranty with it for insurance just in case it is needed over the next 3 years. For the price range I give it a 5 Star. Update now have had it 8 months 3/2021. Still working as it should,. For the money it is worth it. I use it about every day vibration massage and heat oh yeah! Feels good! Update 7/30/2022: I recently did a reading on the chairs AC Volts coming out of it when in use by using my multi meter. The voltage read out is high at around 30AC volts when plugged in and when it is in use. Just to let you all know. If your going to use it, use a Grounding pad with your feet on it when you do to ground you and to lower the AC voltage while your using it for safety. Too much AC volts is bad/hard on the body. If your sitting on it in your chair even if it is not on and vibrating it still is putting out around 30Volts. So if your just keeping it on your chair and sitting on it unplug it from the AC outlet so you wont be getting the ACvolts even when not in use. They should tell us that so we know when we buy it. Do all the other vibrating cushion chair pads do the dame thing? Perhaps they need to be tested with a multi meter for AC volts while plugged in and when in use. Our bodies do not need a AC volt boost while using their electric vibrating machine products. I used it for about two years before I found this out about the AC Volts while using it. Had I known I would of warn you all sooner! I did not know it was putting out 30 or so AC Volts while I was getting my massage from their product. It might be that way for all electrical massage and vibrating chairs and beds etc. Now you know pass it on! Check it with a multi meter AC voltage.

  6. Cliente de Amazon
    25 de junio de 2024

    mas barato que un sillón con vibración.

  7. Diana Alvarez
    25 de junio de 2024

    Está súper padre, el material es de excelente calidad y elegante, práctico y cómodo de utilizarse, nos encantó, fue un regalazo del día del Padre!!!

  8. Ana Laura
    25 de junio de 2024

    Lo compré para mamita de 73 años, porque le había gustado la colchonetita de la misma marca, que vibra y da calor, y quería usarla sentada, pero esta cosa está super dura, con una bolas plásticas en su interior que hacen el masaje y la dejaron adolorida por 4 días. A mi como por 3. Se debe usar quizá 5 min 1 vez por semana, así que para mi no funcionó, pero la primera vez se sintió agradable el primer minuto.

  9. Eduardo Federico Hernandez Arteaga
    25 de junio de 2024

    Me gustaría un poco más intenso, la fuerza del masaje, pero es aceptable

  10. perla gabriela contreras lopez
    25 de junio de 2024

    cumple su función!!!!

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